Consultant Insults – Continued


The long running saga involving Wirral Council’s love of costly external consultants continues.

As following on from our interims story – The £Million Interims – we understand that there are full details knocking about of consultants performing an interim role for Wirral Council.

However the people who actually pick up the DAILY tab of £8,404 – that’s us folks! – apparently aren’t allowed to know who we are paying, what we’re paying and what we’re paying them for – go figure!

This is because Wirral Council consider the information to be confidential and the poor downtrodden consultants that are not directly employed by the Council will have confidentiality preserved when it comes to cold hard cash.

Huh ?! – not at Wirral Council it won’t, especially when much of the information is rightly already in the public domain. We think that whoever  made up this diktat on the hoof realises that someone who does work for a local authority and is paid with Council taxpayers money somehow has a right to keep their paypacket a secret is not a particularly convincing argument.

That might explain why they usually throw in ‘commercial confidentiality’ as an additional back up as to why the Council need to keep a lid on the gory details of their expensive consultancy habit.  Apparently it could inhibit the Council from recruiting future interims. Whaaaat?! – can we therefore assume that the remuneration listed on recruitment sites will just henceforth state : ‘ Fill yer boots !’

It’s such a shame that the information about the 18 interims that are currently on the Council payroll is not more readily available as we’re sure that Wirral Council taxpayers would find it most illuminating/infuriating . Indeed we’re sure that one of Wirral Leaks’ regular contributors , Charles Nunn, will be particularly pleased to hear that we understand that Stewart Halliday’s contract , at a daily rate of £705 , and which was due to end in August has now been extended to the end of 2017.

However it should be noted that ‘Happy’ Halliday is not the highest paid interim on the list. We understand that accolade goes to Surjit Tour’s replacement . Philip McCourt ,the interim Assistant Director – Law & Governance has to get by on a mere £800 a day …….making him pro rata , at £200K + per annum, on more than Wirral Council’s CEO, Eric Robinson.

Wirral Council watchers may find some consolation in knowing that one of the 5 ‘transformers’ on the list , Martin Liptrot, finds himself ranked 16th out of the 18 interims listed in terms of his day rate – a paltry £350!

And finally before we go we’d just like to inform our readers that we’ll be taking a long overdue summer break throughout August – unless of course THAT story breaks . In the interim (!) we’ll  be considering how we co-ordinate the ‘managed decline’ of Wirral Leaks when we return in the autumn.


32 thoughts on “Consultant Insults – Continued

  1. G’day Leaks

    Have a wonderful summer holiday with your family and please please come back.

    My friend is about to pass and I will not even be able to afford flowers.

    It is a very very lonely existence being a whistle blower even other whisle blowers can turn their backs.

    Hope to hear from you soon L.



    Happy Landings.


  2. So My Lord, what you are in fact saying is that the French Elvis is having an Extended Halliday……

    Anyway, here is the fecking BOOMERANG….

    • ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

  3. I find it absolutely outrageous. yet typical of Wirral Council, that the disgraced Stewart Halliday will be paid a further huge sum of OUR money as a consequence of his extension.
    It is not as if the Council Mafia and Councillors were unaware of his many contract shenanigans when employed by York City Council which led to his departure.

    They were extensively reported in York newspapers- easily available to anyone who could Google a name, a skill apparently unknown to Council apparatchiks.
    It was reported in Private Eye and of course many times in our own, beloved, WirralLeaks.

    I had several e.mail communications with Councillor Jeff Green, then head of the Conservative opposition, who became well aware of Halliday`s background but, apparently, chose to do nothing about it although he told me he would be meeting C.E.O. Robinson to “discuss the matter.”
    Thereafter he ceased communication with me and was eventually dumped by his Party

    I also e.mailed the C.E.O. himself who responded with several untrue or highly unlikely statements- presumably fed by to him Halliday or his superior in the Wirral hierarchy

    One was that Halliday denied the offences. He may well have done so in Wallasey Town Hall but his offences as detailed in the York Press and his reported refusal to co-operate with their internal auditors made this seem a very dubious statement..

    That he was involved in an ongoing dispute with York Council concerning his leaving.
    This was an obvious tactic to claim that he had been badly dealt with in York where he earned circa £90,000 a year- more than doubled by his £188,000 contract with the Wirral
    I provided Robinson with an e,mail from the current C.E.O. at York who stated, quite clearly, that there was No ongoing dispute.

    That one of his references was from an existing member of York City senior staff.
    Again I was able to inform Robinson that this was untrue and that the officer currently in that post had NOT provided a reference.

    I suggested that he would be embarrassed by both the false and dubious information in his e.mail to me and invited his comments.
    Reply there was none to that request nor two follow ups!

