Crabby v LRJ : The Feud Continues


Jim ‘ Crabby’ Crabtree proves once again that he’s the gift that keeps on giving in the ongoing Shakespearean feud between him and Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ) .

Above is a screenshot of the latest ill-advised missive that Crabby has subsequently deleted from Facebook ( on the advice of his probation officer/solicitor?)

However we particularly like the fact that Crabby has a pop at Pip.  As as far as we’re concerned the Crabby v LRJ debacle needs to be laid at the door of the hopelessly ineffectual ‘leader’ of  Wirral Council, Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies. His failure to manage the internal strife within his own party has led to two suspensions by North West Labour and an ongoing, highly embarrassing,  spat played out on social media.

Perhaps Crabby should turn to an elder statesman of the local Labour group and all-round – and boy do we mean round-  man of integrity Cllr Steve Foulkes to guide him through the political turmoil.  However might we suggest that Foulkesy may need to alter his advice from ‘ Jumbo stay strong fella‘ to ‘ Step away from the keyboard/mobile – especially after you’ve had a few scoops’ 

But then again if Crabby really does hate liars perhaps Foulkesy isn’t the man to turn to !


As for expecting a ‘full apology’ from Pip, Crabby can whistle dixie as Pip knows only all too well that Crabby was probably up to even more no good than has already been disclosed.

However Pip proves once again what a coward he is when he finds it easier to allow a whistleblower to be bullied out of their job than address the concerns they raised about Crabby and the use of grant monies. And to think that Crabby still sees fit to have a pop at LRJ!  Indeed to us, it is simply astonishing , ASTONISHING !,  that this man was once the chair of  Wirral Council’s Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Meanwhile it would appear that this ongoing and long -running feud between Crabby and LRJ clearly has some way to run – and we intend to follow it every step of the way!

5 thoughts on “Crabby v LRJ : The Feud Continues

  1. I second that.
    Astonishing is too weak a was an alternate universe into which we were all plunged by a rupture in the space time continuum.

    Crabby, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee? Only in an universe where a certain Stalin was the annual Father Christmas of the Lubyanka department store’s toy department.

      • G’day “Interested”

        I would comment but this specimen really frightens me.



        High vis luv to you and The Great Leaks XXXXXXXXXX

  2. Is it possible they’re putting obvious incompetents in senior public roles to surreptitiously broadcast to gangsters and asset strippers that yes, lads, here we are…
    Wirral Council is open for business?

    Show us the money and we’ll do a deal behind closed doors. No worries. Surjit’s successor and the new finance director whom we’ve secretly pencilled in already will dot the t’s and cross the i’s.


    ◻️the crucially important yet hideously amateur videos starring the leader
    ◻️the woeful calibre of councillors in the exec
    ◻️the official public treatises and job vacancies, laced with jargon ‘n typos, done by bullies who’ve ascended the ladder with no intelligent bastard left in place to stop them
    ◻️the historic decisions to rid themselves of quality people who represented a threat
    ◻️the obvious weakness and ineptitude of the CEO

    Or is this a conspiracy theory too far?

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