An LRJ Reaction

Internal Audit frontsheet

Apparently Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ) is appealing. Well , we suppose there’s a first for everything!

However in this particular case when we say appealing we mean that yet another disgraced Wirral councillor is proving once again that taking responsibility for their actions is an alien concept.

As ,yes indeed, according to Liverpool Echo  LRJ  is appealing against the recent sanctions imposed against her by a Wirral Council Standards Panel.

Sanction Distinction

We note that Wirral Leaks gets its first mention in the Liverpool Echo as a ‘local news site’ courtesy of Liam Mk II (Liam Thorp) . Of course Liam Mk I (Liam Murphy) wouldn’t give us the oxygen of publicity as he was too busy dancing to Wirral Council’s ruling administration’s tune despite apparently being ‘outraged’ by how they carried on. So outraged was he , he made a covert recording of a covert recording , played it to his oppo in Wirral Council, later claimed he couldn’t take part in an investigation exposing corruption as he was protecting the confidentiality of his sources and thus allowed a corrupt regime to carry on abusing their power. Thereby proving once and for all that Liam Murphy was to investigative journalism what Larry Grayson was to Rugby League!

Among the damning evidence made against LRJ are texts released during a Code of Conduct investigation include : “They don’t seem to realise I’m at the top of the pecking order ” and referring to the investigator : “She doesn’t scare me and a little councillor involved might just shut her up.”

Listen folks , all we can say is that we know we’re all in big trouble if LRJ considers herself  ‘top of the pecking order’ . However what can we expect when local Labour politicians consider themselves to be untouchable and have been acting with impunity and without consequence for years? Let’s remember the only reason that LRJ’s adversary and convicted criminal Cllr Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree was suspended by North West Labour was down to Wirral Leaks ! So we’d  like to know what their Regional Director , Anna Hutchinson, is going to do about this latest disgrace. It’s all a bit embarrassing (yet again), isn’t it Anna ?

As you can see from the extracts from the leaked Wirral Council Internal Audit report the evidence against LRJ was ‘compelling’. And again you know you’re in really big trouble when even the complicit and compliant Internal Audit come to this conclusion (and yes we’re particularly looking at the Chief Internal Auditor – googly-eyed brown-noser Mark Niblock) . The information we have in our possession (and have had for some time ) is eyewatering and leaves us wondering why it takes 2 years for it to reach the public domain.

Internal Audit 2
Internal Audit 1
We understand the reason that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) didn’t proceed with prosecution because the money was ‘recoverable’  and it was not possible to prove who had fabricated the invoices.  Moreover we understand that Wirral Council have been trying for over a year to retrieve sums relating to this case amounting to £16.5 K (out of the infamous £19K that Crabtree referred to in his malicious phone call to LRJ) .
Strangely it would appear Wirral Council have been unsuccessful in retrieving the money to date. Can you imagine if any of us owed them £16.5K? We’d be hauled right down Wirral Magistrate’s Court.
But then we’re sure Wirral Council (and particularly the ruling Labour administration) wouldn’t want any of this heard in open court.
Which is why Wirral Leaks will continue to publish – in the public interest – the continuing developments in this case two years after we first gave the heads up on this increasingly complex and particularly sordid story.

32 thoughts on “An LRJ Reaction

    • LRJ was the only Labour councillor to admit publicly that she supported Jezza Corbyn, who surely now will be distancing himself from another Wirral-based lefty union person who has gone bad (or been discovered late in the day to BE bad).

      Other Labour councillors revealed the quality of their judgment, and the wisdom their years of experience had bestowed on them by selecting Owen Smith ?!?!?!

      Standing between LRJ and Mayoress will be local Svengali Frank Field, who’s spent the last 38 years building and honing his gang of ambitious helpers, here to blacken the name of democracy, where ironically on another day, she’d be a valuable recruit.

      The job of purging this broken basket case of all its REALLY dangerous elected and non-elected senior Blairite abusers, liars and puppets – the ones who keep tight control of who gets investigated and pilloried – LRJ – and who gets investigated and cleared – SF, GD – can be equated to raising the Titanic from its 12,500 feet deep watery grave.

