Physician, Heal Thyself

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We’ll admit it – it’s a cheap shot.

But has the badly bouffanted CEO of Wirral Council checked out the ruddy visages of his political paymasters lately ? Let alone his own.

Might we suggest they might need to when Wirral Leaks knows what’s on the horizon.

Just sayin’


8 thoughts on “Physician, Heal Thyself

  1. Damm you Wirral working for you caused me to have a stoke and a second one 4 years later.
    It was down to idiotic managers who didn’t have a clue and skived off whenever they could!
    And senior managers couldn’t find their arse with both hands

    • Sorry to hear that x2
      Might we suggest your managers couldn’t find their own arse because they were finding which of their own manager’s arse they needed to lick/kiss/etc

    • God Bless you Titus

      Over inflated egos and absolutely no decent substance.

      They have got away with murder for years because no one wants to be a grass they just hide.



      I will add you to my prayers.

      And curse the fuckers at wirral.

      Even with proof they can’t fess up.

    • Tell me about it. Her Ladyship has taken a ” Bump & Grind” workshop in the name of female empowerment. There’s been no consideration of my bad back. Where are the Equality & Human Rights Commission when you need them?

  2. G’day Leaks

    It is hardly a cheap shot at £200,000.00 plus.

    “Ecca” “Spotty Dog” “Eccles Cake Face” “The Blinking CEO should finally earn his pay and rid the good people of wiiral of the crud and dross that is the self serving

    Williamson et al

    I forgot “Sir Git” “The Shyster” the bulbous headed phony with a boy barista from London to get him out of the shit already.

    Good riddens.



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