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You may remember a recent post about a Wirral Council  Employment and Appointments Committee held on June 28th where we referenced a particular agenda item and commented  : Curiously there was (inevitably) an exempt item on the agenda which we understand involved discussions about yet another high profile departure who has been allowed to slip the net (if you get our drift). Suffice to say there’ll be more on that particular catch of the day at a later date.   

Comings and Goings

As we alluded to last week we can now confirm it’s farewell then to cartoon character Dolly Pond lookalike and Wirral Council Super-Duper Director Clare Fish.

We’ll miss her. Mainly because of the endless punning opportunities this overpaid failure provided – wet fish, fish out of water , out of her depth etc; It really was like shooting Fish in a barrel.

It always struck us that Clare was content to be a small fish in a stagnant pond and suddenly found herself swimming with sharks who were either screwing each other or screwing each other over.

Inevitably she found herself to be yet another Wirral council senior officer responsible for social care who has been thrown overboard having netted a big fat cheque – think Miller, Webb, Noone, Fowler ,Hassall . Meanwhile  the overseer of a series of failures, Cllr Moira McLaughlin, sails serenely on like an ocean going tanker full of toxic waste.

In this particular case Fish netted £105,000 . Wirral Council will have you believe with some financial jiggerypokery that they didn’t splash out another six figure sum to reward failure – but they did. It’s what they do, because they don’t know any other way. We say try sacking people or let them resign – that’s how it works in the business world that Wirral Council seem so determined to replicate.

However the most curious aspect of this hasty departure , and a demonstration of Wirral Council’s usual commitment to openness,transparency and accountability is the fact that having applied an exemption, thus excluding press and public from the Employment and Appointments Committee where the pay-off was discussed, they then had to refer the matter for approval at last night’s full Council meeting as Ms Fish swam through the magic six figure mark meaning it needed to be agreed by elected members.

Outgoing Head of Law Surjit Tour seems to have forgotten to tell Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson how this council business works as Stressed Eric merrily revealed in his ExecView  internal newsletter ( which is a bit like Wirral View but without soup recipes and pictures of smiling tots)  that Fish had already slipped through the net .

Fish 009

As you can see ExecView  was dated July 4th and the CEO revealed that Fish had already left the previous week ! So what was the point of even bringing the matter to the Council meeting to agree Fish’s leaving terms ? None whatsoever! But it appears the pond life who are our local elected representatives get along swimmingly and don’t like to make too many ripples when it comes to spending our money on rewarding failure!

Fish 012


17 thoughts on “Pond Life

      • They said they don’t use gagging clauses, which they liked to call “confidentiality clauses”, which used to be found inside “compromise agreements”, which are not strictly “confidentiality agreements”, and are now called “settlement agreements”.

        The muddier the water, the better for them.

  1. So the price for abject failure is £105k well done Miss Fish it is at Wirral ratepayers expense, see what you can bleed out of next employer and improve on your dismal results on Wirral.

  2. G’day Leaks

    Am I too suspicious about anything and everything “Philly Liar” does or does not do or is he as useless as I believe?

    New Ferry is as big a disaster as I can remember happening on wirral that I can think of without thinking too hard this morning.

    What does “Philly Liar” do?

    He sends a 10yo out to the media.

    Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 (yo).

    Is he hiding something or does it mean if he sends one of the “old dogs” it would cause too much trouble.

    ” Old dogs” I mean one the self serving, moronic, useless, past their use by date scum bags like Davies, Foulkes, Jones, Jones, Doughty, Williamson et al that might have to do some honest decent work.

    Or people might smell a rat if they send a rat.



    Luv you Leaks and New Ferry. XXXXXXXXXXX

    Silence is not golden Leaksville it is suspicious.

    Only in wirral.

    He’s one of their own

    He’s one of their own

    Sir Git Sewer

    He’s one of their own.

  3. I wonder where Ms.Fish will take up her next, no doubt highly paid post, in another Council or a Local Government Quango?
    Like Stewart Halliday for example, Local Government seems to have a huge merry go around where abject failures jump on and off straight into another publicly funded job.
    It`s not just the obscene salaries but also the generous pensions on which these pathetic people retire; again paid for by us.

    • 0h well, may as well throw back in the BOOMERANG…..

      “We have been waiting almost six years for them to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

      0h look Ms Fish, it’s spinning across the water towards you….. haha (never seen that before)

  4. What the Employment and Appointments Committee agreed (on the 27th June 2017) was to recommend what decision Council made (on the evening of the 10th July 2017).