    I despair at the depths to which local government on the Wirral has sunk although I know that your website has been reporting on such depravity for many years.
    Enjoy your well deserved summer holiday.

    • Now now Charley-boy,

      Let’s take a minute to look into the underworld in which you worked in; your not telling me for one minute that the Police are as straight as they come? I’m sure if we all had a grudge to bare that we’d unearth lots of corruption within any public sector organisation I’m not agreeing this is right and yes people should be held to account but for singling out this Mr Halliday time & time again seems to be that you somewhat either have an issue the way he earns a living or your just obsessed with him? What would it be Charlie? How about we hear something more constructive on Wirral Leaks rather than obstructing information that helps the opposition. I love reading Leaks as it gives an insight of how the public sector operates but when it becomes personal in a (vendetta) kind of way it really makes me feel a little sorry for you. One would ask have you ever met this Mr Halliday and talked through your concerns rather than being inflammatory you never know you could become the best of friends.

      • Ecca Ecca Ecca

        Why would Chas want to talk to Happy Happy Halliday all the evidence is there to be ignored as I say below these people say/pretend/believe they are squeaky clean and let their agent do the filth.

        Look at “Philly Liar” still defending Wirral “Funny” Bizz and without any question of doubt people should be in jail.




        That is James Griffiths you fucking cowards.

        Luv you too much Leaks XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • What I have is an issue with is the obscene payments to Halliday and other people brought in on contract by a Council administration that, although very well paid, are incapable of carrying out the Council`s work without lavishly rewarded outside assistance.
        Mr.Halliday`s annual payment is the equivalent of the Council Tax of 156 houses, in many cases I have no doubt occupied by families who are hard pressed to find the money.

        Do not feel sorry for me. The alleged sorrow is on your side not mine.

        I invite you to Google Mr.Halliday and read the reports of his behaviour in the York Press; this will perhaps give you some idea of my anger at his employment, at double his previous salary,here on Wirral.

        Other correspondents have made reference to other current contract employees where there appears to be obvious signs of nepotism.
        As I have no knowledge I leave it to them to bring that into the public domain

        My former career is irrelevant other than to say that I am proud in what I did.

        As to your somewhat sardonic suggestion that I meet with Mr. Halliday and discuss my concerns-, very, very unlikely

      • If you are a regular reader of this site you will have noticed this site reports on sadly misuse and abuse of public money in whatever format. You seem to have picked up on an issue ie names, don’t worry too much unless you personally are due to be named as someone whose paid for personal integrity is not I line with constitutional priority and employments contracts. Names are vital now , sites like this provide traceability for officers as the move around the uk amassing money and in some cases ruining peoples lives. This site and many like it are historical catalogues of failure which hopefully can,should and will be used in future against these people. Halliday whoever he is, has not been brought to account , in any sector public or private he should be. Thank you Mr nunn for your facts and figures

      • Mr Eric Slate

        Mr NUNN having involved himself in the first instance could hardly respect himself if he discontinued simply because highranking civil servants and councilors responded to his entreaties with wet flannel.

        I experienced this as did Mr Griffiths. We responded repeatedly in sheer anger with the uselessness of Wbc and its mendacity. I particularly responded by investigations of the Big fund for it was important to me to Prove beyond question that some councillors had misled, and senior officers had Lied.

        The above provides a salve to my integrity and a lesson to all not to trust what Wbc puts forward

  4. G’day Chasser and The Good Lord

    I was just thinking about all these buffoons like Burgess, Adderley, Fish, Halliday, Fartin Lobsterpot and to a lesser extent the Davies’, Uncle Joes’ etc., and if they were asked to speak up about their careers.

    They would be holier than thou career people doing a good job knowing nothing about any wrong doing……..on footballers wages.

    Like footballers they think they are the dog’s bollocks but really stupid immoral wannabe crud.

    So how do they get the big bucks, fail, get big bucks, fail?

    There has to be an agent doing all their filth for them with them pretending there is a legal job application scenario.

    Who are these agents that will sell their mothers for a quid?



    Just thinking aloud Chas.

    Luv you both but L will always be my BFF XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I spoke to a lady from a top public SAINTLY organisation yesterday and she explained why after years and years because……

    Well she explained wirral BC perfectly so I can only conclude the whole public service, charity and health organisations are morally bankrupt and ethically sick.

    She took redundancy about a tenth of what senior people in that organisation get and new equivalent jobs to boot.

    “Highbrow” is right there will be a revolution.

  5. Just a note to say that last March, “opposition” leader Jeff Green’s senior colleague in his day job at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Paul Satoor, landed a permanent post at Wirral Council on an eye watering salary. Director of something vague, known as “Transformation”.

    All perfectly above board, and nothing whatsoever to do with the soon to be deposed Tory leader, and his former work colleague Jeff Green, who would soon stop writing to Charles Nunn.

