Wirral Council and the Maximum Wage

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It was whilst we were researching our piece on the appointment of Paul Boyce, Wirral Council’s new Director of Children’s Services , that we came across an interesting concept that cash-strapped Wirral Council would do well to heed.

Old Boyce Network

Of course you can read the Cllr Bernie Mooney approved version of the appointment in the following local media outlets :

Approved Version 016

You may remember that we mentioned that following an Ofsted inspection in 2010, which identified children’s services at Cheshire West & Chester ( CWaC) to be ‘inadequate’ , a certain Gerald Meehan was one of the people brought in to oversee the Ofsted improvement plan. Indeed between  2010-15 Mr Meehan was somehow working at both Halton Council as head of the children and enterprise and as strategic director of children’s services at CWaC . According to The Taxpayers’ Alliance lobby group in 2015, Mr Meehan was on £168,700.

Meehan then replaced departing CWaC  CEO  Steve Robinson in 2015 . Curiously Meehan was appointed on £30,000 less than his predecessor with a salary of £150,000. According to a report about the appointment in the Chester Chronicle

Mr Meehan will earn £150,000 compared with Mr Robinson’s £180,000 wage as it is argued the task is less onerous compared with that of Mr Robinson who helped set up CWaC from scratch in 2008 before it became a fully fledged authority in 2009.The huge restructuring of council services that followed saw thousands of posts made redundant so it is also claimed Mr Meehan will be in charge of a smaller organisation.

The full report can be read here

Meanwhile that same year neighbouring Wirral Council ,who as we know operate in a parallel universe ,actually INCREASED the CEO salary by £40,000 to £175,000 following the departure of slash and burn CEO Graham Burgess. Apparently the justification for the increase was that Wirral Council wanted to ‘attract the best’.  We suppose it all rather depends on how you define ‘the best’ – certainly best for the ruling Labour administration – but for the people of Wirral ? Is it any wonder that current CEO ‘ Stressed’ Eric Robinson has a lower profile than Lord Lucan?

And so with Wirral Council continuing to slough off  staff and services like a snake shedding its skin isn’t time we asked whether the CEO and senior officer remuneration should be exponentially lowered ? Will we look back in years to come and think that rewarding public servants to facilitate a free for all for free enterprise was a shameful period for public services. It’s not only about how central government (of all political hues) has encouraged outsourcing and asset stripping it’s also about how public servants in local government getting paid very well for placing public assets into private hands.  So whilst there are rich pickings at the top of the tree it seems that everyone else in public service are at the bottom waiting for windfall in the form of their P45.



12 thoughts on “Wirral Council and the Maximum Wage

  1. So despite Tory bruiser Eric Pickles and his successor whose name escapes me, insisting that Wirral Council behave in accordance with government guidelines, they’re filling their boots, going full “Rupert Murdoch” and cross-pollinating links between their official documents and their own products and partners.

    But instead of the usual The S*n plugging Sky TV and vice versa, this is an even more down market version, and Martin Liptrot or some other PR fake has briefed councillors to build credibility into their printed rantings by including links to *Wirral View*, providers of council leader gifts and hospitality at Trinity Mirror (*Lpool Echo*). Even the *Chester Standard* (who? what? where?) gets puffed.

    Obviously there are still no rules of fair play or accountability to shake a stick at, so they can do what the Surjit they like. Excuse my language.

    Check here on the fraudulent website and you’ll quickly spot that these hard right bumps on a diseased log have done it 9 times in this meeting alone, at least by my reckoning:


    Is this legal? I certainly don’t want to pay for it if it isn’t (or is) .

  2. It is the constant mantra of Wirral Council that “We have to pay big salaries to attract the best talent.”
    In truth they pay big salaries and end up with either recycled rejects from other councils who have jumped on the local authority merry go around, or incompetents who have been appointed under what appears to be an old boys` network.
    It then frequently arises that their incompetence cannot be tolerated any longer, even by the complacent senior staff at Wallasey Town Hall, and they leave with generous pay-offs sadly, yet again, to jump on the merry go around.

    The long suffering Wirral residents of course pick up the cost of all this nonsense and our hapless elected Councillors seem either oblivious to the whole charade or, for their own vested reasons, content to go along with it.

    • Bonza Chasser

      It is for their own self interest I believe.

      How could 65 clowncillors go along with their dim fucking witted leader saying that Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods being a success when it was like him an abject failure.

      Go on “Philly Liar” repeat the bullshit and surely you would be sectioned six years on.

      He went to China and forgot to take the gifts.

      He went to Reno with a con man.

      His only mate is Mr Call Centre MBE.


      The man is useless.

      By the way Chas for those that don’t know their leader is “Philly Liar” “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill, Phil Davies.

      The fool is now talking of a boutique hotel in shitsville and a golf resort and super posh housing estate next door to him.

      I bet there is a house in it for him innit Chas?



      His family and in fact anyone who knows him must have unlimited disrespect for the egit.

      Keep talking Chasely.



    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    The Aussie on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal.

  4. G’day Leaks

    I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago I visited a farmers market in Uncle Joe’s Everpool and at the end of the street there was a gang of wannabe political people selling their lies and souls in the aim of getting votes.

    Labor, Lib Dems and Greens and I asked all three groups if they knew who Phil Davies was?

    Not a Scooby doo from anyone,

    How far away, possibly 7 miles.

    Oh Philly you really are like your local team




    “Philly Liar” they didn’t know me either.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  5. Wonder if old Tomato head could explain why extra money is always found for pay rises for incoming ‘Senior Officer Superstars’ whilst the actual staff who carry out the ever decreasing council jobs have to scrap every year to get over a 1% pay rise.
    There has been a continual cycle of failure at Senior Officer level for along time due to the over reliance of so called expert journey men and woman who have wandered the country collecting cheque after cheque and the inner cabal gifting mates jobs they are not qualified to carry out.
    They then give them a wheelbarrow full of cash for failing or other scrupulous incidents and then give them glowing references for the cycle to continue.
    Sometimes even paying out when they resign from a post and take up a post in the Wirral Council funded Chamber of Horrors and then even more bizarrely allow that very same person to be a MD of Egerton House a council owned property given away for no cost!!
    Gifting muti millionaire friends extra funds to expand their workhouse empire whilst closing vital public services.
    Over a million pound spent on consultants for a Upper class golf resort whilst hitting the pockets of small businesses around the borough imposing car parking charges for our country parks.
    This to any outsider would all seem quite strange perhaps even slightly corrupt of course they would be spot on but to the feeders of the trough this is normal practice.
    2018 the people of the Wirral have to vote these bottom feeders out.

    • Bravo

      Encore Encore

      I know I bleat on about Wirral “Funny” Bizz but they are just incompetent.



      “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill Davies” would still say it was a success.

      He is a fucking lunatic.

    • cpat.
      Well written Sir, or Madam.

      I concur with your wish that May 2018 sees the “bottom feeders” ejected by voters.
      Sadly, unless one is a follower of Wirral Leaks, or any of the other admirable council blogs, the majority of voters will have little concept of the corruption, waste and general inefficiencies that infest Wallasey Town Hall.

      Wirral Globe is not a campaigning newspaper and most Wirral residents will have no idea of the true state of affairs in Wirral Council.
      I therefore fear that votes will again be cast on Tribal lines and the same sorry mob will be returned to power.
      Looking at the state of politics International,National and Local I am glad that I am on my way out of the world rather than on my way in.

  6. You still haven’t said what everyday work he does for OUR council and how many days he works a week in his role.???

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