Wirral Evolutions : Origin of the Specious

Stop Following Me

Public services in private hands is NOT the way to go

When Chris  Beyga , Acting Managing Director of Wirral Evolutions , declared at its launch : ” It is great to see so many people here as we move from a public service to a commercial entity” we asked the question “What could possibly go wrong?…….”
The answer to our question would appear to be  : ” The same as usual”
For those who don’t know what ‘Wirral Evolutions’ is – although we all pay for it –  it is a  : ” Local Authority Trading Company (LAC) bringing together nine key day centre and daytime services from across the area to continue to offer high-quality care for people with long term and learning disabilities” 

Feed the beast!

Whilst those in charge at Wirral Council are relentlessly and recklessly pursuing the ‘public services/assets are best held in private hands’ model, let’s see how that works in practice with a couple of examples.
Firstly, a Wirral Council manager with a penchant for awards ceremonies and expensive shoes ends up being the Chief Executive of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce (Paula Basnett) .
Secondly, a rather more dowdy persona is made ‘Managing Director’ ( ha! ha!ha!) of a pretend company called ‘Wirral Evolutions’ ( Chris Beyga)
Other than power crazed empire building using public assets and public money what do they both have in common ?
That’s right the “The ‘N’ Word”. Needless to say the dirty ‘N’ word in this case is nepotism.
What we can’t understand is how Wirral Council are prepared to pump public assets into both enterprises whilst throwing public accountability out of the window.
However we have to give a round of applause to Wirral Council for keeping a lid on the Chris Beyga , ahem, situation using their timeworn strategy – ‘If it’s unmentionable , it’s manageable‘ – but then they can’t let their bogus flagship ‘commercial entity’ hit the rocks can they?
We’ve known since July that Beyga has been conspicuous by her absence. No doubt tending the flowerbeds (but not at Dale Farm). As one of our sources writes  : ” She also has always blanked the union but as soon as this happened she joined it.”
Let’s hope Unison (for it is they) give Beyga the same kind of support they give to the rank and file who come to them when they’re being victimised by their managers. If so Beyga’s a gonna.
Perhaps ‘ Independent Chair’ of Wirral Evolutions , Carey Bamber can clarify for us exactly what is going on just as she did with the ‘open and transparent’ (yeah, whatever)  appointment of Beyga as ‘ Managing Director’ . Or perhaps she just lives up to her name – ‘ Carey’ – an imitation of caring. Or even better Cllr Adrian Jones can tell us what he knows about the allegations that were made against Beyga before she was appointed MD?
Meanwhile all we know is that it doesn’t Beyga belief – it’s just business as usual!
 Bamberbitch 011



8 thoughts on “Wirral Evolutions : Origin of the Specious

  1. Abusing your privileged position by employing your own family member and getting found out is by no means “evolution”. It’s creationism of a very backward and selfish variety.

    “Look, xxxxxx I created a job for you.”

    This council now needs to sack the two people involved.

    • Power Boy Pip sits on their board along with Beyga, Bamber and some chump who does as he’s told.So don’t hold your breath.Pip has an appalling record of letting people off the hook.Because he’s W-E-A-K.Weak.

      • G’day Lads

        Where the interviews held at the infamous “Spotty Blue Teapot” so no other candidates could find it.




        Is that a different relative.


  2. ‘Cllr Adrian Jones’? I think he is known as the Welsh Scumbag…. or was it the Welsh arsehole? Or the Welsh tosser? 0r the Welsh………..?

    (0h the Aussie will some more words)

      • G’day Mate

        One of my favourites from the little welsh leprechaun is him telling, “Highbrow” without his high viz, you don’t understand how it works boyo, just after he had asked “Highbrow” to explain how Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off £2,000,000.00 for the tenth time pretending not to understand accounting.



        He is a despicable little tiny stab you in the back cretinous moron with a smile and wink that his family should be ashamed of.

        They won’t be she is worse.

        He is all over the cover up of Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods with Davies, Adderley, Ball, Garry, Basnett and Tour.

        Other scum bags of their cohort are available.

  3. Oh Ecca, “Spotty Dog” “The Blinking CEO”

    Don’t do a “Shyster” and say you haven’t read the report……. the lying barstard.

    Read the list of “Big Fund” recipients and publish it…..nepotism and all.



    “Eccles Cake Face” what fund are they funding themselves and “Mr Call Center” MBE from now you pathetic spineless CEO?

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