Bank Holiday Bulletin Board

With His Lord and Ladyship still on what the latter lamentably calls a ‘vacay’ the faithful retainers at Leaky Towers have been asked to publicise the following in their absence.

Firstly we’ve been asked to give 2 local petitions some exposure:

The so called “LEISURE PENINSULA ” council want to sell off  land Bidston Hill for housing
The decision of no government funding to re-build NEW FERRY – central government may be selective when it comes to funding such disasters but from what we’ve seen we  have to say Wirral Council don’t seem to be cognizant about how such disaster funding actually works.
Secondly here’s a reminder and further news about the Defend Our NHS Wirral meeting on September 7th

Leaflet3 August 2017Dear friends of the NHS

This is to remind you of our public meeting in Birkenhead on Thursday 7th September.

We’re pleased to say that we will be joined by national campaigner Steve Carne talking about the STPs and NHS reinstatement.

The need to share information and alert the public is ever more urgent. Please circulate this message and the attachment. The NHS is on its knees and we need to fight desperately to save it.

Please see the revised notice for the meeting, which is attached, and this welcome news below from the Latest edition of Private Eye. The STPs are now called in true George Orwell style ‘sustainability and transformation partnerships’. ‘And’, by the way, is the only word in that title which does not mean the opposite of what it says:

·      ‘Sustainable’ = slashed budgets and services.

·      ‘Transformed’ = cut, demoralised and damaged beyond recognition.

·      ‘Partnership’ = developed in secret, operating in secret, condemned by local councils, a total lack of public/patient consultation, and the only happy partners are Richard Branson and a series of US ‘healthcos’.

 The STPs must be stopped, opposed, reversed and the damage undone.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting, to which ALL Wirral councillors and MPs are being invited.

Best wishes on behalf of DONHS

More about STPs?

More about DONHS?

Leaflet3 August 20172

11 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Bulletin Board

  1. The soulless Stalinists of WBC strike again. The corner field at new Brighton dips has been sealed off with a locked gate and concrete blocks presumably taken from the remains of new ferry. Today no one could use it at all, the hottest bank holiday for years. We have gone from a group of untidy travellers parking there for five days a year to now, no one at all using it. Not even council tax payers who pay the wages of the petty minded apparatchiks who thought of this undemocratic idea. Hang on, parking meters, now there’s an idea.

    • John:
      A story is circulating on a local website that the Council are proposing to sell off land on Leasowe Road currently occupied by a number of market gardens; some have been there for decades. Allegedly, they have been given notice of the termination of their leases.
      Although this is claimed to be “Green Belt” I have little doubt that, if the story is true, the manipulative occupants of Wallasey Town Hall will overturn that and sell it for development resulting in large numbers of shoddy houses occupying that land.
      It will also give the Council cash to employ yet more “consultants” to carry out tasks our lavishly paid executives are incapable of doing.
      Current bill for these parasites is £1.3 million.
      Anyone with confirmation of the story?

  2. So West Kirby’s finest hard right Labour Tory is rolling over, paying lip service to any protest and waving STP through as a done deal behind our backs.

    Presumably what he’s not telling us is that he personally is all right Jack because he’s channelled his bumper leader and committee allowances wisely and made provisions. It’s distinctly possible he may have done what good little Tories do and secretly taken precautions for himself and his family, signing all his toffs up to private health care. Wonder if he’ll be recommending good deals to his cabinet colleagues and taking a ££cut from Branson? All out of sight of the ailing public.

    So f*ck the NHS, f*ck the nurses and f*ck the junior doctors. The 12-year gap in life expectancy between where he resides in leafy Wirral West and where he er, ‘represents’, Godforsaken Tranmere, will rapidly become a yawning GULF. And all thanks to him.

    He’ll still be leading the council as a sprightly 95-year old, Wirral will be a ghost town, and we’ll all be dead and gone.

  3. G’day Leaksy

    Summers come and gone and “Philly Liar” still can’t admit what he has done to Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

    He is just a fucking liar you ask us whistleblowers, or, he could just sue us.

    Oh no he can’t he has lied publicly.

    Did he depend on Turgid Sewer or did “The Shyster” depend on him.

    The beautiful relationship is over.

    ha ha ha ha



    Can’t wait for you to be back L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day Leaksly

    The big news whilst you have been away

    Frankenfurter is going to sort out the toe-rags in Wallasey Clown Hall.

    Bigger news

    Mr Call Centre has finished using and abusing “Philly Liar” for all he is worth.

    Sites on Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters, awards, rewards and fuck knows how much cash.

    He has made his move away from non-league BirkenBloodyHead and is now with his queens gifts making his move to premier league over the stagnant Royal Blue Mersey to Uncle Joe Land.

    The land of Commonwealth Gold

    ha ha ha ha ha

    Good luck to him playing with the big boys.

    Bet he goes the way of Chinatown.



    I wonder whether “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” knows he has been abused, looted and rooted (as we say in Oz) by this creepy little man.

    Raworth by any other name.


    • Ouu the Ozzy is back in action!

      Guess who I saw over the summer hols…. out of the corner of my eye?

      The mighty Highbrow… who was being taken for a walk by his dog. It was very ha ha…. but the Mighty H would not let that dog get away! And now my thoughts make me realise this is how Highbrow is with Wirral Council… that dog will not get away!!!!

      Ha ha, ha ha….
      Ha ha, ha ha…

      • Mate

        I’ve missed being in the same county as you.

        Lets give them heaps this year “Interested” until they

        DO THE RIGH THING by Wiral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.



        Would you have seen the great “Highbrow” without that ‘high viz’ jacket?

        Did you get my postcard? XX

    • When this “landmark” carbuncle is attached to the iconic waterfront, arch philistine Joe Anderson promises what he calls…… 1500 “jobs”.

      If you can call…

      o being chained to a terminal / headset for 9 hours a day / 45 hours a week
      o having literally every movement including toilet breaks monitored and recorded
      o never being late on duty
      o having any lateness logged and stacked against you
      o obeying the orders of a 20-year-old cretinous line manager who listens to your calls, advises on performance, lives, eats and breathes company policy and falls prostrate on the floor waiting for rewards / instructions if Mr Hamid graces the room with his esteemed presence
      o satisfying the requirements of callers such as Lionel from Wimbledon, whose tennis racquet arrived with a broken string and he’s never experienced such shoddy service and he doesn’t care if it’s nothing to do with you because you are directly responsible and you deserve to die……

      …a job.

      • G’day Paul

        The first certainty of the new season.

        Mr Call Centre and “Philly Liar” around the potential £BILLION pounds to Uncle Joe they will be like a pair of fat overfed flies around a turd.



        Hope you had a good summer mate and lets up the insults this year…..

        just because they deserve it. X

  5. G’day Leaks

    Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet?

    Missing you so much I don’t want to be on Merseyside without you.

    Message to “Philly Liar” “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill”

    Do the right thing by wirral and get a new honest legal person and then step down.

    wirral doesn’t deserve another Norman or Tour.


    Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Armstrong, Williamson, Doughty, Foulkes, Abbot, Crabtree Blott

    Pure dross and crud each and every one.




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