Public Service Announcement : Defend Our NHS (DONHS) Meetings

NHS 009

Published on behalf of DONHS Wirral are details of upcoming meetings and the following message :

We will be inviting Wirral councillors and all four Wirral MPs.

The focus of the meeting will be the local STP – now officially called a ‘sustainability and transformation partnership’  

Some partnership! It doesn’t include patients , STPs generally are not engaging or collaborating with GPs

(let alone the public), and 80% of councillors thought STPs were “not fit for purpose” and “prioritised cost-cutting and closing hospitals over preventing illness”.

The reality of the STP is the dismnatling of our NHS. Campaigners have been warning about this for years. Every day we see the headlines.

Wirral Council voted overwhelmingly in December to oppose the local version of ‘slash, trash and privatise’ and to write a letter of protest to the government. We have no evidence that the letter was sent or a reply received. And now the leader of the Council says  “I don’t see any sign that STPs are going away,…” Some opposition!…

Come and join us – and join our campaign to share information about what’s happening  and to OPPOSE the STP.

(Talking of opposition : did you write to your councillors and MPs as we urged you last month? Where do you send them? It’s easy – simply click here and adapt the draft letter attached . Thank you!  

Best wishes on behalf of DONHS

More about STPs?

More about DONHS?



13 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement : Defend Our NHS (DONHS) Meetings

      • The only genuine Councillor amongst the Labour group on Wirral.
        It’s time others stood up too…
        Well done LRJ

  1. The Wirral NHS Commissioning Group are one of the supposed ‘key Wirral Partnership partners’ and signatories to Cllr Phil Davies’ fantasy ‘pooling’ of all the partners £2bn budgets by 2020. He is absolutely delusional if he thinks he has any influence over Wirral’s NHS.

    This STP doesn’t look anything like a ‘Partnership’ development to me.

    There is no ‘Partnership’, just a photo opportunity using BIG NUMBERS as a smoke screen for incompetence.

    STP is ‘Steps To Privatisation’ – NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.

  2. Thanks so much for including this.

    The two initial comments are interesting (in different ways) and you’ll see that ‘nivekd’ has responded – including to the sarcastic reference to Louise Reece-Jones. Yes, she runs this centre but stands out as one of the few local councillors prepared to stand up for decent values and the public good (rather than developers’ greed). And it’s good to have a decent venue in the middle of Birkenhead which stands for some shared human values.



    • According to the standards panel and published report, LRJ stands for one person and one person only. Oh and speaking of greed, doesnt she still owe the council £16,000. “Very compelling evidence” – completely exhonerated my a@$3!

  3. G’day Leaky

    Six years on since I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz’s £2,000,000.00 and they still have not fessed up Ecca.

    Who is involved in the conspiracy against us two whisleblowers?

    Who decided not to offer me a job?

    Who decided not to take any action until Jones got involved?

    Who decided to hide the Beverley Edwards Report?

    Who got Dave Garry to write a croc of shit report to replace Beverley Edwards Report?

    Who decided to pay him off baout £40,000.00?

    Who decided to ignore the criminal asset stripping in Beverley Edwards Report?

    Who pursuaded the cops to say there was no case to answer when the cop said there was obvious fraud?

    Who decided Adderley was a shit super director and demoted him to her with the black roots that would bend over backwards for him and support his lies?

    Who decided not to pursue Raworth and Turnbull?

    Who decided to give their own auditors an investigation roll as “independent auditors” for £50,000.00 plus?

    Who decided to hide the Grant Thornton Report?

    Who decided to hide the DCLG Report.

    Who decided that Burgess and Adderley would lie at Burgess’s farce of a public meeting of 8/10/2014?

    Who decided the Audit and Risk Committee would be impotent?



    Was it one person Ecca or was it a conspiracy of barstards???????


    Philly Liar is not smart enough to do this.

    • And all these things happened… come on Ecca….. get yer finger out….. earn yer fecking money….. tell us what you propose to do?!!!!!!

  4. Wirral’s new brand of combined NHS and Social Care has been invaded by aliens, who speak in a strange, forked tongue, one where the traditional idea of hardworking, under threat doctors and nurses saving lives, serving the public and making people better no longer gets a look in.

    All because there is a greater, senior management-driven priority. It’s known as “Operating in the Health and Social Care Economy” and there is a need to squirt common purpose diarrhoea, in the form of buzzwords, jargon, accounts, audits, “critical friends”, CBEs, DLs, essential roles, boards, FTSE-100 chartered accountants, councils of governors, sub-committees, PR spiel and carefully arranged key phrases and window-dressing.

    • The start of this thread notes that we didn’t know whether Phil Davies had written the letter as decided in December. Well, he did write. SEVEN MONTHS late!!! Unbelievable – but, any road, what he says is pretty unequivocal. Unfortunately… we haven’t had any evidence that this powerful protest letter is being translated into action. This is what he wrote on 19 July 2017. JULY!!!

      Dear Minister
      Wirral Council believes the Sustainability and Transformation Plans developed by NHS England are not fit for purpose in dealing with the considerable pressures the system as a whole is facing.
      Whilst the proposals appear to suggest far reaching changes to plug a £908 million NHS funding gap across Cheshire and Merseyside, Wirral Council is very concerned the plans have been developed outside of existing collaborative systems such as the Health and Wellbeing Board.
      The local authority alongside other key partners have had no role in developing or agreeing these plans, or in developing a single approach to shaping good quality health and social care services which are properly funded and free at the point of delivery.
      We are concerned this plan currently represents a significant failure in partnership and the emergent plans will not be sustainable and will not be supported locally.
      Wirral Council therefore calls upon you as Secretary of State to immediately cease the current STP process in order to begin again and properly work in partnership with this Local Authority and other partners to build a place based approach to providing a properly funded and high quality Health and Care System for the people of Wirral.
      Yours sincerely
      Councillor Phil Davies

      • Sadly his integrity is immediately damaged when we recall the lies he’s been trotting out. Wonder if he penned that letter during his £172 taxi ride with George Davies to / from Manchester Airport, before hopping on a flight to Bournemouth costing £260 return for both?

  5. Cllr Phil Davies’ letter perfectly illustrates the myth that is paraded as ‘The Wirral Partnership’.

    Remember the Phil Davies ‘fantasy pooling’ of the £2,000,000,000 public services budgets (including Wirral NHS; signatory Wirral CCG) by 2020… this just shows how seriously Wirral Council ‘leadership’ is viewed by its supposed ‘partners’.

    This is a true snapshot of how other public services see WBC…a ‘making-up-the-numbers’ guest …but only because national policies say you have to, and also they’ll be put out, if they’re not invited.

    I write this as long-forgotten Wirral Council leadership, respect, competence, integrity, accountability, public service and civic pride turn in their graves.

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