Men of Mystery : The Big Reveal Part 1

The answer to the first part of our ‘ Men of Mystery’ quiz is that it is indeed the most powerful politician on Wirral who uttered those very words to one of his constituents who he was trying to fob off! Fortunately that constituent had the foresight to realise that Frankenfield was bullshitting him and recorded him doing so !

Who’d a thunk it ?


Although we need to say for clarification that Frankenfield didn’t initiate criminal proceedings against the Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) as is alleged , as that would have implicated his hapless groupie Matron McLaughlin in a series of desperate cover-ups.

What he did do is pursue bogus allegations of Wirral Council misconduct with Merseyside Police and the Serious Fraud Office (for his own ends) – and even they couldn’t oblige as there was no misconduct to report. Nevertheless he has relentlessly pursued this matter – once again for his own ends and at our expense #Wirralgate.

The rest of the recording is most revealing when it comes to to considerations of public interest. We believe it demonstrates yet again that the MP for Birkenhead will only support his constituents if it is politically opportune.

Stay tuned for further extracts from ‘Frankgate’. A bit like  ‘Wirralgate’ but without the attempted bung!

And finally a message to Frankenfield – we are not seeking favours from you and never will. You’re here to serve us – not the other way round. Just sayin’ !


17 thoughts on “Men of Mystery : The Big Reveal Part 1

  1. Well Frank, here is the BOOMERANG…. and to be frank your comments would be appreciated….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    Frank, these are the words of one of the whistleblowers on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal….

  2. Well Frank, here is the BOOMERANG… and to be frank your comments would be appreciated….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies’

    Frank, these are the words of one of the whistleblowers on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal….

  3. G’day Leaky

    Would love to get to Australia next year I have two grandchildren on the way.

    Who will be on the way to Oz in April for the Commonwealth Games?

    “Frankenstein” ?????

    “Philly Liar” must be a certainty.

    “The Chamber Potty” and her husband(s).


    “Ecca” “The Blinking CEO” will probably get a farewell trip.

    “The Bloke from the Call Centre”

    Other assorted scum bag retinue that are in the untouchable gang.



    No shame and sponsored by “The Chamber Pot”.

    Who has the cojones to speak up?

  4. Wonder whether Jeanette has had her overdue “Road to Damascus moment” or is still en route, hurtling down Frank’s Highway to Hell and the oblivion that awaits her?

  5. Doesn’t leave a huge gap then!!!! All this suspense to hear that’FankieBoy’ had gone all ‘WankyBoy’ he was a complete tosser anyhow. The suspense was killing me thought we’d of had something or somebody more substantial than that – needs a full cull from Councillors to Executives until we start to see this then we are still hearing the same old tosh coming from these so called leaders.

  6. a bollox. More of the same. Wirral Biz eh? I did a course with them. Erm I turned up got a few fliers printed and had to fill in a form. It suited me fine but on the other hand I told others. Then I went to this horrific place in the Wirral Business centre. I left as the staff were taking the piss out of mentally disabled people. Horrible. I reported it and was told that it was being sorted. Hmm.

    • G’day Suzy

      Thanks for speaking up you are not the only one that could see through this horrible vile organisation fully endorsed and supported by Bradbury, Basnett and Adderley.

      They should not be allowed anywhere near public service.

      They are self serving scum like “The Shyster”.



      Thanks from me Suzy which I realise doesn’t mean anything but thanks.

  7. We need to fight for our right to party…. It’s a house of cards that no matter the denial or anything it will come tumbling down. I was promised money from the Hamilton Quarter. My business plan was ripped off, jobs for the boys wasn’t in it. They used me to bring Lord Gowry to our humble little business. They patted the clever working class people on the head. Did we get our funding. No but they did on our behalf. It wasn’t until years later I found out that Artworks who remembers them? Got lots on our behalf but as we were working class Danny who ran it decided we had to earn it. So we got a few hundred at a time for painting lots of banners for the cartoon festival. Things like that. Then I heard the builder down the road thought it was heaven. He drank with some of the lads (middle aged men) and he got 5000 just for painting a building black. Then they painted it white and got another 5000. He boasted how easy it was. That 10,000 would have kept us open another year. We were promised so much and all the funding went into the guitar festival so they could bring in obscure guitar players that cost ridiculous amounts of money. That was the late 90s. And so it goes on and on and on and on and on…….

    • G’day Suzy

      I feel your pain.

      They should not be allowed to forget.

      They count on people taking it up the arse and then forgetting it and they get all the brownie points (pun intended).

      They should pay for their mistakes like us “low lives”, in their eyes, have to.



      God bless you Suzy

  8. Heard the tape now and the word “simpering” sums him up. Does he have any other setting?

    “I have no control over Wirral Council”.

    Really? In the same way Le Pétomane, the French flatulist, “had no control” over his abdominal muscles and sphincter.

    • Le Petomane played to the crowned heads of Europe but the analogy is apt. A sphincter and a bag of wind and you can play a tune. SO ARE OUR COUNCILLORS IN CHAMBER, THE BAG OF WIND?

      • G’day Wirralbizz

        Your wrong.

        They are a bag of scum bag LYING shite.



        I do hope the LIARS and they know who they are headed up by “Philly Liar” take this as a personal insult.

        Whatdya reckn “Interested”?

    • If you have heard the tape and Mr Morton had heard the tape …how can they still get away with there is no tape ..blott carried out an investigation and he concluded there was no tape ..enlighten him coz that tape protects too many current senior staff and fled for the hills staff ..burgess tour etc ..both of you should present info to mr blott he can then walk down the corridor and flex his over paid muscle and tell the ceo who could tell his wife.

  9. G;day Leaky

    There is a God.



    I will leave you to tell all the good people of wirral and the world.

    What a great day to luv you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • What do I reckon? I reckon the Aussie is always right…

      Highbrow is never wrong..

      And Lord Leaks is a great and benevolent man…..

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