Songs of The Labour Movement : Two Tribes

Our interest in the rising tide of Corbynism is, of course, how it impacts on local politics.  And you can say what you like about Jezzamania but it has at least shaken up (or a least slightly stirred) the moribund and complacent cabal at the heart of Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party (CLP).  Frank Field, having decried the Labour leader at every opportunity prior to this year’s general election, has been awfully quiet on the Corbyn front lately hasn’t he?
However where the impact has been most felt has been in the Wallasey CLP.  Ever since Wallasey MP Angela Eagle’s doomed Labour leadership challenge there have been deep divisions within the local CLP…..and it would seem from a leaked email from Cllr Adrian Jones sent to ‘Momentum Comrades’ – which somehow made its way to us – there clearly still are!
We’ll spare you the full text of the email as it’s more Citizen Smith than Councillor Jones. Suffice to say it’s as long-winded and self righteous as his council speeches and sets out his long-standing Corbyn – supporting credentials.

The genesis of all this rift was a bitter CLP meeting on 24th June 2016, when Cllr Bernie Mooney (now Joint Deputy Leader of Wirral Council Labour Group ) was voted out of her position as secretary of Wallasey CLP and replaced by lefty Kathy Miller.  Paul Davies was voted in as co-vice Chair ( Cllr Paul Stuart was the other co-Vice Chair.)

The CLP voted to back Corbyn in his leadership bid.  Eagle got wind of this and was presumably an ‘Angry Bird’!  She hadn’t yet said she was going to run for leader… and didn’t until early July.

Meanwhile the CLP was suspended by the Labour NEC at their London HQ and remains suspended to this day.  Indeed the CLP only realised they’d been suspended when they read it in the Liverpool Echo!

This suspension was done on the ‘strength’ of bogus allegations that were lodged with the press (not the police, where they should have gone – but that presumably would have risked counter charges of wasting police time) saying that some members at the above meeting had engaged in bullying of others, intimidation and ‘homophobic acts’ against Eagle, who was not even present.

Reputedly, it was Cllr Stuart who was the ringleader of 17 people alleging bullying, intimidation and homophobia.  Angela Eagle christened them “whistleblowers”, sullying the name of genuine, good faith whistleblowers everywhere, and whatdyaknow?  the likes of the Liverpool Echo and The Guardian were there, ever eager to fuel the fire.

Throughout all this nothing was heard from Cllr Adrian Jones, the huge “Corbyn fan”, as his hero was pilloried in order to push Eagle’s leadership chances.  And whaddyaknow?  Both Jones’s Mr and Mrs and Cllr Stuart can be seen in the photos attached to this tweet, supporting Eagle.  This was in the run-up to the 2017 election, 9 months after the CLP suspension and #Brickgate.

Ultimately the allegations went nowhere, but the damage inflicted by the media coverage had been done. We understand one CLP member still has a charge hanging over them, whilst those making bogus allegations have been strangely passed over for any disciplinary action.  Is it any wonder the rifts persist and that there are plenty of angry left wingers in Wallasey CLP who feel betrayed?  After being expected to tramp the streets in support of Angela Eagle during the general election campaign , some are suspecting that deals will now be done behind their backs rather than the embedded enemy within faced head on and challenged.


Meanwhile, Cllr Paul Stuart who’d nailed his colours to the Eagle mast has,  since Corbyn’s unexpectedly strong performance in the general election,  had a bit of a rethink and now wants the world to know, via the leaked Jones email , that he is supporting Jezza. But the idea that Cllr Stuart would now also be backing Corbyn is outrageous when you can find him on the internet posing for photos outside the smashed window of #Brickgate.  Along with Cllr Stuart , Eagle diehards Cllr Mooney, and Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy were immediately on hand to be interviewed on TV and press suggesting that Corbyn supporters were behind the brick through the shared stairwell window ….which apparently wasn’t Eagle’s constituency office window anyway! You can get a flavour of the furore here 
Moreover, Merseyside plod calmly intoned six months later that the constituency office window was never reported to them as being damaged !  But you wouldn’t know this if you picked up any national or local newspaper because they wouldn’t touch it !  And by that time, the whole sorry circus of MSM dissemblers had left Eagle’s “busy summer of lies” unretracted, and moved onto the next emerging #FakeNews bombshell needing their undivided attention….
Meanwhile only time will tell whether Cllr Stuart proves to be as an effective shape-shifting politico as Cllr Jones,


To quote from the latter’s email…

Comrades, “Now is the time” to stop acting like a “Party within a party” – and even like a “Momentum within Momentum”.

It is time to grasp that the mainstream (often called the “Left”) has won back the heart and soul of the Labour Party.  I do not know of a single member of the Seacombe Branch who has not fully supported my own declarations for Corbyn on the two websites or who does not support him now.  So why introduce friction where there need be none? Let’s try now to be a single Labour Party in Seacombe Ward.

