There Goes The Green Belt

Wirral green belt

Source : DCLG 2016

One of the very few things that remains attractive about Wirral is that it is relatively green.

However in the time-honoured tradition of brutalism Wirral Council seem to be exceeding themselves when it comes to concreting over everything that’s good about the place.

Specifically we’re talking about last night’s decision to approve the building of a fire station in Saughall Massie following pretend democratic processes involving public meetings and site visits.

Yes, we know there’s more tedious bureaucratic processes to go through before the fire station becomes a reality but we’re sure we’re all agreed it’s the principle of agreeing to build on the green belt which is the issue. This decision will surely give the green light to build on other parts of the green belt and specifically the Hoylake Golf Resort. And what’s more it’s no good local Tories belatedly bleating about how unfair it all is!

The Planning Committee Chair is Anita Leech ( you do the punchline) and the Vice -Chair of the Planning Committee is Steve ‘Kindred’ Foulkes. So spare us the ‘feigned outrage’. We all knew what was coming next!

Indeed might we suggest that a fitting tribute would be that Foulkesy’s political career is entombed in motorway concrete. And the sooner the better!

14 thoughts on “There Goes The Green Belt

  1. This is why most realise that parking charges will come to Perch Rock, The Dips, Birkenhead Park…any where they have already planned. They are in charge and they will never be voted off by any number of local elections…… just carry on.

    • Any claim of living in “Cloud Cuckoo Land” will eventually be made real and with complete authority when…

      o The Labour Party are elected to govern
      o Central Gov Local Authority cuts massively reduce or grind to a halt
      o Wirral’s embittered, isolated, careerist, hard right Labour puppets of Tory entryist Frank Field continue to intensify their attacks on the local population, vulnerable or otherwise, perhaps with an entirely new and bogus, concocted justification (e.g. we’ve spent so much of your money and our time battling the Tories, we now need to make cuts and conserve what little we have left, so it’s time once again for all of us to tighten our belts and look to new ways of bringing in essential income. We’re all in it together, guys…)
      o Parking meters sprout from the Dips, BIrkenhead Park, the Fort Perch Rock car park tarmac
      o Acres of fresh concrete are poured across Wirral Green Belt to facilitate luxury homes (& yet another golf course)
      o More essential services bite the dust
      o The air fills with a blizzard of airborne, brown envelope confetti

  2. The only hope now is if the Secretary of State overturns it. Hurdle one is getting planning permission, hurdle 2 is removing it from the Greenbelt. Once that’s done we have a prime piece of land with planning permission for commercial use. The hypocrisy of the man who vowed publicly to protect Wirral’s Greenbelt only to make it available to friends with cash benefits is a pitiful kick below the belt to the populus he claims to serve. He is no more than a Judas Iscariot selling it off for 300,000 pieces of silver.

  3. Flogging off greenbelt land as fast as they can give themselves planning permission.

    A large green field on Manor Drive in Upton, where there was a thriving pony club, is now disappearing under concrete for more little boxes to be build on what is already a very busy alternative road to the main Upton- Moreton carriageway.
    One of the two site is named “Fender Mews”; no doubt to try and persuade the purchasers that they are moving into a luxurious property where they can keep a horse and carriage if they wish.

  4. Oh “Philly Liar”

    I see you have bullshitted your way onto another board of crud and dross.

    Fund chairman Jim Gill said: “Anne’s and Phil’s appointments confirm the strength of the working relationship between Chrysalis and the local authorities in the city region and provide the opportunity to strengthen that further through work with the Combined Authority.”

    Do these people know you are a compulsive liar?

    Do they know that you are “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” or is that just another of these organisations that rip the guts out of the poor and downtrodden?

    Not only the poor and downtrodden, those that think local government is a professional run operation not just a vehicle for you scum bag arseholes earn massive money with absolutely no intellect, nous, decency, morals or ethics?

    You lying, cheating arsehole.



    My friend is closing on to death and you make me sicker by the day


    Luv you though Leaky and don’t you go anywhere. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Thanks “Interested”

        I am not expecting any good wishes from “Philly Liar” and his cabal because they only care about abuse of power, lying and what has to be corruption through lying.

        My friend is ex-Merseyside copper of the decent variety which makes “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” look even lower than “Ankles” Foulkes.

        Keep that boomerang flying for my mate “Interested” they truly are unpleasant, unlikeable liars.

        What for “Interested”?

        For their greedy fucking selves.



        My friend will die

        A truly decent man.


        Unlike some at wirral.

      • G’day Leaks and Getting fed up with this s**t

        Yep the Leaksly does censor me quite often I hope you can see I really despise scum bag liars that do it in the name of PUBLIC SERVICE.

        It is not in their remit and there is nowhere it says you should gang up to protect scumbags like your lot that stick together through all cock ups and thefts.

        You make a mistake or get caught

        OWN IT.

        Luv you Lordy


  5. I can’t believe that this council want to build on green belt when you have brown site in Greasby that could be used for fire station Maybe it’s because Saughall is conservative voters where as Greasby is Labour . A few years ago they had a serious fire in a three storey house in West Kirby and I remember the fire officer telling the press if we had been 6 minutes later all those in this house would have been lost . With the amount of cars, buses, lorry, vans using this very busy road I think lives will be lost .

    • With their track record of attempting the unthinkable, it is of no surprise they will try to build on Greenbelt. Their stinking white elephant of a golf resort requires just that.

      The land at Saughall Massie roughly matches the price wanted by the fire authority for the land they owned in Birkenhead which the council built The Hive Project on so no coincidence there. Money is owed and it’s all a bit of a closed deal the fire authority and the council would rather hide from the public.

      Political games will always be played and the mud slinging just adds cheap headlines for the local press but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what colour the party, we all get shafted.

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