      It simply cannot happen.

      • LRJ wouldn’t get in our top ten of the ‘Most Unworthy Public Official On Wirral’.Hubris is the word. LRJ will have to Google it obvs.

  1. G’day Leaks

    Keep on the case Leaksly.

    I will keep reminding them that Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off £2,000,000.00 and possibly the very same cops said no case to answer.

    “Keep strong Jumbo”

    They will have you back undo their stinking rotten, fetid wing in no time.



    No case to answer eh “Philly Liar”.

    Only in your little peanut deluded brain.

    Adore you Leaks for your efforts XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Liam 1 was an absolute dick.

  2. Anyone remember the loose tongue of Stephen Gerrard an ex interim legal something his drunken departure ..well he buggered off to Milton Keynes and apparently one of his underlings there, Tom, who has a bit of inappropriate previous easily googled, is now a “consultant” for Wmbc friend Weightmans and surprise surprise is down to be our interim legal replacement for Tour de Farce , its too small a world innit ? Call me old fashioned but councillors any chance you can sanction am appointment without murky backgrounds or is that just a bit too scary for you guys?

    • G’day The Truthmeister

      As you know there is no way they can bring an honest person straight in.

      The plan will be to bring someone in to clean up all the shit and then get someone honest.

      Then you know what happens?

      The interim uses all the dirt to get HIMSELF (they wouldn’t employ a woman because she wouldn’t do it) a big fat pay rise and permanent job.



      Try the truth more often mate and they might get a conscience.

      Doubt it though.

      It is good to blow the whistle.

    • Philip McCourt that’s his name not Tom. So good old Armstrong with the weight of his concealed knowledge will steer us through due process , yeah right, come on Armstrong your reputation for being decent has long gone, your hands are too dirty like Tour’s and because of the type of dirt, they will now never be clean, you should be ashamed of yourself all those children’s dept staff that rated you don’t know what you get up to once in the town hall with the other shower blott tour fish hyams , you will only ever be a failure like the rest – a crooked shady failure.

  3. Can LRJ please confirm how you learned to walk on water and pull the wool over so many peoples eyes despite the wealth of evidence before them. Its a case of the usual Wirral phrase ” No case to answer” or if there is a case it is brushed under very expensive town hall carpet. The labour group is as usual protecting its own, with the usual smoke and mirrors.

    • G’day Jon

      That’s not water she is walking on it is Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters at low tide.

      The wool is the pet sheep of “The Pretend Friend” (he gets homesick and frisky) from where he gets his morals, ethics and dags.

      Have you ever met such a low life Jon that regularly shits all over his mates.

      With an audit trail according to him.



      I wish they would fess up Jon so I could stop writing this shit about this shite.


  4. Whilst I can understand the reluctance of Merseyside Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to get involved in the dirty, murky, corrupt world of Wirral Council there does appear to be prima facie evidence of forgery under the Forgery Act of 1981.
    The fact that Councillor Rees Jones alleges that no financial advantage was actually obtained is irrelevant under the Act although I am not at all clear about the source of the missing £16.500.
    If this sum was obtained by means of the forged documents the offence is clear and absolute.

    • We can understand the reluctance of Merseyside Police/CPS to get involved too .It’s because there are conflicts of interest and they’re corrupt. Simple as that.

      • Wirralleaks
        Sadly only too true.

        As a long retired Bobby I recall the halcyon days when senior police officers were completely independent and not the political people that they now are, seemingly only interested in their next promotion or Police Quango – of which there are several- appointment.
        There are many decent, hardworking men and women in the service who strive to protect the communities they serve.
        Unfortunately they are too often led by “police butterflies”; men and women who flit from one post or police force to another leaving little behind but change and confusion.

        The C.P.S. known to many policemen as the Criminal Protection Society, is seemingly only concerned in easy convictions and will drop enquiries or downgrade offences in order to have an easy life.

