Wirralgate : 4 x 4


It was 4 years ago that Wirral Leaks first broke the Wirralgate story.  Read how the story began with the first 3 chapters from September 2013 :

Wirralgate 1

Wirralgate 2

Wirralgate 3

However little did we think that 4 years later we would still be waiting for the biggest scandal ever in Wirral politics to be fully exposed. Call it our spectacular naivety in underestimating the power that 4 politicians hold locally but it is astonishing to us that this particular 4 x 4 is still on the road. So , for those of you unfamiliar with the Wirralgate story , which for a start off means you’re not a regular reader of Wirral Leaks , we’ll break it down for you. It goes a little something like this :

4 Wirral Council complainants have a recorded telephone conversation involving the Deputy Leader of Wirral Council where he uses a racist slur to describe a senior council officer and offers the complainants what they themselves call a ‘ sweetheart deal’ . They are asked to hand over a document smearing Tory leader Jeff Green and their suspect claim for compensation will be sorted without the necessity of all those bothersome legal processes. They hand over the document which was written by one of the complainants (and just for clarity was NEVER in the files of the former head of law Bill Norman, as was claimed by former leader of Wirral Council , Cllr Steve Foulkes.) Foulkesy subsequently hands over the document to Liam Murphy – the political editor of the Liverpool Echo. Murphy later makes a covert recording of the covert recording (!) and when later outed by Emma Degg the former Wirral Council head of communications to whom he played it, suddenly Murphy  is no longer the political editor of the Liverpool Echo ! Go figure!

Council Leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies later claims that the 4 complainants were using the recorded conversation to settle their compensation claim . The complainants record a meeting they had with Pip listening to the Cllr George Davies telephone conversation. Pip asks of one of the complainants whether he is recording the meeting. He wasn’t – but another of the complainants was. So now they have a recording of Cllr Phil Davies, the leader of Wirral Council listening to a highly incriminating recording his deputy! BINGO! Pip is heard to say on the recording :

” I can’t defend this” 

But of course he has to –   George Davies is not only his deputy but Frank Field’s electoral agent and confidante. No wonder Pip agrees to a bogus ‘inquiry’ by long time Field associate Nick Warren which was nothing more than a means of securing the complainants more than the £3,000 they’d been offered for their ‘time and trouble’ and a sum of public money much more in line with what the incriminating recordings are worth to the big 4 – if not to Wirral council taxpayers.


Of course Frankenfield, Power Boy Pip, Foulkesy and Gorgeous George wouldn’t have got away with the cover up for so quite long without the passive local political ‘opposition’, the complicity of the local press , Merseyside Police and senior council officers past and present,  the compromising of other investigations where Cllr George Davies and Cllr Foulkes were allowed to get away with persistently lying and where the complainants refused to take part ( hey, wasn’t there a cheque in it for you guys or something?) and, most pertinently,  the failure of the complainants themselves to ‘go public’ with the recordings despite the fact they’ve played fast and loose with local media for 4 years  – and  it must be said , even us , but you may have noticed we gave up on them doing the right thing a long time ago. Wirral Leaks is NOT and never will be a bargaining tool. The irony being that whilst the complainants were more than willing to go public with allegations that they could never properly evidence they have withheld incontrovertible evidence proving that the big 4 are utterly corrupt. Draw your own conclusions ££££££££.

Ultimately to us this is just an example of Frankenfield’s feudalism – getting his own way and doing exactly what he wants and knowing he’ll never be challenged. Another example was his backing of last night’s EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Commons , thereby defying Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who asked Labour MPs to vote it down. Could this be the same Frank Field who voted for EU enlargement and the accession of Eastern European countries in 2003?

But then Frank’s not one to let facts or truth get in the way of his one man mission which is the greater glory of HIMSELF – and it seems Wirralgate musn’t be allowed to get in the way of that amoral juggernaut.


19 thoughts on “Wirralgate : 4 x 4

  1. G’day Leaksly

    Why oh why has “Ecca”, “Spotty Dog” The Blinking CEO not got rid of this dross and crud from the clown hall?



    Bring in ADMINISTRATION and rid wirral of

    et al

    Let the opposition have a go….oh shit they are even worse.

    Send them the way of the self serving “Sir Git”.

    It is so great you are back L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. These people got paid for their non whistleblowing…surely not ? And carl Thompson line management got paid too ? Deary deary what alot of money going to the unworthy…

    • G’day Mate

      You have to bear in mind that Adderley ex-super director went on public record saying that it is not our money anyway.

      No wonder they woke up to that idiot narcissist.



      I presume he sits listening to Basnett telling him he is some sort of god every day in The Chamber Pot.

      They are all old school mate.

      St Kev’s must be so proud.

  3. Its all ok because apologies were made, Rules are different when you eat at the top table.
    See what happens to a mere worker ant if a racial slur is made, automatic suspension followed by your p45.


      ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

      The Aussie on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal.

      When Adderley says it’s ‘not our money’ , I assume then he means it’s the Department of Work and Pensions money? Come ed, let us know Kev? Is that what you mean?

    • G’day cpat,

      You sayin that they are not just lying barstards they are racist barstards as well.

      Butter won’t melt in their big fat lying gobs on Friday.

      Scum bags.



      Don’t know if I can fit racist barstard in “Philly Liar’s” pet name.

      No cpat I am not suggesting bestiality.

    • Its the way WBC deal with rule breaking and disciplinary issues that stinks. No matter what level of staff they are.
      One department is well known within HR and the Unions (ha ha) for its reputation as a bullying culture. Perpetrated by all levels of staff. Many, oh so many cases, reported and not one “landed”.
      Lets call one bloke, McGuilty, who scuppered off before he had to answer too many questions (5 allegations of bullying made over a six year tenure) All 5 complainants left the Authority. One is still very ill to this day. McGuilty got redundancy and a pension
      Racial slurs? I can show you an email sent by a line-manger telling someone not to do such a thing as ” you wouldn’t like it if it happened to you” No P45 for that worker ant.
      WBC take the line about “what will we look like if this gets out” and bury things under the (expensive) carpet.
      And then, inevitably, ,it gets out!
      But WBC use time as a damage limitation tool. It happend too long ago, things are differnet now. Someone critical has left so we cant deal with the issue.

      • G’day Rosie

        This is why I have been banging on about Wirral “Funny” Bizz and the £2,000,000.00 knock off for six years.

        I know from the way we were treated they are a vile specimen of excreta.

        There is nothing public service in them.

        They are self serving parasites.



        If they treat outsiders like us so badly I shudder to think.

        As “Highbrow” says a revolution is going to happen.

        And should??????????????????????????

  4. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    This is the biggest, most serious criminal incident (potentially) around these parts. It involves Wirral Council, four ex-employee complainants, their MP Frank Field, Council Leader Phil Davies, Deputy Leader George Davies, ex-Leader Steve Foulkes and ex-Monitoring Officer Surjit Tour. Wirral Leaks have now produced the most comprehensive analysis of these very complex issues. Despite the twists and turns this story has taken over the last four years, the clearest aspect is that there has been a deliberate tactic of attempting to conceal criminal behaviour, which is yet to be acknowledged, investigated properly and addressed. Watch this space.

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