Men of Mystery : The Big Reveal Part 2


Apologies for the delay on this one but there’s been a few glitches on the website this week . As it’s fashionable to do so we blame those pesky Russkies !

All we can say it’s a case of delayed gratification for our readers as we optimistically declare  : So, farewell then, Surjit Tour .

As yes indeed , we’re hoping that it’s the case that Wirral Council’s Head of Law is going back to where he came from. And we don’t mean that in a casual racist way a la  Cllr George Davies.  We mean that we understand that Wirral Council’s Monitoring Officer (no laughing at the back) could be returning to Sandwell Council.  Could it be that Tour goes back to Sandwell and leaves the people of Wirral to go to hell in a handcart?

So what positive things can we say about Surjit as a future send off?

Er, not a lot.

Whilst we acknowledge that being Wirral Council’s legal guru is a tough gig we couldn’t imagine anyone less equipped to fulfil the role. Apologies, no actually we can – his chinless predecessor, Bill Norman!

As far as we’re concerned , during his inglorious tenure Tour steered the difficult terrain that being the pinnacle of local government legal probity involves by prioritising political and personal interests over the public interest.

This was a so called public servant who it seemed to us (and to many of our readers and contributors ) to continually thwart Freedom of Information requests,  somehow didn’t know how electoral expenses worked , circumvented due legal process and natural justice at every turn and yet who prostrated himself before people who held him in complete contempt . He was ‘ bloody useless’ according to Deputy Leader of Wirral Council Cllr George Davies (once again – no laughing at the back) . And yet he was prepared to accept a handshake,a feigned apology,  a promotion (and a cheque for hurt feelings?) to carry on as abnormal .

As for Surjit himself  – he must be counting the days before he finally drives his thoroughly vulgar personalised numberplates out of Wirral and back to the West Midlands for the last time.

But not as much as us.

15 thoughts on “Men of Mystery : The Big Reveal Part 2

  1. If this is true I will be glad to see him go. During the open golf invitation by graham burgess which I exposed through John Braces website I was threatened with legal action by Mr Tour for exposing the invitation, however within ten minutes he withdrew the threat with no apology and ratepayers we all know how much that cost us. Good riddance.

  2. I fondly recall (because I’m in a position to recall and to recall in detail) a Wirral Council employee stepping out of a Liverpool courtroom. Only to be seen 45 minutes later, from my position in a coffee bar, loaded down with shopping and struggling through the crowds to make it back to his car. Whether Wirral Council permits such freedoms in work time I do not know. They certainly didn’t when I worked there 14 years ago, but things may have improved for senior folk since they began careering headlong into the gutter.

    • G’day Paul

      Was it her shopping that pig flu can be very debilitating?

      Maybe she wanted a fucking big watch like his she couldn’t take her eyes off his whopper for two weeks.



      “Interested” was eyeing them both off.

    • A textbook example of “Do as we say, not as we do” …and entirely fitting with the thrust of one aspect of the Alison Mountney courtroom trial. This was where runaway hypocrisy, largesse and false accounting was alleged in the area of election expenses. Still, no matter. We’ve moved on from there, refreshed and renewed. Any judge allegedly engaged in a battle with slow onset dementia is unlikely to prove too difficult an obstacle to overcome for such a united, determined and impregnable bloc of focussed gangstaz. Happily, a gang now depleted to the tune of 1.

  3. G’day Leaks

    Hooray you’ve told the world.

    I say

    For he’s a rotten c***

    For he’s a rotten c****

    For he’s a rotten chap


    So say all of us.



    Good riddance

  4. Surjit Tour looks one of the most shifty gits i’ve ever seen. He makes Asif “heart diease/diabetes on legs” Hamid looks saintly

    • I hope we can send to Mr Tour’s new employer a list of wirral tax payers issues as the tax payers of York did with Mr Halliday.

      Mr Tour’s replacement will have a long list of “things to do” which he/she should read asap –

      For example perhaps, whatever happened to the letter signed by Mr Foulkes (probably written by labour policy adviser and Labour scrutiny support) sent to Mr Wilkie outlining in a way not appropriate for public office ( yet more training needs) just what Mr Foulkes et al thought about Mr Wilkies staff structure which included the promotion of none other than Ms Degg to deputy CEO ?

      Indeed what happened to those 2 people (Adviser and Scrutiny) from Leeds way ?- well whatever you say about Norman, he was the only one who at least tried to tackle them. Norman left and Mr Tour picks up the rotten dirty baton and title. Did Mr Tour prevent the “not in line with guidelines” payments made to one of those women – er no and has he closed this case or as he let it drift into obscurity, a key feature of Tour is drift, drift long enough and it will be forgotten.

