The Gravy Train update – with special guests Anna and Bill


A round of applause for old Wirral Leaks favourites Anna Klonowski and Bill Norman as they make yet another guest appearance on our hallowed website.

You have to to hand it to Anna and Bill – never have such transparent blaggers made such a good living off the public purse. Needless to say their paths eventually crossed at Wirral Council –  the ground zero of local government corruption.

Having failed miserably to make a blind bit of difference to the culture of Wirral Council, whilst at the same time significantly enhancing their bank balances, we hold these particular fraudsters in complete contempt.

So what happened subsequently to these shysters? – that’s right they got found out.

Firstly – let’s deal with Anna and we reluctantly have to agree with a belligerent local Tory councillor on this one :

Blakeley - Klonowski

We noted at the time his deliberate typo ( ha! ha!ha!) but in the intervening 5 years this repugnant bulldog has just sniped from the sidelines and made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER. Neither did Klonowski. She was too busy cashing her £250K cheque and then smugly sitting on the ‘Improvement Board’ and feeding off the blood, sweat and tears of whistleblowers like the local government parasite she is (put that on your LINKED IN profile why dontcha).

We need to thank the magnificent blog The Bristolian for keeping us up to date with Anna’s travels (or should that be be travails ? – either way she doesn’t care as long as she’s getting paid for it).

It seems that Anna picked up a few tips whilst working for the Wirral Council power elite – like paying off people to keep their mouths shut. As you can read here : Klonowski Gag

And not only that she picked up a few bullying tips from Foulkesy , who she strangely supported. Not strangely at all in retrospect – he paid her humongous bills. You can read all about her shameful progress here : Big Wedge’s Bully Shame

What we do admire is The Bristolian’s challenge to this gravy train gobshite and their rider :

NB. Any legal threats in relation to this article to the Bristolian’s email please.

Because as we know Anna is not averse to threatening people with legal action who dare to challenge her. As we’ve reported previously she set Martyn Scott from DLA Piper onto Wirral Council whistleblower Martin Morton, who let’s not forget made her a cool quarter of a million, because her dared question her as to why she didn’t do her job properly and fully expose , among other things , that Wirral Council and Merseyside Police were mixed up with drugs money launderers.

But let’s move on to Billyboy Norman .

And can we say we’re simply astonished that this piece of work has lasted as long as he has . What an inspiration to one and all – that no matter how corrupt,how incompetent, how damn ugly you are you can still trawl the country picking up cheques from people who are more corrupt, more incompetent and more ugly than you are.

Bill Norman – Police Probe

Anna Klonowski is no doubt taking notes and ready for her comeback.

NB. Any legal threats in relation to this article to Wirral Leaks email please.




7 thoughts on “The Gravy Train update – with special guests Anna and Bill

  1. G’day Leaks

    Looks like a slow Sabbath day on your wonderful blog so

    I’ve said my daily prayers and been to mass and I would just like to say

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill Davies” you are a fucking lying, cheating, scum bag, arse hole.

    Make like the “The Shyster”, “Sir Git”, “Dill Wit” do Wirral a favour and fuck off with your lying criminal buddies. Lockwood Engineering, Wirral “Funny” Bizz et al.

    So stick that up your golf hole.



    I just can’t believe L that 65 clowncillors will tolerate an evil, LYING, barstard like “Philly Liar”.

    What does it say about them?

    Have a happy and Holy Sabbath Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Since your return from your vineyard estate in the South of France you have produced some wonderful and incisive blogs.
    I sincerely hope that your implied threat to retire from public life has been placed on the back burner.
    Who else can replace you and give the Council Tax payers an insight into the Machiavellian dealings of the senior trash that infest Wallasey Town Hall ?

    • Credit to wirralleaks. But the Aussie? INDEFATIGABLE!!

      Credit to wirralleaks to continue to publish this ultra marathon of comment.

      And of course if no rectifying action is taken why should not the same data be regurgitated again and again till something either is done or properly admitted?

      It is inescapable that the Leader of the Council misled if not lied and that the Ceo and a super director lied in public to the representatives of the public…but no retribution.

      INESCAPABLE that a contractor stole from us the retribution

      undeniable that a bidder for Big defrauded us the public but.. No retribution.

      So the Aussie gives voice daily.. Stamina of an ultra athlete.. Which once he was by the way

      • The Mighty and High Vis Highbrow is correct.

        And his revelation that the Aussie was an Ultra (Bright?) athlete gives me much to contemplate…. is this now an official Olympic sport like skate boarding…..with of course strict regulation on the type of toothbrush used?

  3. Lovin’ – Have been following for a while. It’s a real inspiration.

    A perfect blend of the high-brow, the low-brow, and all points in between, skilfully presented with humour and aplomb. Councillors and senior officers are singled out then skewered with well-crafted derision.

    The spin and hype obsessed Mayor and his obedient councillors must secretly despise this person, as he exposes and destroys all their idiotic, incompetent, PR-fuelled schemes and wheezes.

    It’s a wonderful thing to behold and the people of Bristol are lucky to have him.

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