As we wind down it appears some of our long running stories are finally coming to fruition.

We’d like to thank the many readers who forwarded the latest news about the former Torbay/Wirral/Hereford (in that order) and currently ,for now anyway, head of the legal department at Cheshire East Council, the infamous Bill ‘The Bung’ Norman.

Yes , it would appear that Billyboy has been officially suspended from duties 3 months after his alleged despicable dirty work was retrieved from beneath the carpet.

Dirty Work

We’re gratified to read Cheshire East Council have at least got things right when it comes to suspension procedures. As we should all know by now the likes of Bill Norman operate at such exalted heights they are not subject to the same rules as mere mortals such as us. Oh no, first of all , before any action is taken against these local government Gods there must be proof of a prima facie case to answer.

This of course is what Wirral Council failed to do when Bill Norman worked for them and which led to a near enough, and as far as we’re concerned, a totally unjustified £150K  pay off  – which of course meant that Wirral council taxpayers yet again picked up the tab for cowardice/incompetence on the part of their most senior council officers/politicians .

However the most interesting aspect of this case for us is that Bill has built up such a following during his travels (although not necessarily in a good way) that it was inevitable that his much anticipated and well deserved demise would ultimately be chronicled on this blog.  One of those sources giddy with schadenfreude at Bill’s blunders reached us by a circuitous route. Our message to them is this – get in touch with us when you’re happy to explain the backstage compromise that led to to Wirral Council being the recipient of the ‘ Most Improved Council’  award at the 2015 Local Government Chronicle awards . This of course being the fig leaf behind which they have hid their corporate micro-penis ever since. Might we suggest that low cost loans from one failing council to another must have eased negotiations. Just sayin’

To which all we can say is pass the sickbag – all of these duplicitous town hall potentates make us positively bilious.

11 thoughts on “Bill-ious

  1. My Lord, Bill Norman is again “a senior council officer in trouble”.

    Last time this happened, when he was suspended at Wirral, along with Ian Coleman, David Green and David Taylor-Smith, called in to investigate as a “Designated Independent Person” was the lovely Richard Penn.

    Why him? Because he was a journeyman “trade union rep” who’d made a living representing “senior council officers in trouble”. But not any more. Because the rules have changed.

    Back then, by a strange, convoluted process that was riddled with conflicts of interest, the “investigator” became our suspended heroes’ salvation. That’s what happened last time.

    Google Richard Penn and gaze in awe at his achievements re: career ending charges levelled at senior people here, there and everywhere, the length and breadth of the land, and their apparent career-ending dire straits suddenly being transformed and re-interpreted under a new 4-word banner: “No Case To Answer”.

    Fortunately, it’s no longer possible for Cheshire East Council to find a window in RP’s busy schedule to get their soiled reputation back on track via this old method of dastardly jiggery-pokery.

    But as I’m becoming an inveterate conspiracy theorist, maybe we’re we being lied to? It won’t be the first time.

    Have he and the Cheshire East CEO had somebody whispering in their ear, “Keep out of sight for a bit, lay low, don your gardening gloves, give us some time to put out a few “robust” press releases showing how we’re “standing for no nonsense”, let us think up a clever way of repairing our soiled image, and we’ll see you all right when the time comes”?

    My passive cynicism doesn’t hurt anybody, hopefully it might forewarn and educate.

    Whereas their hyper-active variety leaves a trail of destruction, suffering, squandered public money and sometimes dead bodies.

  2. Let us cast our minds back to Graham Burgess.

    Wirral Council’s own press release described him as a ‘leading light’ of the LGA. He was also a regular contributor to, and endorser of, the LGC. For the 2015 ‘Most Improved Council’ award, the ‘live panel’ presentation was made by Graham Burgess and Cllr Phil Davies to assessors comprising mainly LGA member Chief Executives.

    Incidentally, the LGC ‘Most Improved Council In Great Britain Award’ was never a category before or since 2015…too many fingers burned I would think.

    Similar basket-case Doncaster Council, the LGC 2015 award runner-up (the fact there could be a runner-up to WBC takes some believing) is an interesting study.

    Even more so if you join-the-dots with WBC, LGA, LGC, SOLACE, ex-LGA/WBC staff visiting Grahem Burgess drafted in as Doncaster CEO (now earmarked for Birmingham City Council CEO apparently), and very low interest loans from WBC to Doncaster Council (from 30.07.2012 to 30.07.2014 – value £2,000,000 at 0.80% pa), into the mix.

    • Dr.R.B.Smith:

      A most revealing look under the fetid scum which seems to float permanently on top of the very murky pond covering Wirral Borough Council.

      Somewhere in the country there must be honest, competent senior Local Government employees who are not constantly recycled failures.
      Our political masters always feed us the mantra that “we have to pay big money to attract the best”
      Why has it never succeeded here on the peninsular where big money attracts inferior men and women?

      But then, what honest and competent person would wish to work at Wallasey Town Hall in a senior post?

      • Mr Nunn

        I have researched Wirral Council and local government across the UK and the detrimental influence of the LGA. The general standard and quality of local government is in an appalling state.

        I read that Cllr George Davies blames the current state of affairs on ‘Thatcher’s Children’. Cllr Davies may not know this, but Margaret Thatcher is a hero of Frank Field MP – Frank Field states that as they were close, he addressed her as ‘Mrs T’.

        If Cllr George Davies is right, then many of ‘Thatcher’s Children’ have grown into MPs, Labour councillors and local authority chief officers, given local policies, revolving-door recruitment, and virtual dictatorships in local government. And nearly all LGA members.

        If one views the country as a street, then Wirral Council now behaves in the same way as that one gateway in the street, where, whichever way the wind blows, all the detritus collects.

  3. Obviously I don’t want to pre-judge the outcome of the investigation but…I hope they throw the book at this corrupt bastard and all round miserable excuse for a human being.

  4. G’day My Leakship

    G’day “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill”


    “Philly Liar”.

    Sorry I haven’t written this week and insulted you you cheating, lying, scum bag, arse-hole in the guise of a politician.

    I have been watching a very close friend dying a horrible slow death, ironically a ex-merseyside cop, you know “Philly Liar” one of those you prevent from doing their job when it suits you and your cabal.

    The cop that met “Highbrow” said it was fraud.

    You are far to big for your boots in the name of a public servant who has never served anyone apart from your self.

    All this crud and shite over Wirral “Funny” Bizz to defend yourself, Adderley and Jones’s reputation that is fucking crap anyway.

    Then to get Norman, Wilkie, Foulkes, Jones, Tour, Armstrong and Garry to support you in protecting your names

    I do hope the great man doesn’t edit this but if he does you know what I think of you low life crud.

    I have never spoken to you and I don’t believe I ever could.



    Who was getting that extra pay envelope fron Wirral “Funny” Bizz “Philly Liar”?

    Was it you?



    They are coming to get you “Philly Liar” one by one.

    Good riddens “Sir Git” XXXX

      • Dear “Philly Liar”

        Just for openness, honesty and transparency The Great Leaks did censure my last post the above sounds as though I might have some modicum of respect for you.

        I don’t.



        You are an absolute disgrace to your family, friends and almer mater.

        Go rot in caldy.

        Thanks Lordy X

  5. Wirralleaks.

    I note the phrase “as we wind down.”
    Hopefully just for a well earned summer break and not permanently.
    Without you, John Brace and the other websites we would have very little knowledge of the many inadequacies and wrong doings of the inhabitants of the top floor of Wallasey Town Hall.

    If a summer holiday- enjoy it.

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