Video Nasties

Psycho Sullivan 009

One of the advantages of the nights drawing in is the opportunity to hunker down under the duvet and review the prolific output of esteemed local videographer John Brace.

What will we do when Wirral Council start filming their own meetings next year and we can no longer view the unedited, unexpurgated and unrehearsed proceedings that ,laughably, are held in the name of local democracy?

Talking of laughing, my how we laughed at Leaky Towers at the sight of the chair of the Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee , Cllr  Michael  ‘Wild-Eyed’ Sullivan, having a pop at fellow Labour councillor Ron Abbey  (and Cllr Jerry Williams) for contemptuously putting his coat on, throwing his agenda in the bin and walking away before this particular meeting had finished.  Of course we know that Cllr Abbey is a graduate of the Cllr Harry Smith Charm School so we expect nothing less from this bellicose bruiser. However it’s a high five from Wirral Leaks to Cllr Sullivan, who Her Ladyship describes as a looking like a ‘ Dapper Psychopath’ , and that’s a compliment by the way. You can view the hilarity here from 6:38 – Sullivan v Abbey spat

On a rather more serious note we’d like to ask Mark ‘ Nodding Dog’ Niblock   (astonishingly) Wirral Council’s Head of Infernal Audit  – do you think it is appropriate to give Robin Baker the thumbs up when it is announced by  Cllr Adrian ‘ Welsh Windbag’ Jones , the chair of the Audit & Risk Management Committee,that the Grant Thornton external audit contract has been renewed for another 5 years  – for ‘services (not) rendered’. Niblock and Baker – a sweetheart contract made in hell. And unfortunately we’re paying for it!

The full googly-eyed horrorshow can be viewed here at 0.50 –  Grant Thornton Thumbs Up

Video Nasties 018

And at this juncture we’d like like to ask Niblock – ‘ It worked out well for you but are you proud of being David Garry’s bitch?’  Just sayin’ !

And finally here’s Cllr Moira ‘ Matron’ McLaughlin chairing the latest Adult Care & Health Overview Scrutiny Committee

Video Nasties 020

Don’t have nightmares.

12 thoughts on “Video Nasties

  1. G’day Leaks

    Well fuck me!

    Another 5 years of Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton.

    Them that sit and listen to lies and say nought at public meetings.

    Them that try to pretend LOBO loans don’t exist and if they do the wirral taxpayer should luv em.

    They get £50,000.00+ for a report into Wirral “Funny” Bizz and sit back when “Philly Liar” does nought and they spend their dosh.



    How many scandals do these muppets need to sit through before they are accountable?

    It took me half an hour to fully understand that AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his peroxided dogsbody were a wrong un and how much are this lot paid?


    I worked for the audit commission so I know.

    How it doesn’t work.

  2. Sorry Leaky

    I forgot to mention to “Ecca” The Blinking CEO that he has done well for wirral getting shot of “The Shyster”, “Sir Git” but its only less than half a job.

    He should expunge wirral of all that crud that festered around Adderley and Tour such as Basnett, Ball, Armstrong, Bradbury, Garry, Niblock, Robinson and other names that don’t come instantly to mind.

    Other dross can be rid of.



    Don’t get me started on the shite clowncillors, “Ankles” “Philly Liar” “The Pretend Friend” “Philly’s Ugly Twin Brother with the COMB OVER FROM HELL” “Crapapple” “The Abbott” “Crispy Crème Doughty” “The Witch Williamson” “Missus Bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse Rat”.


  3. The ‘Doris’ pictured at the bottom of the piece is in fact that mad oily bastard Britain hating federalist Guy Verhofstadt who’s clearly taken up to dressing like a saucy filly in Brussels.
    I’m surprised the mighty legendary earth shaking history making Leaks have confused Verhofstadt with a Wirral Councillor and published inaccurate data on these here pages.
    Hope y’er well James. Keep going lad. Rob.

    • Been worried about ya Bobert

      Welcome back.

      “Sir Git” the arsehole with a massive clock face has gone……HOORAY.

      Lets work on the rest of the crud and dross.



      Luv ya Bobsley XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. John Brace has fought long and hard, and been obstructed at every possible opportunity, to film Wirral Council (and other) ‘public’ meetings, which has been his legal right so to do. And then to make them publicly available – a fact not welcomed at all by Wirral Council. It is one of the few ways (including Wirral Leaks) that a glimmer of accountability is shed on Wirral Council.

    Does the fact that Wirral Council will film their own meetings, and make them publicly available, remove his (or anyone’s) legal right to continue filming Wirral Council meetings? Why should it?

  5. G’day Leaks

    I nearly forgot to comment.

    That looks like little peanut “Legweak” with his angry fucking head nearly popping up over the computer.

    No way his peanut would pop up.

    He is a horrible angry little sad excuse for a man.

    What I really wanted to mention is the reason the “Abbott” would be putting on his coat early and shooting off is that “Crapapple” would be revving up the work bus to tale his mates to the rubbidy dub.

    Hope he remembered to drop the kiddies off.

    That pub down on the river, we can only pray for a tsunami.

    The Sullivans wouldn’t be invited they are not in the gang.



    They would be all down there “Ankles” Foulkes, the “Abbott “Crapapple” and that scruffy little dim witted one I think from Eastham et al.


    They can’t wait to spend their allowances and tell everyone in the pub “WHO THEY ARE”.

  6. G’day Lordsville

    Have a look at their ex-rubbish propaganda sheet.

    It had me baffled at first.

    ‘High Tidiers’ and Wirral Council team up to tackle increase in dog fouling

    The one on the end L.

    I thought it was “Philly Liar”



    Then I looked closer and saw

    It looked like him……”Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill Davies” and then I realised

    It was a dog turd.


    • My Sat Nav seems to be playing up again ( obviously it has an Australian accent) It has started saying….

      “At the next turning they are all crud and dross.”


      Which seems fair enough I reckon…

  7. Pleeeeeeeeeease can someone buy a house for Cllr eddy on Wirral and get rid if every single Wirral councillor and give all their allowances to him, now would be dandy !

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