Asif Attack


asif hamid themed call centre liverpool

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

If ever you needed confirmation of how things work round here look no further than the inexorable rise of Asif ‘Massive’ Hamid. Of course we’ve reported regularly on his ability to attract public monies in the pursuit of his personal business empire by exerting influence over local politicians via his chairing of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

Christmas day in the call centre

The Common People

Contacts and Connections

Pie Chart In The Sky

Now it appear the modus operandi has been repeated over the River Mersey as his chairing of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has seemingly enabled him to secure the final remaining plot on the iconic Liverpool waterfront.

Call Centre Fury

Needless to say the ultimate cynic Mayor Joe Anderson called the King’s Dock deal with his LEP colleague “brilliant news for Liverpool” and said it “could ultimately lead to the creation of a new riverside destination, boosting our visitor economy and creating jobs for local people.”

We’d prefer to stick with our original analysis that call centres are the ” dark satanic mills of the 21st century”

If Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site was under threat before now this cynical philistine decision should finally seal the deal. The Liverpool Preservation Trust must be hanging their heads in despair.

World Heritage Site In Jeopardy

Meanwhile we’re left wondering just how long it will be before Hamid’s , ahem, “hands on” management practices will hit the headlines.  But hey! –  he’s been awarded an MBE and so is obviously beyond reproach. And confirms that it’s not  just the way works round here but how things work nationally.

Time to emigrate.


8 thoughts on “Asif Attack

  1. These deals must surely be a conflict of interest as Masif sits on all these boards and why was he given 250,000 from wbc when he got a loan from natwest beside the fact hes a millionaire?

  2. G’day Leaks


    Just read an article and “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill” is spouting off about someone struggling for truth, justice and accountability.

    How very dare he talk of any of those things with his track record and what the likes of he, Jones and Foulkes have turned the clown hall into.

    The man is a narcissitic maniac.



    Ecca he should be your next hit.

  3. I wonder if the “due process” excercised in the “Think BIG@, the parallel process to the disastrous BIG was of the same quality as the BIG fund.

    If it were Invest Wirral then the work would be sloppy indeed. I do not think Wirralbiz was involved but I can imagine the impanelled experts from FSB and banks being kept as in the dark as were those panels in Little BIG fund.

    Someone needs to FOI for the papers because the amounts involved are 12 times as large as the BIG fund.

    Look..I found fraud and gigantic error in a sample of 10 of 49 files with not one being correctly administered so what chance has TCC’ s application of being correct?

    This may have been a subsidiary reason why the Labour group and the Council officials were so OBTUSE in dealing with me. The day I met Invest Wirral officers for first time re BIG allegations , one was white with anxiety and fury

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