        I don`t even want to get started on the Police and Crime Commissioners whose very well paid appointments were quickly hi-jacked by the political class with the resulting Empire building and handing out of jobs to political cronies.

      • Oh Chasser

        You go up in my estimation every time you write.

        An ex copper to boot.



        Keep it up mate Ecca will grow balls sooner or later or piss off to leafy Cheshire.

        His wirral next door neighbours must work out who he is soon.


    ‘We have waited almost six years for them to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    The Aussie on the WirralBiz/Council scandal.

  6. G’day Leaks

    Something for them to think about in church.

    Or have they sold all the wirral churches?

    The Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods £2,000,000.00 knock off shows exactly what they aim for.

    They give money away to WHOEVER, qualifying for it or not and get new best buddies.

    They can do what they want as “Philly Liar” as head honcho (penis) lets them do what they want as long as he is kept out of it and no one, absolutely no one, speaks up about it.

    They are all, parasites, even the semi decent amongst them think, well I can’t change the system but I can help a couple in my electorate.

    So the school bullies get to go to the football, golf and in “Philly Liar’s case probably the Commonwealth Games in Australis with Uncle Joe arranged by the blonde with the black roots at “The Chamber Pot” Travel Agency.

    No case to answer.



    Luv you Leaks and the thought there might be a tsumami at Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters flooding the the Clowncil Chamber next full meeting.

    No fatalaties of course just shat all over.

  7. Maybe it was not LRJ and that’s why the CPS did not prosecute. Maybe just maybe it was the people with equal responsibility who helped the council create their Audit report to ensure no fingers pointed their way.

    It’s worth asking LRJ in person!

    Gang up and all point, they will believe. Why?? She is a councillor!!
    Get Wirral leaks to believe because after all it makes a story.
    Oooo look it wasn’t me 😇 it was her over there. We are all poor bystanders who did nothing.

    Come on look past the smoke screen!!

    Co-chairs and a steering group of 10 or so. Only one person gets blamed!
    Most of the steering group all fought for save Lyndale school???

    Maybe the police were given the correct invoices for spend that’s why it was dropped, maybe LRJ was framed to discredit her.

    All things are possible!!!!!!!

    Oh but that does not make a good story, Oh and how else are Wirral going to get rid of lefty LRJ who won’t tow the line.

    Clear your eyes people!!

    • Oh louise seriously your deceit and lies have caught up with you at last, I do concur with your advice to open eyes but would direct it at the people who are are still deceived by you.
      If you want to have your day that’s all well and good but answer some questions perhaps if you’re so ‘innocent’ then it shouldn’t be a problem should it?
      Ok, so let’s start with the missing money that according to the police was ‘still there and recoverable’. You were told to pay it back, you knew it wasn’t either yours or the charities or indeed WWF’s, if, as you say you knew nothing about what was going on, why then still keep the money??

      Another question for you, standard practice with the CPS would be to write to the ‘accused’ their decision not to continue onto a prosecution, if, as you maintain they said there was no case to answer, put your (or the DfE and WBC’s) money where you mouth is as post a pic of the CPS decision, prove that we are wrong, that the audit investigation was wrong, that the independent investigator was wrong. That the outcome of the standards panel was wrong. That Contact a Family were wrong for dropping you like a hot potato (did you pay them their money back? No you didn’t did you?).
      Stop hiding and whining that you have been hard done by, you have got off lightly. You disgust me.

      • G’day “C(r)ath867(p apple)”

        How’s life not in the inner circle?

        Giving great advice in Hooligans Bar.



        All rats in a sack.

        Get rid of all the scum Ecca.

    • What is it about the wording “very compelling evidence” inside voice fails to understand? Open your eyes and look at what is available as evidence.

      If LRJ is innocent, victimised and harassed by these people as claimed then she should have no problems publishing her letters clearing her name from the cps, WBC following their audit investigation or others.

      She should also be able to publish the information showing she returned the £16,500 to the authority with a receipt for the return or the bank transfer info. It wouldnt be hard, given the evidence she would have to prove her innocence and that she had acted honestly and in good faith – except it appears she didnt – so it appears she can’t!