Some comrades will remember that we also, for a while, held “Songs of the Labour Movement” musical evenings in the Park View Social Club – an opportunity for comrades to perform – or just listen and rub shoulders informally.  But, since then, we have had the difficulty of the Party being suspended so long that many of us don’t even know each other.

Under the circumstances can we suggest that any future CLP sing-a-long  starts off with a rousing rendition of  “Two Tribes” ?




17 thoughts on “Songs of The Labour Movement : Two Tribes

    • Oh “Interested”

      I am starting to feel sorry for the little welsh “Pretend Friend Jones” who wouldn’t have a real friend in the world.

      He has to put a santa suit on so people speak to him.

      Even “Mrs Bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse Rat probably wish she’d got with that raving lunatic of a tory that asked “Highbrow” to apologise and at least she’d be in upmarket west wirral.

      C’mon own up if you are a mate of this orrible, tatty bearded, scum bag arsehole who sold out his “MATE” “Highbrow” for the lying cheating, incompetent, stinking ashtray AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his creepy pink cheek and arsed “Philly Liar” or as you call him “Interested” Philly Fool”.



      Thanks for getting my blood pressure up “Int” I was starting to not care.


  1. Wow. Thank you my Lord for the inside track on this toxic trio.

    These are the embedded hard right ToryLabour impostors resident in Seacombe, who believe in their heart of hearts that they are “going nowhere” and look like they’re digging in for a fight in what looks like a hideously misconceived, doomed at the outset attempt to:

    a. Convince anybody stupid enough to listen that they’ve always supported Corbyn, straight up, and that they’re lefties, honestly, and they had nothing to do with bringing a set of malevolent bogus charges designed to expel true Corbyn supporting members who were completely innocent and who are now on the move, having won the backing of the electorate. Well, a Guardian journalist I know has the list of the 17 offending names and I’ve no doubt whatsoever that at least one of these three features on it. And it will all come out in the wash one fine day.

    b. Keep their allowances rolling in (the Jones pair with their committee positions are probably one of the highest paid households in Seacombe, lording it over the rest of us plebs), and have been getting paid handsomely with our money right through the Blair years for doing Phoney Tony’s far right bidding, farming out services, closing disabled kids’ schools, inflicting PFIs, raiding the bank accounts of learning disabled tenants for nine years, and on and on. And to continue to promote, shield, defend and deny, deny, deny abuse of the ever-shrinking number of vulnerable people who rely directly on the council’s services.

    c. Become moles inside “Momentum”, miserably feigning undying loyalty, but being in position to scorch the earth from the inside and to also go armed, ready to stab people in the front or back whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    Well, I’d suggest to Corbyn-supporting Seacombe voters who are seeking proper representation that they DO NOT vote for these hard right wing thugs and carpetbaggers in the next local elections. If they knock on your door wanting to gain access to your council tax cash (i.e. if you give them your vote) CHASE THEM DOWN THE ROAD. That’s what I’ve been doing for years because I had the inside knowledge on them, and my God it stinks to high heaven.

    Mrs Jones got as far as, “Good morning, I trust we can rely on your……….” so I cut her short and gave her chapter and verse on the full details of the abuse she’d been dishing out onto defenceless people, and how much she was up to her miserable neck in it. She fled into the arms of her husband who was over the road mugging a defenceless old lady for her “vote”.

    Thanks for the tip off My Lord. We shall be vigilant and Godspeed to the bold grass roots usurpers of the true left. Stay strong and please rid us of these Torylite scoundrels.

    • G’day Paul

      Your right hard right shite one day left wing dross the next.

      They will do anything or anyone for their ill-gotten games and that is why he sides with “Philly Liar” and anyone else to his benefit with his slimy, smile, wink stab you in the back.

      Vile crud of insignicant wannabes.



      • It will indeed be dross James if Momentum doesn’t quickly root out and dump Abbey, Brightmore, Davies, Davies, Davies, Davies, Doughty, Foulkes, Hackett, Johnson, Jones, Jones, Jones, Kenny, Leech, McLaughlin, McLachlan, McManus, Meaden, Mooney, Muspratt, Norbury, Patrick, Realey, Reecejones, Smith, Smith, Spriggs, Stapleton, Stuart, Sullivan, Usher, Walsh, Ward, Whittingham, Williams, Williams, Williamson and Wood.

        And the controlling lynchpin Field.

        Even then we just know we’re going to be betrayed and lied to !


  2. Ok I don’t understand how the law works other than it seems to be a well paid racket….. but I note that the ‘Wallasey couple’ who have been found guilty of making a false claim against Thomas Cook ( and sent to nick) were in court as a result of a private prosecution. Perhaps the Mighty and high vis Highbrow could explain all this and it’s possible implications for Philly Liar…… or some other bad fucker connected with the Wirral Biz/Council scandal….

