Sanction Distinction


LRJ and Foulkesy – same actions, different sanctions

And so another Labour councillor from Wirral Council is found to be unworthy of holding public office as a damning Standards Panel ‘Decision Notice’ is published. Wirral Leaks readers will know that Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ)  is no stranger to these pages . This time she appears to be the perpetrator rather than the victim of malicious acts.

The Standards Panel , after considering an Investigators Report, “found the actions of  Cllr Reecejones were designed to threaten,intimidate,underine and cause difficulties at work “ for one of the complainants Tamsin Coates . The Standards Panel also noted that LRJ  took a similar approach to the second complainant , Jessica Smyth, where she had made a complaint to the organisation where Ms Jessica Smyth volunteered . Both Ms Coates and Ms Smyth had previously raised legitimate concerns with Wirral Council’s Internal Audit and Merseyside Police. Although no charges were brought against LRJ  because of ‘insufficient evidence’ the complainants were found to be justified in raising their concerns.

LRJ 015

Click to access Standards%20Panel%2015%20June%202017%20Decsion%20Notice.pdf

Furthermore the Standards Panel found all the complainants  to be credible ( there were more from the Overchurch Residents Association) and yet LRJ was found to be ‘inconsistent, vague and misleading’   –   we know what they’re trying to say there don’t we boys and girls? Of particular interest to us was this quote from the Decision Notice :

LRJ 018

However it was when we read the ‘Sanctions’ section that apoplexy rapidly set in.

There are 5 sanctions in all  : i ) a formal warning letter from Wirral Council’s Monitoring Officer  Surjit Tour (!) ii) LJR must provide a written apology to all complainants iii)  Labour leader Cllr Phil Davies to consider whether party disciplinary action be taken against LRJ and whether she should be removed from all outside bodies to which she has been appointed iv) Tour will be arranging ‘training’ for LRJ which she must attend v) The Panel’s decision to be considered further by the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee.

These sanctions stand in stark contrast to the mild rebuke that was imposed on Cllr Steve Foulkes last year. Foulkesy got away with an apology to  Tory leader Cllr Jeff Green who wasn’t even the complainant! Foulkesy had lied to Wirral Council, lied to the investigator (necessitating a further investigation costing  Wirral Council taxpayers £17K) and continues to lie about what he and Cllr George Davies had been up to – to this very day.

If we were LRJ we’d be asking some serious questions as to why Foulkesy wasn’t given similar sanctions. Especially in relation to a proven liar being able to represent Wirral Council on outside bodies.If anything he is even more unworthy of public office than LRJ – and it would appear that’s really saying something!

But then again we did advise LRJ she was on a hiding to nothing a long time ago . She’s not and never has been part of  the ‘Inner Ring’ . Unlike Standards  Panel  member Cllr Moira McLaughlin who must have enjoyed sticking the knife in someone who played a part in bringing down disgraced former Labour councillor Jim Crabtree – who was , very much, part of the ‘Inner Ring’ .

We have never claimed that all Labour councillors are dishonest,incompetent or corrupt but we have consistently called out the cabal that are. Ultimately  we believe it is this ‘Inner Ring’ which has consistently brought Wirral Council into disrepute and until these people are removed from public office the people of Wirral will continue to be poorly served.

Although currently marked ‘Strictly Private and Confidential ‘ the full ‘Investigators Report’ can be found here



25 thoughts on “Sanction Distinction

  1. If this was a private business both LRJ & Foulkes would have been shown the door, whereas in their bombproof position as Labour councillors they are allowed to keep their snouts in the ratepayers trough. the Wirral council way.
    It Will never change unless there is a change in the local politics until then it is same old same old.

    • I couldn’t agree more and add in Davis. the bit I do not understand how stupid people can be to continue to vote these corrupted into office all the time.

  2. I am Labour through and through and have voted Labour because well…my mum would return from Hell to haunt me if I didn’t……..But I hate what this bunch of sponging imbeciles have done to Birkenhead. Everything they touch turns to chaos or is based on fantasy and lately a belief that they are all international entrepreneurs. Park Station road improvements now takes 20 mins to get through now they are finished, worse then ever and why? Anyway I am not turning up to Tory meetings and I could not vote Tory but May 2018 will soon be here. Opposition such as it is needs to start acting and activating now on one platform only. Get rid of this current Council. Highlight their errors, Wirral Waters, the latest artist dream, Gilbrook, all the other stuff.

      • G’day Divi and Leaky

        Hear Hear

        They don’t need voting out they need throwing out.

        Can you imagine if they had a serious problem they would all hide behind the bullies.

        Bring in ADMINISTRATION.



        Your no divi Divi

        I just voted tory for the first time in my life at 65 that’s because of the crud at wirral………………..simples.

        wirral Tory’s are shite too.

        Luv ya L XXXXXXXXXX

      • So may I ask was the £19,000 of the Crabtree telephone call pertaining to fraudulent invoices submitted for payment to the council?

    • If it’s any consolation – and it may not be – I emailed all Labour councillors at the start of the second Labour leadership battle last summer, asking which leadership contender they supported. I got one response – from LRJ – who supported Corbyn. The rest either stayed silent or publicly came out elsewhere for Eagle and later Smith i.e. the New Labour candidates. The council is packed to the gunnels with opportunists who are right wing Tories in all but name, but who are probably in the miserable process of switching their feigned allegiance across to Corbyn as they feel the need to cling onto their allowances and expenses, and to the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

  3. As for LRJ get out of the Labour group and start doing what your heart says. You can’t change things inside they are far to corrupt and you know that. People you helped to get in to seats have easily forgotten because the inner circle calls. Angie Davies, Julie McManus and others are not worth it.

    This is nothing but a kangaroo court I just wish LRJ would speak up about what she is witnessing inside wirral council as they try to take her out to shut her up.