      • The public interest involving public accountability, public scrutiny,public finance and public appointments.
        Other than that there is no relevance.
        None whatsoever.

      • I think you might need morals,principles to perhaps understand relevance. Education is helpful in understanding ripple effects but not necessary…hope that helps ? I am sure the site would not censor you if you have any special educational needs but figure you will waste their time and ours if you are devoid of decency.

      • Seven Oaks;

        I think that the relevance is that it reveals that the Conservative opposition can be involved in murky nepotism to match the arrogant incompetence of the ruling Labour Party.
        The opposition should be shouting at multi decibels to expose the shoddy dealings and vast sums of money wasted by the Council but the silence as they say “is deafening.”
        Sadly, the Wirral Globe is not a campaigning newspaper and, apart from WirralLeaks , Wirral in it Together and John Brace there is little published to bring the attention of the voters to the true state of affairs in Wallasey Town Hall

  6. G’day Leaks

    The other thing is as seen by “Philly Liar” is that their modus operendi is that if they can hide reports for long enough the crimes never happened.

    He is deluded, actually, “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill”.

    And a pink faced mamby pamby muumies boy from Caldy and a prick to boot.

    They get the cops to agree there is no case to answer.

    Then they set up a friendly committee to “REPORT” and as we know their colleagues will play with words and water it down and “forget” to interview them that is banged to rights.



    I think I might set up an organisation called

    Chartered Institute of Criminal Public Servants.

    Fees will be $5,000.00 per day.


  7. Jeff Green had a brief window of opportunity to try and change things and failed miserably. He fell to the ahem “charms” of Emma Degg and instead of challenging the norm ended up sharing a ciggy with her and Adderley behind the Town Hall and that was that as they say!

  8. G’day Leaks

    As you go off surfing with the family down to the blue flag beach in Wallasey I think I have to up the calling of the lying cheating scum bags at wirral starting with “Philly Liar and other clowncillors and senior officers to a wider audience.

    They will of course be able to sue me.


    No they can’t because they are liars.

    Proven fucking liars Ecca your gang is full of liars, cheats and scum bags.




    They could make a public apology to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

    Ha ha the pig that is aAdderleyDadderleyDooLally could be seen flying over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters before they are open, honest and transparent.

    She from the Chamber Pot that dyes her roots black would be heard saying be careful “Ash Tray” I wouldn’t be employable without you because everyone knows I fully support your lying and cheating.


    Philly is a LIAR
    Philly is a LIAR
    Philly is a LIAR
    which nobody can deny

  9. G’day Leaksly

    My friend has passed away…………

    “Philly Liar” and his gang of parasites are still a gang of lying, cheating, scum bag parasites.

    God bless my friend.

    God bless you Leaky





  10. James:

    I guess that he is now up in Coppers` Heaven having a pint with his old colleagues and talking about the days when villainy was mainly confined to the criminal classes and had not then spread widely into politics, local and national.

    Who knows, in a few years I may well meet up with him.

    My deepest sympathy.


    • Thanks Chasser

      The fact that Adderley and Jones mentioned contacts with police, been on committees and HMRC etc., makes me want to vomit.

      They are as you suggest the modern day lawful criminals.



      It just makes me hate the lying barstards more and feel pity for them and their families.

      They should be ashamed at what they do.

      They are truly wannabe, crud and dross.

      Headed up by an immoral Leader and gutless Spotty Faced £200,000.00 parasite.

      Thank you Charles X

      • Yes Charles

        I have taken their lying personal.

        They did it to my face 05/07/2011 and continued cold heartedly to continue lying.

        They are lying shite.

        Until they admit, apologise and show remorse for lying to us Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistlbowers who only wanted to save them £2,000,000.00 I will continue my childish insults till the day I join my friend.



        Robinson (You pick one of two or both)

        Scum and dross of Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

        May they rot where they deserve to.



        Tell everyone you know Charles.

      • A gathering of my neighbours regarding a hedge grown well out onto pavement. And all summer.

        Older lastly “council will oblige absentee owner underpaid of fine to have it cut”
        Another “well it has been all summer and they still have not”

        Me: it cost money to issue injunction. They did not pursue £2m fraud so why wd they pursue overgrown hedge?

        Murmurs of assent followed

  11. G’day Ecca

    “Spotty Dog”, Eccles Cake Face, The Blinking CEO, THEIR £200,000.00 P A Boy.

    Take a leaf out of Donald Trumps book Eccles and unlike him draining the swamp in Washington DC

    Clean up the sewer that is Brighton Street.



    In no particular order.

    Other excrement is available.



    They just need to fess up over Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and I can grieve in peace.

    They are despicable liars and cheats Lordy.


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