A Thornton Huff : Where once again ‘ignorance is bliss’ when it comes to the Green Belt

Thornton Manor

A marquee of distinction

We’d like to thank Heswall Today for their excellent coverage of yet another Wirral Council debacle. Their report , which can be read in full  HERE  states as follows : 

Thornton Hall Hotel in Thornton Hough has applied for a judicial review against Wirral Council that aims to explain and overturn planning permission given in error by the Council that allowed nearby Thornton Manor to erect three large marquees without any conditions.

As reported in Heswall Today, despite the land being Green Belt, the Council decided to give permission to Thornton Manor on the basis that it would last just five years, and that some of the profits generated by the new facilities would be reinvested in parts of the estate considered to be “at risk”. Other conditions included the installation of noise limiters and restrictions on the use of fireworks.

However, for reasons which, the Council says, are “impossible to understand”, the Decision Notice was sent out without any such conditions, and the Council was blissfully ignorant of the error.

When the five years elapsed late last year and planning officers assumed a new planning application would have to be made, Thornton Manor produced the Decision Notice it had received and stated that its terms were the ones it intended to abide by. In other words, the three marquees were here to stay and there was nothing the Council could do about them.

So basically,  the privileged folk who run Thornton Manor have done what the less privileged and long suffering council taxpayers of Wirral would like to do and stick two fingers up to Wirral Council.

Meanwhile equally privileged local hospitality rival Thornton Hall Hotel have issued Judicial Review proceedings because they claim they’re not on a level playing field with their local rival.

However what galls us at Leaky Towers is that whilst the application for the Judicial Review by Thornton Hall Hotel will not be contested by the Council,  Thornton Manor will oppose it. Which means, yes, you guessed it, that it will be Wirral council taxpayers who will once again have to stump up for costly legal proceedings because some numpty at Wirral Council can’t do their job properly and send out a Decision Notice specifying exactly why the Green Belt should not be despoiled by money-grasping opportunists.

We are led to ask ourselves as to whether all of this might explain why Thornton Hall Hotel swiftly withdrew their advertising from Wirral Council’s woeful Wirral View publication and whether the future venue for Wirral Council Mayor’s Balls be left dangling ?



26 thoughts on “A Thornton Huff : Where once again ‘ignorance is bliss’ when it comes to the Green Belt

  1. And with a council populated by hard right ToryLabour brown envelope chasers, knocking each other out of the way to get at the next fat inducement, we should not be at all surprised if this was indeed ALL quite deliberate. It could even be a test run for the moving of the planning permission goalposts for the much grander £47 million Jack Nicklaus wet dream set to despoil prime green belt land in Phil Davies’ manor.

    We know that they are incompetent, yes.

    We know that they are abusers of power, yes.

    But we also know that they are totally, unashamedly, and irredeemably corrupt to the gills.

  2. Oh Lordy

    Does this mean they are going to close down Maddison ‘Foulkes’ Square Gardens boxing tent.

    The Brawl at The Hall in The Name of A Charity Ball will go down in wirral clowncils history along with Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters, The Spotty Blue Teapot and Davies great success with Wirral “Funny” Bizz when they took the clown for £2,000,000.00 of taxpayers dosh.

    What a success story.



    Luv Ya Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Thanks so much for pointing out the failings in this case. As a Planning professional, I cringed when I read the decision notice. I am so pleased that someone with deep pockets has launched a JR against this clearly incompetent decision. I hope David Ball will see fit to send all decision makers under his purview on a training course about when to attach and how to write conditions for planning applications. It would make a very big positive difference to the quality of decision-making if he were to do so.

    • Our (dis) pleasure.
      What we resent is the people issuing these Decision Notices actually have a job and we’re paying through the nose for their utter incompetence.
      Training courses don’t cut it – they don’t care……and will continue not to care because there are no consequences to their (in) actions.

      • That will change, and you can count on that, after the Council loses one or two high profile JR cases. Hopefully, where the decision was made by committee, a lost JR will also lead to the surcharging of the Councillors involved in making the decision.

      • G’day Philip

        Is that David Ball aka “Humpty Dumpty” that was all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz and their £2,000,000.00 knock off and stood there supporting Burgess and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally lying to the public on 8 October 2016 and keeping his big fat mouth tightly shut as they lied and lied and lied.

        He should keep it shut when his plebs bring in the cakes, sausage rolls and little boys (cocktail sausages in Aussie slang).



        Ecca how did “Humpty Dumpty” get away scot free and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally got relegated to non-league.