    • In my dealings with third sector through the community enterprise initiative and then the change of status of council buildings to full tenant repairing leases for community organisations I did find many bodies riddled with bitching and unkindness.

      Often on our way back from visits to such orgs Mr Raworth and I commented on this aspect as it was in sharp focus.

      What I do not understand is how Councillor Rees Jones having signed a fraudulent invoice still remains a Councillor? IT IS BAFFLING.Until real punishment is dealt out such fraud will continue.Surely now lessons have been learned.

      • Lessons have been learned Wirralbizz. The usual ones. How to modify your behaviour accordingly and not risk getting caught with…

        a. your hand in the till, or;
        b. an obscenely exaggerated focus on protecting the council’s beleaguered reputation at all costs, which empties out the council’s coffers and is a longstanding detriment to the wider public interest

        …next time around.

      • G’day Bizzywizz

        “Tarrantino” unsettled me a bit yesterday saying people don’t understand.

        These councillors might pretend not to understand but they know, especially old goats like Davies and Jones, they know better than anyone how to cheat and get away with it.

        To quote the old welsh leprauchan “I have an audit trail” yet he doesn’t understand accounting.

        When it suits the revolting little scum bag.



        I think Wizzybizz he is lower than “Ankles” and we all know what he is lower than.

        Thousands of invoices are signed its a pity they don’t have an AUDITOR and not just Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton.

    • Brilliant Ms Voice

      Shout loud and hard and get your mates to do the same.

      They are truly dross, crud and scum.



      You can’t get them unelected but you can call them names.


      They don’t like being called names because they are bullies.

  4. I do hope that someone with inside knowledge will enlighten us as to the £19,000 which was mentioned by Crabtree in his late night telephone call to Councillor Reece Jones. He was in the Audit Committee so, presumably, would have had detailed knowledge of the matter of which he spoke.

    The usually well informed wirralbizz writes of a “fraudulent invoice”
    Hopefully, Wirralleaks, with its well placed sources, can bring this into the public domain.

    Meanwhile, Stewart Halliday continues to cost us £15,000 a month although, even the corrupt and inept,Wirral Council will not renew his contract which, I am told, expires in August.
    Then he will no doubt be given glowing references and move on seamlessly to another publicly funded post where,again, his background in York City Council will not be checked out.

    • & another £12/£13k for that Jane Clayson you say August not sure when these 2 leave the system but surely with these 2 gone the council will be in full meltdown

    • Yes Charles and, because lessons ate very slow to be learnt at Wbc, I need to repeat and repeat parallels to 2007-2011.

      Here goes and I repeat the lines inmy copybook

      In 2009 three invoices for some £11,000 were sent by wirralbiz to Wbc and we’re paid.

      These invoices were for work done by a Paul Davies. The trouble was that this work was for preparing the tender for ISUS of which £1m was supplied from European money. THIS BREACHED the European tender rules since the bidder was receiving preferential treatment over the other 11 bidders. A repeat performance of the Colas contract events.

      Someone authorised these invalid invoices.

      When confronted with detailed analysis proving that the invoices were for the Isus bid first the council claimedthe invoices were for another scheme, when this was clearly unsustainable Wbc confessed that backing sheets had been lost and that patently they did not know for what purpose they had paid so many thousands.

      Here ended the lesson

      • G’day Chas and Wizzy Bizzy

        I am so glad you are still on the case.

        How evil is the above from Wizzy?

        MESSAGE to all clowncillors and council workers


        His family and almer mater, no doubt Caldy Grange Grammar, must be absolutely and totally ashamed and disgusted that he can stand publicly lying his tits off.

        The man is beyond reproach.



        So workers when you pass “Philly Liar” “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” in the corridors of shite, crud and dross in Brighton Street just reminf the PEANUT he is a public servant by chanting


        Brilliaint Chas X

        When are you going to tell the world Leaky about the massive cock leaving…..err err err I mean clock.

        Luv you more XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. What a nest of unpleasant, ugly vipers. I used to have dealings with Tamsin hope she has sorted those pigs out.

    • G’day Penguin

      Although I do prefer the Australian equivalent biscuit the Tim Tam.

      I presume your reference to pigs is the source of that pig flu that enveloped all the cheats in the election team.



      You should have seen her wrapped around “Sir Git” “The Shyster” in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters…..for two whole (hole) weeks.

      • Ah…… I have great and fond memories of the great swine flu reveal in that court house…what a delightful time it was…. much amusement and much shiny watch… the Aussie accountant always prompts such good and ‘hole-sum’ memories…

      • Do you remember “Interested”

        She couldn’t stop looking at his massive c(l)ock.

        In fact all those senior officers like the HR boss and underling, “The Blot on The wirral Landscape” and “Old Fish Face” were so mesmerised by his massive appendage they couldn’t remember anything and particularly the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

        Will it take a huge disaster for them all to do the right thing in any regard?



        Like you loads “Interested” X

  6. Difficult one this isn’t it where we’ve got crooks calling time on crooks and the same crooks passing sentences down on crooks, but only sentences which are limp and half-hearted because to apply the letter of the law too *robustly* could well open up a whole new level of internecine warfare – a nest of vipers within a nest of vipers, with undue recriminations or potential blackmailing attempts flying between both crooked sides. So gently does it……

    What we’re witnessing is just a very small aspect of a much larger GRAND failure. A slow burning one that set itself in motion when Anna Klonowski collected her £377,000 but failed to interview councillors post Martin Morton. Then power was abused as the LGA were called in to apply an elastoplast over the gaping, gushing wounds.

    So there’ll be a lot more to come. I bet ST will be glad to pack his suitcase full of dangerous knowledge, check his watch, and depart for pastures new. Great timing Sir G!

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