    • Step one “Interested”

      All stay schtum like cheating little school boys and girls.

      Step two

      Pretend you don’t know.

      Step three collect your allowances and pig out on free butties and booze at the footy, garden party.

      Step four be disgusted by it all when you finish up.

      Ultimately feel dirty when you realise it was all abusive and dishonest.



      We can only hope for karma “Int”.

      • Well thank you for that James….

        Perhaps you could have stab at the answer to this unfinished mathematical calculation…

        Welsh + Hypocrite =

  3. Unfashionable it may be but I don’t see Adrian Jones in this negative way.

    He does encourage and enjoy cultural soirees but that does not make him a Koba.

    For my part he is a genuine socialist. ALL OF US are tainted by the company we keep. ADRIAN IS LIKE THE Rabelesian character trying to keep his head clear of the shit swamp

    • A genuine – if ‘genuine’ is to mean ‘real, with integrity, dignified and caring’ – socialist wouldn’t have sat there doing nothing and prospering while vulnerable people died, gangsters who caused the deaths were secretly courted and publicly accredited, serious case reviews were avoided like the plague, an elaborate cover up was put into place and Martin Morton and other Social Services whistleblowers were targeted as troublemakers and dispensed with.

      Such behaviour was more in keeping with the Blair and Brown Prime Ministers that coincided with the worst of the Wirral abuse, unless you believe they too were “genuine socialists”?

      I suspect if we check his voting record over the decades (not accessible) we’ll find him matching or even outdoing the worst of them.

    • G’day “Highbrow”

      I admire your comments in support of who you thought was a friend.

      He has been a total and absolute cunt to you, your family and your profession.

      The low life scum bag not only sided with the “Stinking Ashtray” Adderley and “Philly Liar” spending £200,000.00+ to make you sound like a fool….


      He deliberately stalled them helping to conspire against you.



      They have acted in a criminal manner and it doesn’t matter if they don’t pay now

      I say it as it is mate he is a cad…

      and should rot in hell.

      • I don’t see cllr jones turning over every stone within his power to out your whistleblowing , and thats coz he and every other councillor know that all senior officers have the expensive gift of a particular tape affectionately called wirralgate and senior officers can do exactly as they like every single time they mess it up they can spend the money to cover because no one and certainly labour councillors, are going to mess with frank fields agent and on it goes ..barrel over barrel over barrel …cllr jones sadly another leech that keeps on sucking

  4. I have commented before on the disgraceful politicisation of the post of Police and Crime Commissioner.
    Your revelation that Jane Kennedy, with other Labour members, was quick to claim that “windowgate” was carried out by a Corbyn supporter reveals her true colours. She is a Labour die hard and that is bound to influence any decision she makes in her public role.
    The appointment of three successive Labour Councillors to the Deputy post, with a lavish salary for a three day week, supports my claim.

    “Windowgate”, and all the resultant media hysteria, fed by the anti- Corbyn faction, about an anti-Eagle plot, turned out to be nothing of the sort.
    A piece of concrete thrown through a communal stairwell possibly by a drunk from a nearby pub.

    If I were the Chief Constable of Merseyside I would have provided the investigating officers with rubber gloves and protective suits so that they were not contaminated by the political infection in Wallasey Labour Party.

    • Jane Kennedy is not a Labour diehard, because Corbyn also comes under the same banner of “Labour”. It’s more subtle. If we’re talking true colours, she was and is an Angela Eagle diehard. The pair of them go back a long way. They were both Neil Kinnock plants as Merseyside MPs following Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley’s impositions of their own candidates in response to the grass roots ‘hard left’ issues back in the 1980s. So they have a historical allegiance that drives and motivates them, the purpose being to promote the right wing. That nonsense gave us
      13 years of Torylite.

      #Brickgate and the associated “bullying, intimidation and homophobia” was bogus, done to promote Eagle, attack the resurgence of the left in Wallaseyl, and “right wing diehard” is the terminology you’re looking for.

  5. G’day Leaks, “Interested” “Highbrow” “Paul” “Chasser” Doc Titus et al

    The sickest part of the Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods millions of pounds of knock off is

    Jones, Adderley, Foulkes, Davies, Jones, Tour, Davies, Jones, Armstrong, Ball, Basnett, Bradbury, Wilkie, Norman, Garry et al

    Would have been happier if “Highbrow” and I had said nothing and filled our OWN boots with all that dosh

    Because as The Stinking Ashtray Adderley said publicly


    What a sick, demented society wirral BC is.



    You are a good man “Highbrow” they are pure crud and dross.


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