All That Glitters

All that glitters

On returning from nos vacances en France we wanted to burst into a heart-warming rendition of  ” Hello, hello

It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back, Hello, hello, hello……”

But then we remembered the associations and connotations and thought better of it. Lord knows Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris , Stuart Hall , Jonathan King and Jimmy Savile have sullied our childhood memories enough .  Abusers of power protected by their status and/or powerful institutions allowing abuse to continue for far longer than it should have. And despite the eternal cry of ‘lessons have been learned’ we fear that it is a scenario that remains prevalent throughout many of our institutions.

However talking of the ‘Leader of the Gang’ we note that on our return our inbox was stuffed with comments about local MP  Frank Field playing the first two hands of his tried and tested three card trick. Firstly we have his anti-social behaviour schtick (see below).  Initially, when we read Frankenfield was complaining about “toe-rags dragging our town through the gutter” ,   we thought he was finally calling out certain corrupt councillors but then realised he has a twisted symbiotic relationship with those very same councillors and so it soon became clear to us he was back to bashing Birkenhead’s bad boys . The line that really got us though was  : “The thugs act as though they can get away with whatever they want, knowing they will face no consequences…..” . Those of us who know better clearly think Field has had an irony by-pass.  The expression those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (at bus shelters) comes to mind. Whilst there is no excuse for anti-social and criminal behaviour why should Frankenfield expect any better from the poor and the powerless when some of the most powerful politicians on Wirral appear to get away with whatever they want ,knowing they too will face no consequences – mainly because they are protected by him!

Secondly we were asked to catch up on  the equally familiar but slightly more entertaining story of Frankenfield continuing  to play handbags with  “Sir” Philip Green  Empty Threats   

“Sir” Philip would be well advised not to hold his breath waiting for an apology from Frankenfield as the latter is used to saying what he likes about people he doesn’t like.

Now all we need  is a news story about how many ‘starving mites’ he’s personally saved from malnutrition during the school holidays with ringfenced Wirral Council money and we’ll have a Frankenfield full house.

However we have to say we particularly interested in his Toe Rags  article  for the Wirral Globe as Field describing some parts of his constituency as being in the ‘gutter’ would appear to  to undermine the gallant attempt of Wirral Council’s chief shit-glitterer Martin Liptrot (sky) to sell the peninsula under the banner of Wirral Well Made

This picture postcard PR job shrieks ‘amateur hour’ especially when the website heralding  ‘A new vision for Wirral’  ( yes folks, yet another ‘vision’) originally included a text box with Latin – the standard filling used by printers to work spaces out. Although this has since been corrected it would seem to be the usual story from our well paid public servants . Not so much ‘Wirral Well Made’ as ‘Wirral Cobbled Together’ .

Indeed with the Council giving the green light to build on the green belt, continuing recycle bin and flytipping fury and further news of Asif Hamid’s massive empire building ( more of which later) it seems to us that having returned to Leaky Towers it’s a case of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose……..


12 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. Welcome Back

    You seem to be on it like a car bonnet.



    Wee wee on Wallasey Clown Hall.

    Luv you and your work so much XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Constantly mentions cctv when talking about anti social behaviour.
    The council binned their cctv staff but continue to pay for the 110 cameras across the Wirral.
    They were monitored 24hr on 32 monitors in the control room(still open 4 years on by the way) now only viewed if an incident is taking place on 2 monitors on a desk in Merseyside polices control room in Bootle.
    Why not one councillor or senior officer has questioned why Wirral councils cctv cameras are viewed from Bootle when anti social behaviour is at an all time high on the Wirral is unbelievable.
    The council cctv officers had huge knowledge of the Wirral and placement of cameras when dealing with or prevention of incidents this has now had a huge impact on the decrease in relevant data recorded when incidents occur.
    Maybe Mr Field could bring up these points when meeting officials but i am pretty sure he is well aware of the many bad decisions this council have made in relation to community safety.

    Investment is needed on frontline community patrol officers,control room staff and the reintroduction of cctv into the control room instead of desk jobs for retired mates from the police.

    • Or how about actually doing something for ‘the toerags’ instead of increasing the funding for people spying on their bad behaviour through CCTV. Talk about a police state, complaining that we haven’t got enough spies on the ‘frontline’. Its not a fu**ing war against the have nots V the haves….oh yes, it is, or rather West V East Wirral. Can we have a count of the numbers of cameras and their locations please?

      • Not spying on their bad behavior stopping them before it becomes bad behavior all about prevention the point being cash is prioritized in the wrong places by this council with more invested in community safety in back office jobs than officers out and about on the borough.
        The councils stance is all about prevention whilst systematically cutting the services that combat this.

  3. Welcome back Sir.
    We have missed you and trust that you are refreshed and invigorated to carry on your campaign about the many. many failings of our political Masters.
    Perhaps we can get around to Stewart Halliday, and the rest of the grossly overpaid “consultants” when you are firmly back in the chair.

  4. You have obviously missed the news in the Globe that the Safer Wirral Hub has reduced anti social behaviour in Wirral by 38% since the ‘historic’ partnership agreement was signed by Andy Cooke and our very own Eric Robinson in March.

    You shouldn’t need them now as ASB is virtually eliminated, but if you do, the hubs are located in local police stations across the borough. Good luck finding one of those!

    • That just means through lack of resources an extra 38% hasnt been reported, how many office wallers are currently sat in this hub creating stupendous graphs??
      Cllr Gorgeous has overseen the dismantling of community safety with the redundancy of frontline staff whilst the back office swells with the funny handshake brigade.

      • Old Curious has been touting the model of Glasgow Community Safety for years.
        Perhaps he likes the idea of the directors renumeration?.
        The Council should look closer at the model and the actvities of its recently disgraced Director (Phil Walker) who was on £100k per annum. It may well have a big turnover but lost a million last year. Who picks up that tab? Hardly best practice.
        Dodgy directors, Staff strikes due to huge changes in terms and conditions fiddling of enforcement tickets to meet targets, backhanders, overcharging the Council.
        Way to go, George!

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