      People dont target her and interfere in her life because she is a councillor, she does a fine job of putting herself out there and sailing too close to the wind all by herself. You can tell from her texts she thinks she is untouchable. She was caught with her hands in the proverbial cookie jar well and truly this time and instead of accepting her fate (and she got off lightly) she is kicking off, saying she will appeal and defending an untenable position. How LRJ loves the attention, even the negative stuff just to put herself out there and play the victum once again.

      Remember the real victims in this. Its not LRJ….its the SEN kids of Wirral, families left without a voice and people who needed support with nowhere to go. This in turn left the SEN department at WBC removing evidence of vulnerable children to ensure they didnt get what they needed and yes….I can prove that unlike LRJ with her claims of being the “victim” here.

      • G’day Kittykat

        Remember the victims of the Woirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowing.

        Report after report vindicates them and Raworth has been seen back from Portugal and what happens about that £2,000,000.00?

        Its different when its you isn’t it?

        They don’t realise what they are doing to people.

        Its time the people show them.



        Great viewing when so called “big shots” are aggrieved.

        HA HA HA HA HA

    • There’s one teeny teeny little flaw with your attempt to shift the blame. Why did YOU not go to the police when you signed the forged invoices if they were not of your making? You did after all take them to the auditors thinking you’d get away with it. Nooooo…. It was the co-chairs who went to the police the minute they set eyes on invoices for “rent” – and since you had kept everyone away from financial details for years, imagine their shock when they did finally set eyes on the financial docs.

      The other interesting fact – no one but you had access to the TLC bank account which also served as WFF bank account because it suited your nefarious intentions. No one but you stood to gain financially, and you totally ruined the forum in pursuit of your mission for power.

      Most people, given that you have sailed SO close to the wind, and came SO close to criminal charges would keep their head down, their mouths shut and hope it all passes quietly by. For some strange reason though, you just cannot resist sticking your head above the parapet.

      Sent those written apologies yet?

      • G’day Bananasinpyjamas

        Go to the police like “Highbrow” did with Wirral “Funny” Bizz and it was just managed and she would know how you operate.



        I’m glad you peanuts are as angry as me you deserve it.

        We whistleblowers don’t.

        She’s one of your own

        She’s one

      • Yes yes of course let’s look at this,
        1. Suspended on 1st April 2015 for financial misconduct.
        2. Documents created on 28th April 2015 and some in June 2015.
        2. A and B became aware of the issue, and reported it in May 2015.

        How was LRJ suspended before the documents had been created?
        How was the Labour Party aware before the other two co-chairs?

        The police, one would assume looked through the actual evidence and concluded this was one big set up!!!

        Someone trying to stitch up a hard working councillor who spoke out.

        Those in glass houses really should not throw stones!!

        I would trust hard evidence and this stinks of a witch hunt!

  8. G’day Mr DeVoice

    You really are an insider aren’t you I could fall in love.

    That horrible little gang of crud dross and shite in wirral Labor led by “Philly Liar” he thinks are despicable.

    Tell us more, tell us more.

    Doesn’t matter if you make it up, they do.



    Respect Insid X

  9. G’day Leaksly

    She’s one of their own

    She’s one of their own

    I can’t continue for laughing L.



    Oh “Philly Liar” you are a hopeless fucking joke.

    Luv Lordsville X

  10. I’m back Lordy

    I have stopped laughing at them.

    She’s one of their own

    She’s one of their own

    She’s one of their own

    Louise ReeceJones

    She’s one of their own.



    It looks like “Crapapple” was trying to settle it away from the auditors and his silly little Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee.

    Very Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    Also like Wirral “Funny” Bizz “The Pretend Friend” tried to settle it behind the scenes with his “mate” “Highbrow”.

    They believe they can do anything but unlike “The Pretend Friend” “Crapapple” didn’t have an audit trail.

    The little welsh scum bag arsehole is the perfect replacement for the thicker than the chair Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee.

    His family must be so proud.

    Respect Lordsville X

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