Personal Growth


What better way to spend a Friday night than playing ‘Mock the Geek’  as we watch Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies in his summer casuals give a toecurling performance promoting the Wirral Growth Company.

Reading from no doubt Liptrot-scripted cue cards Pip demonstrates that his presentation skills have not improved since his last foray into the world of video nasties. Remember ‘What Really Matters’  ? –  the Wirral Council bogus consultation exercise promo co-hosted by the equally charisma-free ex Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess?

As you can witness for yourself ‘Pollyanna’ Pip promises that he “expects to see spades in the ground “ in 2018 . Presumably burying his political career.

For those of you interested , and judging by the 13 views in a week that’s not many of you, here’s how to enter into a ‘joint venture property vehicle’ with Wirral Council to basically manage their property and land portfolio .

The most interesting aspect of this exercise is trying to guess who will be the lucky winner of this lucrative contract and whether it will be about the public or the personal.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Growth 3 012

16 thoughts on “Personal Growth

  1. I prefer him in another video. He was filmed coming out of the Tesco Express in Seacombe with some items. My daughter said, “He’s got The Sun newspaper”.

  2. G’day Leaks

    What’s wrong with the pink cheeked mamby pamby mummy’s boy from caldy?

    He is looking jaundiced and looks like he’s lost weight but the dirty old shirt doesn’t help.

    Where have his chubby (fat) ruddy cheeks gone?

    My friend who is terminal looks better.

    Following on from “Highbrow’s” suggestion that we might place postcards around the joint talking of their faults and sins I thought it might be cheaper, I have been dumped on the dole by them for six years, just to write to them on your wonderful site Lord of Wirral.

    Dear Clowncillor “Emergency” Ward (10 year old)

    I hope you have finally got through puberty with no problems maybe you could give “Eccles Cake Face” The Blinking CEO some advice on acne cures.

    You must have big ambitions on making a difference to places like New Ferry in your brilliant career boy but have you realised yet that you are just a dogsbody for the corrupt old dogs in Brighton Street?

    They sent you out to the media to inflate your ego but if contractors and dodgy deals had been part of that bit you wouldn’t be anywhere near my old school area mate.

    If you really want to help New Ferry just donate a £5 from this weeks pocket money kid it will go much further than help from “Philly Liar’s” gang.

    How long did it take you to realise you have to bow and scrape to likes of Jones, Foulkes, Davies, Davies, Tour, Armstrong and do as you are told, voting the way you are told believe in it or not?

    How long “Emergency” did it take you to realise they are all just in it for themselves and their golf and footie tickets?

    Other freebies are very available.

    Please 10 year old be a good boy listen to your parents/guardians and get the fuck away from the corrupt old bullies.

    Love to you before you become as fat as the pig “Ankles” get out while you can and have not been abused too much.



    Write soon son and let us know if you don’t know how to get out or they get a bully to threaten you in phone calls etc.


  3. Hang on these are our assets!!

    Another Pfi type debacle.?

    Someone needs to ensure that Labour gets ousted and then alter constitution to require “Special Resolutions” to be passed with 75% MAJORITY before these kind of schemes go ahead.

    The Birkenhead town scheme was example of small majority oppressing a minority and this is shaping up to be the same dance.

    Check out the private sector Mr Davies and the Companies Act if you need guidance from outside.After all that’s what your leitmotif was from.2012 to practice et Al.

    O and try to say what you mean! It is hard to credit that a PhD holder could not realise that

    “only one of all the companies receiving Big funds”

    Could more likely to be understood to be only one of 49 rather than to be taken as only 1 of the 6 investigated. Some persons might think you practised to deceive.

  4. What are his hands doing off camera?

    Is this the “personal growth” bit?

    Does this explain the glazed over look and the inability to look us in the eye?

    I think we should be told.

    • Mate did you see him run out of the room at that ridiculous self serving improvement meeting when the great Martin Morton got up to speak.

      He almost colluded, er er I mean collided with that Stinking Ashtray AdderleyDadderleyDooLally at the exit.

      Can you imagine the crap, bullshit, crud and dross that would have flooded the Clownhall if they had hit.



  5. This site seems to censor stuff when they get challenged on it! Which basically means it is full of BS. See if this comments makes the cut? Doubt it as only lies seems to get published. I will not be giving up on outing the lies and the sources that appear on this site!

    • G’day Sourcy Hide

      If wirral clowncil leader and senior officers would stop lying at every opportunity we wouldn’t have to call them fuckin liars.

      C’mon one of you, any of you get on here now and tell me that “Philly Liar” AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and Burgess have not stood publicly and lied their balls off..

      Aided and abetted by 65 clowncillors and fat barstards like “Humpty Dumpty Ball” “Sir Git” the scum bag head of the Ill Legal Department and Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton and that slimy little fucker “Legweak”.



      Out me you fool.

      Hiding behind “Shouldn’t Hide the Source” coward.

    • Ironic that you’re dubbed “Sources shouldn’t hide!” If you’re true to your word, what IS your name?

      As you’re speaking in absolute terms, and you’re not giving up, here’s your first “lie”. I’ve even selected one of the less serious aspects of this abuse to keep it less challenging and not too upsetting for you.

      Wirral Council spent nine years financially abusing 16 learning disabled tenants in supported living accommodation in three council establishments in Moreton. By the time they’d finished £736,756.97 had gone missing from their bank accounts. 5 of them died soon after. At the height of it, one poor guy was seen around Moreton Cross dressed in rags, going into shops, begging.

      Reimbursement was won thanks to the efforts of whistleblower Martin Morton blowing the gaffe and going to the Audit Commission, but the council tried to minimise the value of the claim THREE times, offering peanuts.

      The DWP tried to treat the reimbursements as windfalls, endeavouring to dock the benefits of the disabled people, effectively clobbering them twice.

      There were links between councillors and gangster care companies which had received accreditation, but “independent” external investigator Anna Klonowski, after clocking up a bill of £411,000 of our money, decided not to investigate councillors !

      Off you go. Pick that apart. Looking forward to your analysis.

    • I THINK NOT.

      The site must protect itself against libel action. THINK A while on that..all the defamatory statements published and no libel action?

      Perchance they are True?

  6. G’day Leaks

    I think “Philly Liar” might have lost a couple of stone to get on the team.

    That’s Uncle Joes team to go out to Oz next year as one of his parasites to get the games.


    Lost weight trying to get in the Turd Tossing Team from Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters towards Brighton Street.

    There are at least 75 turds in Wallasey Town Hall that would beat him.



    Bring the games to BirkenBloodyED.


  7. Terrible presentation skills. Would this give you the confidence to invest? Whoever gets this gig will have The Councils pants right down! I think it will start with The, and end in Chamber!

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