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Police and Peeves

Noughts 011

Somebody call the fashion police. Anyone for a game of noughts and crosses ?   

There has been an interesting exchange in the Wirral Globe letters page over the past couple of weeks. Firstly ,  we had Wirral Leaks regular Charles Nunn who wrote in to say:

The announcement that the Merseyside Police and crime commissioner, Jane Kennedy, a former Labour MP, has appointed a female Labour councillor – the third such appointment in succession – as her deputy should come as no surprise.

When the Conservative Government announced the new appointments in 2012 it was met with total apathy by the voters but great enthusiasm by the political classes of all parties who hijacked the proceedings.

They saw it as a lucrative post with salaries up to £100,000 a year and probably generous expenses

The opportunities for empire-building and political patronage were no doubt an additional incentive. Many candidates were former MPs, with some resigning their seats in order to stand.

In the first elections in November 2012 the total turn out across the country was a paltry 13%.

In the second in May 2016 only 300,000 voters from the whole of Merseyside were prepared to cast their votes.

Ms Kennedy’s first task after her election with a salary of £85,000 was to appoint a deputy from the Labour Party ranks at a salary of £31,800 for a three-day week.

The latest appointment of yet another Labour councillor would appear to suggest the recruitment net is cast no further than the political party which dominates Merseyside.

The published letter can be found here

This elicited the following response the next week from David Burgess-Joyce , Conservative councillor for Greasby , Frankby and Irby

Your correspondent Charles Nunn (Mailbox, September 27) makes some very interesting comments regarding the police and crime commissioner’s appointment of a new deputy as yet another Labour Party internal placement.

In reality he should not be surprised because in the socialist Republic of Merseyside no alternative voices will be accepted other than those of comrade Rotherham, his acolytes and their Corbynite activists.

Having more than 30 years’ experience in Merseyside Police, including senior roles in the National Crime Squad and Serious Organised Crime Agency, I stood for the post of police and crime commissioner last year.  I was runner-up, but because I am so supportive of local policing I decided to apply for this allegedly non-political post of deputy PCC.

Having worked with Jane Kennedy previously I knew we could make a good team in delivering outstanding policing.

Given the “experience” of the successful applicant you will be unsurprised to learn I was not even given the courtesy of an interview, proving yet again Labour’s lack of transparency.

It is good to know 1980s Liverpool is waiting just around the corner!

The published letter can be found here

What Burgess-Joyce , or B-J as we like to call him, fails to mention is the brouhaha that surrounded his hapless candidacy for the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) role. Read the full story here : A Fair Cop

As you can see not only did we raise the question as to why allegations that B-J was ‘sacked’ from his job with the National Crime Agency – now known as Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in 2013 were suddenly reported in the Liverpool Echo a few days before the election in May 2016 , we also pointed out :

Even more interestingly we have Liverpool Council’s Mayor Joe Anderson calling for B-J’s  resignation as a Wirral Councillor and surprisingly not Wirral Council leader Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies.

Although this appears to be a rare show of comradely solidarity  between Mayor Joe and Power Boy Pip , we think that this was just another case of  Pip getting someone else to do his dirty work for him.

As it turned out B-J  was not so much a runner-up as a distant second in the PCC election. However, as we’ve commented before about B-J , this most self-regarding and pompous of councillors is now further peeved that he didn’t get the opportunity to be Commissioner Kennedy’s number two.

Whilst we do think that B-J nicked the ‘Socialist Republic of Merseyside’ line from us we do still have concerns that a red hegemony is potentially not a good thing in terms of public accountability. Political patronage and policing policy – what could possibly go wrong? Let’s just hope that local Labour politicians have been behaving themselves – we wouldn’t want Commissioner Kennedy or her Deputy to be politically compromised now would we?

13 thoughts on “Police and Peeves

  1. If any position should be entirely non-political it is that of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
    Alas, in many parts of the country, including here on Merseyside, it has not been the case with the political class hi-jacking the whole proceedings and then handing out patronage to their own supporters. Hence Ms.Kennedy appointing three female Labour councillors in succession as her Deputy with salaries of £31,800 ,for a three day week to top up their Council allowances.

    Many candidates were former M.P.s – as was Ms. Kennedy- and presumably with generous pensions.
    Others were sitting M.Ps. who, when elected, jumped ship from Westminster and added the Police and Crime Commissioners` salary to their own excellent parliamentary pensions.
    Nice little earners for the boys, and girls!

    My old area in Gwent was one of the few that voted in an Independent who served two very successful terms in office to be replaced by a member of the Labour Party.
    As on Merseyside, that gave one political party control over virtually every public office national and local which cannot be good for democracy.

  2. G’day Chasser and The Great Leaks

    Talking of all things constabulary.

    I would like to encourage anyone who has reason to speak up.

    I will start the ball rolling.


    I phoned Paula Basnett in late June 2011 to report Wirral Bizz were in the process of knocking off £2,000,000.00 of public money that she was one of the guardians of.

    She then proceeded to set up a process of me being violated.

    She would not just see me and take the information.

    I had to wait over a week.

    She insisted that her leader was at the meeting were he proceeded to lie to me making me feel violated and then he proceeded to tell me how he had connections at HMRC the police etc.