      These 2 women were loyal supporters of Foulkes, (nothing wrong with that other than inconsequent personal opinions on bad judgement) when Mr Foulkes was told to get legal advice after his letter writing. Cllr Foulkes stood down as forever leader and up popped Mr Davies, who was told to drop the supporters or no leadership role for him. Mr Davies did as he was told for the sake of group or himself and his awaiting career of leadership.

      Cant quite remember the figure of toxic debt written off, in the high millions, these 2 women summoned the Council directors separately to go to Leeds (or wherever it is up that way) where they would “tell” the directors what their budgets were. Everyone knew it was these 2 women running WMBC for years Foulkes was the willing puppet and the Directors racking up excessive mileage claims for WIrral Tax payers to pay.

      Mr Davies had to be trained in fist clenching and smoke screens, up pops Mr Field with some tale of whistleblowers and Hespe contracts (Labour group hated with a passion anyone who was perceived to work too closely with Cllr Green .. Ms Degg and Mr Green to name 2). Did Mr Tour ever write a letter to Frank Field telling him that WMBC is not his private purse to pursue his smoke screens with payments to non whistleblowers ?

      So back to Ms Degg, well we have all read and heard enough about Ms Degg and what we consider to be un sound judgement on the men in her life but that is of no concern to us unless it prevented her from carrying out her paid function, whatever that was. However when it does become our business is when 2 members of staff are paid off one via the ever helpful EVR (normally given to failed directors without spine and employee jumpers) and the other a recent settlement. These 2 members of staff were hauled in by Mr Armstrong Ms Hyms and of course the ever present in the shadows “it wasn’t me” Tour, this trio on our behalf felt compelled to get to the bottom of £48k payment made to Ms Degg by one of the too many ex chief execs as an apology again on our behalf for not becoming the deputy chief exec and for the hurt feelings caused by the school ground tactics of certain Labour councillors and senior officers (including the Trio). If only they wouldnt but again on our behalf this highly paid Trio (with the knowledge of cllr Phil Davies) asked, no demanded to know the ins and outs of Ms Degg’s sex life, asked for rumours anything these 2 members had on Ms Degg.
      Thank the lord these 2 members of staff stuck two fingers up to the bullying trio .

      “list of things to do”; clearly through actions Mr Tour thought this payment made to Ms Degg (although he must of agreed it in the first place) was unlawful in some way.

      The 2 well liked members of staff wouldn’t play ball and you didn’t get your own underhand way, Tour, Hymn (who really didnt like Degg and the feeling was mutual) and Armstrong (who once was a nice bloke I hear) even though 2 of the trio pulled out the appalling and should be left for the movies, tactic ” signing the statements would / would not help their careers”

      The poor person going round asking for money for Tours leaving present probably stopped saying “awww he’s a nice man its a shame” pdq. I dont think it was his match made in heaven (how many grievances !!) PA who accepted her redeployment to Tour’s PA role with “Im not working for him” but soon shut up when she realised she was onto a good thing, the amount she read and helped shred would, like her boss keep her in a job as long as she wanted it.

      • G’day Mr What

        You must feel so much better for that.

        Get yer mates to spill more.

        They are the shite of wirral and should be outed.



  5. G’day Leaksly

    Sunday and I always wait for the news to see if a church on the wirral has been struck by lightning.

    I doubt many go more likely to see the fat barstards at Hooligan’s Bar plotting and schemimg and boasting to the piss pots about the next tranche of free lucre. For a pint.

    Bumped into “Highbrow” and a lot of his family last evening and I could sense their pain.

    More the dislike of me ever meeting the genius.

    They don’t talk about wirral.

    Leaky they really didn’t deserve the treatment that cunt Davies handed out to them.

    Sorry I couldn’t think of a stronger word.

    Maybe I did deserve it as Whistleblower 1 but his lovely family didn’t.

    Pricks like Adderley, Basnett, Jones, Foulkes, Davies, Jones, Jones, Tour, Crabtree, Armstrong et al should not be allowed anywhere near the public and particularly the purse.

    Not even in a Santa suit the fucking hypocrite.

    No one should give them the time of day not even on Tour Time, the fat wombat.



    They are low life scum bags My Good Lord XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Oh “Interested”

        Stay focused.

        Get on the page.

        “Sir Git” “The Shyster” is “The Big Fat Fuckee”.

        “Philly Liar” “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” is “The Big Fat Fucker”.



        Six Years is here and they just perpetuate their LIES.

        Keep up “Interested”.

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