‘Never let facts get in the way of a good story……’


We’ve just clocked that on the day that we reported on Birkenhead MP Frank Field’s toerag tirade against Anti-Social Behaviour All That Glitters  

that Wirral Council announced the creation (inevitably) of the The Safer Wirral Hub

So can we all now rest easily in our beds ? Facts ,conveniently omitted from the business case for Frankenfield’s monster would suggest not – and although his agent , Cllr George Davies fronts it , it is undoubtedly Field’s creation.

But as the saying goes, never let facts get in the way of a long running story about the appalling behaviour of ‘toe -rags’ . Indeed we were dismayed to discover that a letter written by one of our Wirral Leaks regulars , who we know affectionately as ‘The Prof’, was deemed to be not fit for publication in response .

Whilst we publish the response below it appears there is an alarming and increasing tendency to control the ‘narrative’ , which admittedly is a hateful word  but it seems most apt.

With the continuing publication of Wirral View  , the prospect of Wirral Council filming their own meetings and sidelining our beloved Mr Brace , councillors receiving media training  to support them with party political broadcasts to a captive audience on social media , it seems to us it is becoming more and more difficult to counter the dominant local political narrative with either facts or opinions.

 Frank Field has called for an explanation of why why the Wirral Council Antisocial Behaviour Unit has not clamped down on the ‘toe rags’ turning Birkenhead into ‘Beirut’. He seems to have forgotten that the ASBO Crusade, invented by Tony Blair, was totally discredited several years ago after the courts and senior police accepted its ineffectiveness and governments abandoned it nationally. It missed the ‘toe rags’ but targeted and punished people with mental health and disability problems ncluding attempted suicides, homeless alcoholics and autistic teenagers. Frank seems to be having several memory problems.

In 2015 he congratulated DCLG Minister Eric Pickles in the House of Commons on the fantastic success of the sanctions based, Troubled Families Programme in ‘turning around’ Frank’s antisocial ‘families from hell’. He thanked Pickles  ‘on behalf of my constituents, many of whom now have a more peaceful existence…’ thanks, allegedly to the TFP. Unfortunately the government sponsored National Evaluation of the TFP proved that it had NO impact on criminal and antisocial behaviour in the families …including in Wirral.
The Evaluation also concluded that NO money was saved on the state support costs of these families. Yet remarkably Wirral claimed that 99% of their families were ‘turned around’ successfully! In 2012 Wirral claimed the average ‘troubled family’ cost us £75K per annum. In 2016 they claimed £76K per family had been saved….all of the cost! But the government Evaluation says the TFP had NO impact and saved NO money…anywhere.
Since this project locally, cost and is costing us, several million pounds, perhaps Frank should investigate this? But what about the gang ‘smashing up’ bus stops in the North End? Well, stop calling it antisocial behaviour…it is serious criminal damage…and call the police to account. If they catch the perpetrators throw the book at them.                     

8 thoughts on “‘Never let facts get in the way of a good story……’

  1. 2009 eh? Wonder if Frank Field was making the statement in the above picture to celebrate the 30th anniversary of him doing llareguB to help with the situation?

    Including the previous 12 years when his party was in power and he had the means, but instead he passed, had a fall out with his crazed, warmongering boss for not being far right enough, and went back to doing nothing apart from whingeing from the sidelines, as if he was in permanent opposition?

    W h a t. A. C l o w n.

  2. The Americans are the bastions of freedom

    They drop bombs all over the world

    The Israel are under constant threat AND DESERVE our sympathy

    Israel keeps Arabs in a giant ghetto

    THE UK treasury is working towards a balanced budget

    meanwhile Private household debt is spiralling.


  3. G’day Leaksly

    I have a bit of a concern about “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill Davies”

    He is keeping such a low profile I am suspicious.

    Have the powers to be told him to keep his dirty filthy lying mouth closed


    is he up for re-election next time round.

    I think L we should highlight his cheating and lying if it is his turn to sit and wait for all the labor, will vote for a donkey if a donkey sits, voters as his only concern is west wirral and not his beloved Tranmierdre.



    Golf Resort ha ha ha like his Uncle Joe’s Everpeel football stadium with Commonwealth Gold.

    They will have the best stadium in the championship and a golf/football course for all the old tory’s with plastic hips in west kirby/caldy.


  4. G’day Leaks

    Woke up this morning and realised “Philly Liar, “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill Davies” is probably away on his annual junket with “The Chamber Potty” and Mr Call Centre MBE”.

    Where did The Chamber Pot Tourist Agency arrange this year?

    Which snake oil salesman got the Golden Ticket to accompany them this year to, Reno or Shanghai.

    I hope they didn’t forget to take the freebies with them this year like they did to Shanghai.

    How are they ever going to get rid of those old Tranmere mugs from when his constituency football team played in the real league.

    Now like him NON LEAGUE.



    We can only hope they meet storm “Phil” because I bet they are going TRUMPside.


  5. Have happened to drive past Wallasey Town Hall twice in the past week. Sir Git must have gone because there was no big fat arse sticking out of an upstairs window and shitting on everyone as they passed below…

    (Am I turning into a crude Aussie Aussie?) Ha ha

    • Mate

      It is not humanly possible to get cruder than Davies, Davies, Foulkes, Jones, Jones, Adderley, Basnett.

      Some allegedly racist to boot.

      Talking of “Sir Git” “The Shyster” he is off at some “lucky” clowncil souther.

      I can’t believe they would employ him as staff after his years at the most improved clowncil in Wallasey.



      Believe it or not “Interested” I am just a fair dinkum good bloke that tried to report to Adderley, Basnett, Jones, Foulkes, Norman, Tour, Wilkie, Garry that Wirral “Funny” Bizz was knocking off £2,000,000.00 of the publics money.

      They covered it up and lied their bits off.

      Ecca you are surrounded by arsehole, scum bags and you are guilty by association and your acceptance.


  6. Mr Field always denigrates Birkenhead. He’s been “our” MP since time immemorial, yet seems to relish it’s decline and fall. A deprivation vampire who feeds on poverty and despair as it allows him to strike poses. As a Londoner via Hull, perhaps we shouldn’t expect him to have any real concern for the town he purports to represent.

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