        For fucks sake Lordy I just heard John McDonnell say a minute ago they will take advice from the “Chamber Pot”.

        Can you imagine that.


  4. Correct my Lord. Surcharging is no more.

    ‘The Committee on Standards in Public Life recommended repealing surcharge because it was unfair for local government officers and councillors, and “bore no relation to people’s ability to pay or their culpability”‘

    From Wikipedia.

    And you read that right… the officers and councillors of 400 UK local authorities – free to rape, pillage and plunder. So due to this idiocy, all sorts of wannabe gangsters, bullies and incompetents have been attracted in over the last 17 years and unlike you or I who get locked in the slammer if we fail to pay our council tax, they remain free to ignore planning laws, raid EU funds, fill their boots and stuff their arse pockets because there’s nothing whatsoever to stop them… just the slim chance that they may have something called a conscience or that some crooked bastard from the party opposite gets envious and dobs them in it.

    So when you’re elected and everybody of whatever political stripe is doing it once they get their hands on the power and the purse strings, and there’s nothing to stop you, why not feel free?

    • Please to remember

      The contract that governed the disbursement of £12 m of our money was lost viz the wirralbizz

      The Big contract for wirralbiz’s services was we are told never signed. Hence after fraud and incompetence on wirralbizz and it’s subcontractors parts Wbc claimed it could have no legal remedy

      Boring to repeat for me but necessary to show this incompetence. Or evencorruption, was present and remains present within WBC

      • Would it surprise you to learn that the signature on the approved planning application which somehow managed to omit the conditions was signed by Kevin Adderley? Makes you wonder why the objections to the marquees from local residents 2010 were ignored and why Wirral Chamber of Commerce have their awards ceremonies at Thornton Hall doesn’t it?

  5. From what I know from my local CPRE connections, David Ball has a stack of planning enforcements to deal with which are queued up because they don’t have the resources to address them. The question is, how did they deal with planning enforcement 20 years ago? Did they have more staff and resources to chase up the offenders? Was the council better organised and staffed to deal with planning enforcement? I don’t doubt the professional work of the planning officers who looked at the Saughall Massie Fire Station debacle, advising as they did, the Fire Authority to walk away and expand Upton, but maybe the directives are being driven from the top and maybe the planning officers have given up trying to meet impossible targets without the resources and the support of those at executive level. It certainly appears as though the professionals try to act in the interests of planning law, only to have their professional judgement overruled by twisted individuals with other agenda.

    • Adderley again. My Word!

      He endorses failure again and again. A super director that signs off planning approvals with no conditions approves of asset stripping signs off ridiculous Big fund grants feuds with ceo over women and misplaces contracts for £12m…and that is all I know of but gets an ovation when he leaves the council and a job with his exemplified Paula Basnett

      Nearer we approach Atlantic City. A LEP. Chamber of Commerce, Lauries Board walk empire

      • I have a couple of friends who work for the council, they report moral at an all time low and people are asked by their managers to bend the rules on procedure. I guess there must be a large element of demoralised staff who are simply used to working in a culture where their professionalism is overruled by the 6 figure salary boyos. Why would anyone continue to care if they were constantly exposed to malpractice by their superiors?

      • We think you were right the first time .
        Low morals in high places!.
        Call us harsh but you ask “Why would anyone continue to care if they were constantly exposed to malpractice by their superiors’
        To which we would reply : Sorry, but they care enough to trouser the cheque each month.If they don’t challenge or expose malpractice they become part of the problem. Might we suggest part of the reason that morale is so low is because this is the Faustian pact that many disillusioned staff have entered into.

  6. Off subject a little here, but just to provide an update on embedded corruption, favours, kickbacks and back-scratching in a different area…

    There appears to be a total press blackout on the recent Birkenhead CLP meeting where Frank Field was caught counting the votes.

    As suggested earlier, both Frank Field’s Wirral Globe and Frank Field’s Liverpool Echo have gone into lockdown on the subject and there is absolutely nothing being reported.

    I imagine the same will go for the Phillips phone-in, Channel 4 and BBC News, and who knows, The Guardian, The Times, The S*n, and The Wall Street Journal?

  7. To quote the front page of the latest Wirral View…


    … that we are led by the collective mindset of a bunch of disturbing misfits and psychos and liars, who would do anything including shorten lives, then step over the bodies of suffering, vulnerable people and march onwards, impassive … if there was the slightest chance that their abused power could be consolidated or their wallets and purses fattened in the process.

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