Men of Mystery

Men of Mystery

With all the bad news about at the moment we thought we’d lighten the mood and invite our readers to participate in some summertime fun and enter our mystery quiz.

The first mystery for you to solve is to identify the unlikely character who made the following comment earlier this year :

“I’m in favour of Wirral Leaks. If I was the Council I’d pay them money to find out what was going on in my Council….”

The second mystery is for you to identify the character in the tragic soap opera that is known as ‘Wirral Council’ .We understand that this supporting character (and who yet at the same time has a leading role) is moving on – no doubt to a less demanding role.

Prizes include:

  • An artist’s impression of a fantasy Wirral regeneration project of your choice ( Wirral Waters, Tower Gardens, Hanging Gardens of Bebington , Seacombe Palace, Hoylake Housing Estate and Golf Course, Stella Shiu Monument etc; etc;) This will be signed by either one of our leading artists Dee Mented and Hal Lou C. Nation
  • A referral to a Wirral foodbank of your choice (and let’s face it there’s plenty to choose from!)
  • A lifetime’s subscription to Wirral View* ( * If Wirral View pegs it before you do this will be replaced by an equivalent publication such as Take A Break  , Pick Me Up , Beano etc;etc;)
  • A recording device enabling you to compromise a local politician of your choice

Entries via the replies button below or 

Answers and prize winners will be announced when we get around to it! Good luck!


9 thoughts on “Men of Mystery

  1. I’ll go for Surjit Tour, leaving to rejoin Sandwell Council, although WHY THEY ARE HAVING HIM BACK would be a question which surely nobody could ever provide an answer to.

    • Battered bibles in well-appointed local court rooms will be spared a determined and unremitting welter of molestation. At least from this quarter. So that’s another bonus.

    • They are having him back coz WMBC have written a reference on behalf of Wirral taxpayers obviously saying he is honest and capable, same template as York Council, you can never escape your conscience Tour or the course of justice, did you tell them you were off that day when you were taught the whole truth and nothing but the truth thang ?

  2. Please do not say it is Sir Git who is going…. I was looking forward to seeing his big shiny clock in court again….

    (The cheeky Git, I didn’t know he had sent a threatening letter to the Aussie…)

    • G’day “Interested”

      I’ve missed you.

      I think possibly as “Ecca” “Spotty Dog” “Eccles Cake Face” “The Blinking CEO” has moved to the wirral, allegedly, he must be on the move.

      He is possibly going to crawl out to a bigger job as he couldn’t cope with the last scandal, even though that is supposed to be his SPECIALIST subject.

      “Brazil Nuts” obviously thinks differently.



      Keep the boomerang loaded its about to happen next week.

  3. G’day Leaks

    Talking of awards and rewards

    In the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Stunning dock pool and Everton stadium at heart of Liverpool Commonwealth games bid

    All this bullshit Lordy to get fat Uncle Joe and his cronies like “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy Elusive, Deluded, LYING Dill” out on a junket to the Gold Coast in Australia next April.



    I think we will probably have to listen to a lot of that Dudley accent come Commonwealth Games UK time.

    Luv to you and “Interested” XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • £2 more for more effective cladding imagine what they could buy or not as the case should be,if the cost of smoke and mirrors within town halls and the associated bleed of community money, were taken into account and fessed up to

  4. Would it make a difference who it was who left WMBC? Surjit or SureShit it would still be as bent and same old crap thats spills out of the town hall

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