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Wirral News Goes AWOL ,Wirral Life Goes Warhol

So farewell then Wirral News. As reported in the press trade papers it now finds itself in the gutter :

As we predicted a while ago , the writing was on the wall for this woeful rag a long time ago. Never more so than when Wirral Council launched the print edition of Wirral View. Whilst it won’t be missed , mainly because it appeared to have given up being a credible news outlet a loooooong time ago , it is a worrying development for Wirral’s independent press when publishers Trinity Mirror consider :

 “The Wirral marketplace has become increasingly crowded with free print products with now even Wirral Borough Council producing a monthly free print publication themselves.

“We believe that there is no longer a viable, scalable or long-term future for free/giveaway print products within the Wirral marketplace….. “

What made us want to snort with derision and shake our head in disbelief was the quote in the Press Gazette article from Wirral Council’s head of communications Kev ‘Lost Boy’ MacCallum :

 “We are disappointed to see a well-loved local title like the Wirral News close.
“For many years, we have seen its circulation reduce significantly and frequency fluctuate between weekly, monthly and recently bi-weekly.
“It’s been clear throughout this time that the title has been trying and struggling to find an effective place in the market where it could be competitive.
“We must make it clear however, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest Wirral View had any commercial impact on the Wirral News.
“We have deliberately not sought to compete with the local media for advertising revenue, and we have ensured Wirral View is a completely different product to the existing local free-sheets…..”
Yeah right! – as we have previously reported Wirral View  have actively sought to compete with the local media for advertising revenue and it was an intention that was expressly stated by Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson! It’s just that they have been spectacularly unsuccessful in attracting any advertising. Well the last time we looked anyway, as we have still only received one print copy at Leaky Towers and we can’t muster enough enthusiasm to peruse the online edition.
However even keen Wirral View enthusiasts such as MacCallum and Robinson must know that its commercial viability in a crowded marketplace is under threat when even the Wirral Chamber of Commerce prefer to choose the June edition of Wirral Life for a glossy four page spread in the hilariously aspirational ‘premium lifestyle magazine’. We particularly enjoyed the beyond parody interview with Simon Nixon founder of ( don’t get us started on those Godawful TV ads) . The permatanned entrepreneur is asked :
Have you ever spent any time on the Wirral, what do you think of it? He replies:
I haven’t spent a lot of time on the Wirral but I think it’s beautiful – especially around Parkgate  and Caldy.
We’re just surprised he didn’t mention the delights of Birkenhead and how he enjoys drinking in Spud Murphy’s on Charing Cross before nipping over to the Pound Bakery for a pasty!
Chamber CEO Paula Basnett obviously feels more at home in this more upmarket publication. All dolled up in white lace we find her promoting this week’s Wirral Chamber Corporate Cup golf tournament ( you too can enter a team for £500+ !) , The Lauries and its recently launched @142 bistro and er , The Sheds at Pacific Road which apparently is the perfect place to ‘dream, dare,create and share’ and has ‘reignited the atmosphere of industrious innovation’ . Oh give over, love ,they’re sheds.
Media 2 021

The dreaded Davies duo scheme rather than dream! But doesn’t Gorgeous George look lovely in lilac?!

Talking of sheds another publication in the crowded media marketplace that has been brought to our attention is Wirral !nspirations .
Media 027
The summer edition features the illuminating article titled : ‘We shed some light on the man cave’. Among the helpful tips is the advice to  ‘ PRETTIFY YOUR SPACE’  – Hang some pictures – but before you put up the Playboy calendar up, remember your wife may occasionally venture into the  shed, unless you keep it locked  and ‘BE SIGNAGE SAVVY’  – put a ‘Man Cave’ sign on the door so the rest of the family understand this is your territory, and yours alone’ .
Shed 016
Whilst mindlessly reading features on former Eastenders actor Larry Lamb , wedding dresses, sun cream, ukeleles, lawns, listed buildings and swollen ankles we felt as though we’d been transported back to 1953 . Nevertheless we still think Wirral !nspirations addressed our ‘information deficit’ more effectively than Wirral View ever could . What’s more it is rammed with advertising and therefore has obviously been more successful in attracting business than Wirral Council. So place your bets now as to which one of the two will go the way of Wirral News and be kicked to the kerb and into the gutter!

12 thoughts on “Gutter Press

  1. Wirral view inspirations placed in with my Wife’s shopping at a certain retail outlet unbeknown to her.
    It travels home in the back of the car comes through the front door and straight out through the back door into a certain grey bin.
    What an absolute environmental disaster.

    • You should have kept it to line the bottom of the parrot`s cage.
      It would then have served a useful purpose.

  2. This talk of men having a lockable “safe space” or man cave, presumably where they can be free and frank is very unfortunate.

    Some of us have long memories that go right back to the last century.

    A senior manager in highways had such a lockable space in his attic back in the late 90s where he would “make videos with local children”. He ended up in prison at a time before the internet had become the all-seeing, all-knowing beast it is now and who knows – may have even managed to bounce back into a senior role in the public sector as a reward for good behaviour.

  3. God I’ve not laughed like that since Harold Wilson was at Wirral grammar school. Hilarious. Seriously which bit of the net did they steal that one from? Dave Gorman’s a found poem?
    Basically saying you’ve can’t have any w*** mags in your shed lads your missus might find them. Sweet Evil Theresa May they really are sad. Hilarious making out that the expensive and equally caka mag there went down the plug hole for every reason but the real one. It was sad and a waste of money. Every time I come on here I either a) Laugh b) Get angry as a Birkenhead born and bred c) Find myself going through disbelief at the pure scumminess. Farewell boring publication with no advertising. I can’t say it’s sad to see you go because I forgot about you long ago. Tara then.

    • G’day Jane

      Maybe wirral will give him a job delivering their rubbish.

      Oh no, they don’t deliver…….. no one gets one.



      They will pay him for nothing like all the clowncillors they don’t deliver but get their allowances.

      All he has to learn is to keep his gob shut.

  4. Found this from after the point when the Wirral News gave up on reporting council scandal (February 2014)
    And now it’s dead.
    Wonder if Mirror Group Newspapers will learn a lesson from this?

    • Central government – Sajid Javid of DCLG – specified ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) as the type of cladding requiring independent testing. George Davies appears to know better and has gone with “Initial assessment found that there is no aluminium cladding, such as that used at Grenfell Tower, on any Magenta Living owned properties”.

      So plenty of room for doubt now in the minds of anybody occupying one of the 18 high-rise buildings on Wirral. As for other public buildings with cladding, we don’t know.

      What will also be of concern is… with no independent testing planned, can a basket case council that avoids serious case reviews when people in its care dies – and a housing group with two former local party leaders sitting pretty on its board – be trusted to tell the truth?

  5. Oh lord! Don’t know (The) Wirral well enough to ‘pass judgement but, all I can say is that in this part of Cheshire East we get much the same crap. “Lifestyle” mags abound only they are just so ludicrous I can’t help laughing at ’em.

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