Where Are They Now? Part 3 – Anna Klonowski (Update)


It is with great pleasure we bring the news that karma seems to be a fully functioning phenomena as we understand the serial highly paid local government diva La Klonowski – infamous on Wirral for her highly remunerated (if ineffectual) reports has suddenly resigned her Chief Executive post at Bristol City Council .

We reported earlier this year that, staggeringly, Anna was appointed to the above post in January of this year.

Where Are They Now ? – Klonowski

It is no surprise to us that she didn’t last the year out . We’ve been keeping up with our local equivalent in Bristol The Bristolian and it’s clear they held her in the same contempt that we do  #cashcow

The Bristol City Council website declares that Anna Klonowski has resigned in order to focus on her role as primary carer for her parents.


All very laudable and dare we say unusual for such a serial careerist to put her family first. Might we suggest that her decision was influenced by her experience on Wirral? For would any respectable public servant want their parent’s dying days to be in the hands of drugs money launderers ? 


15 thoughts on “Where Are They Now? Part 3 – Anna Klonowski (Update)

  1. Great News Leaky

    There is a vacancy for Ecca.



    See ya “Spotty Dog”.

    Take “Philly Liar” with you or is he standing down too?


  2. We know she got £377,504 from the people of Wirral but it will be interesting to see how much council tax the people of Bristol will now be forced to hand over on pain of going to prison if they don’t.

    An interesting side issue has also developed here. There was a report into “officer conduct” involving Bristol City Council senior officers but the city’s long-suffering public paymasters never got to see it because it was classified as “exempt”.

    You have to wonder whether these protected bad boys and girls have been knifing each other behind the scenes (because they have carte blanche to do what the hell they like now…. thanks to reports being exempt and we can’t get access to see what they’re up to).

    It is possible Klonowski studied the report, realised she’d joined a complete basket case, then paid a PR pro to do her a resignation cover story.

  3. Contacts in York and South Wales tell similar stories of the antics of their local councils.
    Are there ANY local authorities in the U.K. run for the benefit of their tax payers rather than for the financial gain of the senior officers and ruling council elite?

    If there were soccer type leagues for council waste, corruption, obfuscation and deceit the inhabitants of Wallasey Town Hall would be well up in the Premier League.

  4. Having read your reference to “The Bristolian” I had a shufti on line.
    An excellent combination of sarcasm, cynicism, inside knowledge and disrespect for their political masters; identical to those expressed in your august columns.
    Did you get your degrees in the above mentioned subjects at the same University?

  5. G’day Leaky

    Looks like “Philly Liar’s” Uncle Joe has lost out on Commonwealth Gold.

    Mr Call Centre MBE might have to stay on “Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters and get his and “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill’s” mate at Camell Turds to build a boat to ship in the workers called “Boatie Mc PhillTwoFace”.

    I can see the floating olympic swimming pool slipping its chains already and heading to its Australian cousins.

    I can see their blues staying ‘Bad’ison Park.



    Why would anyone give them billions?


    • James, they will struggle.

      Capitalist filth – normally willing to forego perceived corruption and criminal behaviour, to secure a return on their investment – will be reading these blogs, these comments, Liptrot’s wayward LinkedIn ramblings, watching that FKN hideous video that Davies stupidly made public and knowing that they’d be risking getting into bed with amateurs.

      Birkenhead will continue to spiral into the gutter, with the help of just one accomplished toe rag.

  6. G’day Leaky

    I still can’t get my head around the fact that politicians like “Philly Liar” can spout any old shit about anything and not be held personally responsible.



    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill”

    Wirral “Funny Bizz” was an abject failure supported by you, “The Pretend Friend” and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally.

    As are you three……………stand down.


  7. Borra Da…….. My Lord, The Aussie, Paul, the Mighty Highbrow…and very good communicating people/others…

    (Yes I have been in Wales for a few days)

    The Boomerang will be unpacked soon…and I think we all know what is written on it….

    • G’day “Interested” Boyo

      I hope you told them to come and collect their welsh scum bag, stab you in the back, waste of space and air, ex-pat, phoney santa scum bag lying arsehole clowncillor jones.

      I hope you gave them the BOGOF option and “Missus Bilong The Pretend Friend, Nurse Rat jones they could have thrown in for what she is worth…….ZILCH.

      Ask them at Girtrell Court and Lyndale School.

      So lovely to have you back my friend.




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