    The ultimate violation was when he insisted on seeing me out of that wreck of an annexe and standing there having a smoke like he has conquered another nothing person.

    So if she and the stinking ashtray of a super duper director has violated you




    She knew I was speaking the truth and hid behind his skid marked budgie smugglers….again.

    They are scum and dross Ecca.

    Then the ultimate insult they got 65 muppets to stand behind them and spent £200,000.00+ defending their shite.


  3. Note to David B-J…

    Don’t think you read what it said in the blurb, hun. Quote:

    “And while being a fellow member of the Labour party is not a requirement for the role, candidates will be expected to share Jane’s values and principles.”

    Do you share Jane’s values and principles?

    Probably not every last one of them. But I’d say you definitely share more than most of us:

    o no shame felt in publicly seeking a soft job paying £32,000 for a 3-day week – CHECK
    o a previous life of unfettered ease, coasting by on a public money allowance – CHECK
    o very rarely witnessed treading the floorboards of the Wirral Council chamber – CHECK
    o dedicated follower of Debenhams – CHECK


    o even John Brace doesn’t know who the hell you are – CHECK
    o the public have seen your footprints all over their council tax bills – CHECK
    o …but have never seen your true visage & think you are the yeti / sasquatch / big foot – CHECK
    o tendency to sulk in public – CHECK
    o connoisseur / consumer of sour grapes – CHECK

    • What a moron. Burgess-Joyce attends more Council meetings than anyone, has the lowest expenses of any councillor and how do you equate locking up serious criminals an easy ride career. Don’t like his politics but you should do your research before you criticise.

      • ***CORRECTION, MY LORD***

        Okay, I went on an inkling.

        But…… figures and full breakdown please on your two absolute statements:

        “Burgess-Joyce attends more Council meetings than anyone” and “Has the lowest expenses of any councillor.”

        Many thanks in advance.

        p.s. I did do some research on a related matter. His estate agency website “Open House Wirral” has a blatant lie upon it. The blurb states he went into “semi-retirement” in 2014. The facts are that he was sacked for gross misconduct. Very unusual for an estate agent to practise dishonesty in public so an explanation would help please. Toodle pip!

      • All expenses and attendances are listed on the council website. See, I’m an anorak too!

        As to his “retirement” it must be true as I’m informed by a source close to the subject matter that he sued the NCA and won, I am informed, substantial damages. Who’s laughing now?

        But you’re right, he is pompous…….!

  4. What is interesting about recent globe postings is how quickly they disappear from their articles thread, for example Pip’s recent self praising globe column which attracted lots of criticism in a couple of days suddenly disappeared…

    Kind regards


    • G’day Andy

      “Philly Liar” has certainly gone into hiding.

      I presume he is up in May for re-election and if the people of Tranmere vote him back in they deserve tranmeidre.

      The man is a deluded pink cheeked snobby arsehole maniac.



      They are nobodys playing with hundreds of thousands of your hard earned Andy.

      Give a half wit a chance and you will be better off.

      Talk about it mate to everyone you know.

      • James;

        Do I perceive that you are not totally enamoured with our beloved Council Leader?
        If that is the case why not be more forthright?

        Only joking my friend.

        Keep up the good work.

  5. G’day Leaks

    Your photo at the top reminds me.

    Has anyone seen that other raving lunatic from the Clownhall that at Burgess’s farce of a public meeting into Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods told “Highbrow” that he should apologise.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Apologise for reporting that Wirral “Funny” Bizz were in the process of knocking off £2,000,000.00+ and not letting Davies, Adderley and Jones cover it up.

    Apologise for letting the labor cabal get away with wasting £200,000.00+ hiding their incompetence and criminality….Lockwood Engineering.



    I can just imagine the kind of crud, dross and bullshit his grandkids get before they go off to Caldy or that snobby girls school near his big house, not down the North End.

    Tell me Lordy he has been sectioned?

    SWALK The Lord of wirral XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • It was the former Leader of the Conservative Group and once Leader of the Council Jim.

      He recommend I apologise for flowery language, for maligning officers..whose mouths had just THAT QUARTER OF AN HOUR larded our ears, both ourselves and this Councillor, with BLATANT LIES.

      He had seen this before with Business link..the director was jailed in that case…so Wirralbiz fraud was nowt unusual at all. MOVE ON and let the likes of him decide what was wrong and what right.

  6. G’day Leaksy and Chasser

    So we all know that the officers run the clowncillors.

    In the Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods situation were Raworth and Turnbull ran off with £2,000,000.00 and Adderley and Basnett, Ball and Bradbury were found to be totally incompetent.

    With regard to BIG they broke the law with Lockwood Engineering and dolled out thousands and thousands to people who didn’t qualify or there was a relationship.

    So they took the piss out of the clowncillors.

    So WHY WHY WHY would Jones and Davies lead everyone up the garden path and hide reports and spend £200,000.00+ defending reputations of complete nupties?



    Standing down is the only option for ha ha ha ha ha Davies leader of the circus and Jones little welsh midget arsehole Thicker than the chair CHAIR of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee.

    I don’t particularly dislike these fools Chas but they have taken the piss out of me and EVERY WIRRAL TAXPAYER.

    Luv ya lads XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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