The £Million Interims



We’re sure you can appreciate that we’re still processing the fall out from the full Council meeting held earlier this week as it was a very long meeting !

However we are aware Lib Dem councillor Phil Gilchrist asked Council leader Phil Davies the following  question about ‘interim appointments’ that had been made during Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson tenure to assist with the implementation of his New Operating Model (or Non Operating Model as we like to call it)…….
How many interim officers are currently in post and what, typically, are the daily rates that are being paid?
What expenditure has been incurred on interim posts between 30th June 2015 and
30th June 2017?

Apparently it transpires there are currently 12 interims/consultants in place across Wirral Council. Their daily rate of pay varies between £350 and £720  – once again , nice work if you can get it and you can get it even working for a cash-strapped local authority ! In terms of expenditure incurred since June 2015, the total gross spend was revealed to be approximately £2,530,556.
However it has been explained  that where interims have been covering a vacant post, a proportion of this will have been funded by the budget for that post. Officers were not able to check exact figures but they estimated that  £1.5  million was paid for from monies attached to these vacant posts.

This would appear to mean that there has been an additional ONE MILLION POUNDS spent on interim appointments over the last two years for which seemingly there wasn’t a budget. And we thought the drive behind the ‘New Operating Model’ was that Wirral Council should be more sustainable and business like !

With news that another interim appointment has been made to replace the outgoing Head of Law, Surjit Tour (about which more another time) and yet more senior management restructuring we’re getting the impression that Stressed Eric and his million pound fly by nights are flying by the seat of their pants!

Cool Million

9 thoughts on “The £Million Interims

  1. Amongst these receivers of Council Tax payers largess is of course the disgraced Stewart Halliday.
    Having left York City Council under a very, very black cloud he subsequently declined to provide answers to auditors who were charged with examining his very cavalier attitude to large contracts. These were awarded to one firm without being put out for tender and without proper record compliance.
    All on public record!

    I am informed by an excellent York source that he was then earning circa £90k.
    Wirral Council, a recognised home for incompetents and other public service discards, took him on at a staggering £188k without a proper check of his background which was readily available to anyone who can Google a name.

    And the Council Leader has the gall to whinge about trying to run the Wirral on a reduced budget.

    As an afterthought. I wonder how much funding the high profile announced TWO BILLION pound development has yet raised?

    • They are unprofessional, incompetent, fools trying to buy their way out of anyone realising just how bad they are. People with more street smarts (not difficult) can pull the wool over their eyes time and time again. They are taken in so easily because they don’t know what to look for. Or perhaps they simply don’t mind a bit of previous? Maybe, like Crabtree and his proud announcement that he used to steal from the gas and electricity boards, they have no concept that some things are wrong?

    • Brilliant Chas

      Keep reminding them.

      They think that people quickly forget.

      Six years on and I am still talking about Wirral “Funny” Bizz and their £2,000,000.00 knock off and will continue to remind them along with others their pink cheeked mamby pamby mummy’s boy from caldy is a bare faced liar.

      His cohort are just as guilty by abetting his public lies.

      “Sir Git Sewer and Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton also sat back and let the lying barstard do what he does best


      The fat arsed barstard must be so proud of himself and his “success”.



      Their families must be ashamed in most cases for £8,000.00 in allowances.

      Stay at it Charlie X

    • Mr NUNN

      I do think that postcards with notes as to the negligence of Wbc would, left strategically, co-operate with the Mighty Leaks, to draw the attention of more residents to the wastage of tax payers money.

      The more tax payers know. The better.

      • wirralbizz.

        I agree Sir, or Madam.

        Sadly, the great majority of the Wirral residents are apathetic and have little knowledge of the Machiavellian workings of those elected, or paid huge salaries, to run the peninsular.
        The Council Tax payers shrug their shoulders when the bills arrive, keep their heads down and get on with their lives feeling that there is little they can do to change things.

        The Wirral Globe does give some coverage of Council misdeeds but it is limited in readership and rarely goes for the jugular.
        Some time ago I attended a luncheon of retired businessmen.
        All intelligent and erudite.
        In conversation I was not surprised to learn how few had ever heard of WirralLeaks or the other excellent websites which expose the many,many blundering decisions and actions of those who inhabit the upper reaches of Wallasey Town Hall.

        All we can do is spread the word and hope that next May will bring about a change.
        However, based on past experience, it seems to matter little which political party leads the Council. They both have track records of employing self serving incompetents to carry out the day to day running of the Council and both have squandered huge sums on outside consultants.

  2. An interim Sir Git!!!

    Ha ha ha….

    My Lord I hope you do not mock me…

    Do we also get an interim big shiny clocker clock?

    Much joy to look forward to… Ha ha ha

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