    However, once the recommendation had been made by the E&A Committee on the 27th June 2017, if for example Clare Fish was to retire on the 10th July 2017, I would guess that when ExecView was written either:-

    a) the Chief Executive assumed the decision had already been made on the 27th June 2017 (when it hadn’t been yet),


    b) ExecView would go out after the 10th July 2017, so therefore at the time it went out the decision would have been made.

    If however she (Clare Fish) received her pension too early when ExecView stated she did (the week before ExecView went out) then:-

    a) Wirral Council should clawback the incorrect pension already paid (or claw it back out of future pension payments) and

    b) if the wrong retirement date was given by her employer (Wirral Council) to the Merseyside Pension Fund (Wirral Council) recalculate the cost (which would be less than the £105k originally told to councillors). The reason it’d be less as fortnight difference would put her closer to the date she’d have normally received a pension had she not retired early.

    However, in my opinion it also could just be Wirral Council’s Chief Executive (in his capacity as Head of Paid Service) not fully understanding issues such as retirement, decision-making at Wirral Council in at least one case an employee he was the line manager for.

    After all can we expect a Chief Executive (who is also Head of Paid Service) to truly understand the complexities of local government decision making and pensions for an employee he manages? Surely he’d rely on others to advise him on such issues such as Chris Hyams (Head of Human Resources) or Surjit Tour (Assistant Director: Law and Governance) who were both at the E&A Committee meeting?

    As the Chief Executive has a HR responsibility as Head of Paid Service does his employer (Wirral Council) have a responsibility to train him on such matters?

      • You would probably have a greater chance in training a chimp to understand calculus.

    • G’day John

      You say

      Surely he’d rely on others to advise him on such issues such as Chris Hyams (Head of Human Resources) or Surjit Tour (Assistant Director: Law and Governance) who were both at the E&A Committee meeting?

      I believe “Sir Git” has been bluffing it for years.

      He has now probably been found out unless he is just a Davies “yes” man.

      Although saying that the mamby pamby pink cheeked caldy boy is even thicker.



      He’s one of their own

      he’s one of

      • James,

        The “monitoring” officer will depart this council heartbroken, not half the man he used to be. Back to where he came from. Tail between his legs.

        Despite his obsession with squandering £thousands upon £thousands of our council tax – like a man possessed – he was never successful in his determined but futile attempts to smoke out the superbrain behind the good Lord & Lady Leaky, Verity, et al. So the show goes on without him.

        He failed. Badly.

        And I imagine when the moment of Surjit “I lost 3 vexatious FOI cases in a row to a former road digger” Tour’s departure arrives, Leaky’s butler Eldritch will take great pleasure in

        ◽putting down the silver platter carrying His Lordship’s dinner-time aperitif
        ◽turning to face the direction of Brighton Street

        …and raising both calloused middle fingers high and wide.

      • Eldritch is applying the Atrixo as we write.
        We have standards at Leaky Towers.
        And if one of our members of staff raises the middle finger you can rest assured it is both manicured and moisturised.

  5. G’day Leaks

    Talking of pond life but more like sewer life.

    The vile “Missus bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse Rat” after closing down Lyndale and Girtrell Court is all over their ex-rubbish local propaganda sheet like the other vile cretin “The Chamber Potty” with her black roots.

    In the news she’s giving away your money Leaksly

    Council to consider £20m boost for Wirral health services

    Take from Lyndale School and Girtrell Court and make new friends in high places and fuck the neediest.

    She is as revolting as her stab you in the back welsh egit of a scum bag husband.

    The article goes on about how she is giving all this money to her cabal

    The council cabinet will consider a range of services, including drug and alcohol, smoking cessation and weight management services during a meeting on Monday.

    Looking after husbands drinking problems from down that cheap cider club were he thinks he is liked.

    Go ask the boss.

    Looking after AdderleyDadderleyDooLally cos he stinks like an ashtray and spits nicotine with his lies.

    Looking after all the fat barstards in the “Kitchen Cabinet” like “Philly Liar” in his big man pants and “Ankles” who is still double his perfect weight since he was “Dunny Chain Wearer” and fight promoter at The Brawl at the Hall in the Name of A Charity Ball.



    They take from the poor to give to the……………………………………….themselves.


    • James

      You will have to take up writing postcards anti Wbc high ups and leave them in strategic areas in the Town Hall.

      Read and pass on! FREI Presse

      Just seen “Alone in Berlin”

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