Half the Story and Double the Average

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In a classic case of getting your retaliation in first and prior to tonight’s Wirral Council meeting Cllr Bernie ‘ The Bruiser’ Mooney has been all over the press bemoaning the fact that children’s services is at ‘breaking point’. Needless to say it’s all the Tories fault.

And whilst indeed there are some government austerity measures which are nothing short of heinous Mooney needs to get real and tell us the full story.  Her version of the ‘breaking point’ story slipped out yesterday on a sleepy Sunday afternoon on the Wirral Globe website.

Breaking Point (Wirral Globe)

The story was updated today with comments from Ian Lewis the leader of Wirral Council’s Tory group. Needless to say Liverpool Echo gave the Bernie’s bleatings the full front page splash – though rather spoiled Bernie’s carefully prepared narrative by mentioning that damning Ofsted report and how the authority failed to halt a campaign of child sexual exploitation by the Rajenthiram brothers which are two things that Wirral Council’s ruling administration can’t pin on the Tories.

Apparently Bernie wants £25 million of extra funding from Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond to meet “increased demand for our services”. Good luck with that one !

Bernie 007.JPG

A spokesperson for the Chancellor said : ‘the cheque’s in the post ‘

The most shocking aspect of  Mooney’s moans was the revelation that the number of Wirral children is 120 per 10,000 of the child population . This is DOUBLE the national average ! DOUBLE!!

Bernie struggles to look around for a plausible reason for this and comes up with national figures concerned with cuts in early intervention and family support services. There is no mention of the specific impact on local services and more significantly no mention of one of Frank Field’s pet projects – the discredited Troubled Families Programme (TFP) into which millions have been poured down the drain.  As one of our valued contributors ‘ The Professor’ pointed out earlier this year Wirral Council taxpayers should bear in mind that our council are taking part in the useless,discredited TFP phase 2 at a minimum cost to us of £6 million to 2020.

The Miracle Workers

So enough already of this Bernie blather , surely she now knows what we’ve known for a long time – that children’s services locally are indeed at ‘breaking point’ and it’s not just about funding it’s also about Wirral Council’s toxic culture of denial which has built up over a number of years and under various administrations.

We think that Mooney finally realises the extent of the problem she’s inherited with children’s services and knows there are more bad news stories on the way . So what better way of keeping the Ofsted ‘improvement journey’ show on the road by playing the overplayed austerity card and asking the people of Wirral to docilely accept half a story ?



13 thoughts on “Half the Story and Double the Average

  1. Getting a bit worried here about the lacklustre newsapers, who seem to be at pains to gloss over or ignore the more difficult aspects of these council scandals. The BBC also managed to include the council’s abject failure re: the inadequate CQC report and the CSE by the Rajenthiram brothers.

    At the moment, the working assumption here is that Wirral Council are in a perfect position to threaten and browbeat any money-driven newspaper organisation that is over-reliant upon regular and £££lucrative advertising coming in and fretting about the potential loss of it. So I suppose we’ll be forced to watch them toeing the line and pulling their punches until central government finally gets its act together and removes Wirral View from circulation.

  2. Poor Bernie upto her ears in it but thats what you get when you get inexperienced trough jockeys taking on these roles.
    As for more funding didnt old tomato head announce 10 million of extra funding in February of this year and then a further 2 million when they received their naughty report and surprise surprise more money located to fund a transfer fee of a new Children services superstar from Knowsley.
    They could have had a further 1 million odd to add if they didnt have an obsession with the best way to fuck a good walk ‘Golf ‘ .
    Agree a lot more to come on this one and Bernie already trying to find the escape hatch.

    • G’day Patty

      Luv old tomato head for “Philly Fucking Liar”.

      He really is keeping a low profile.

      Where is he?



      I sense Patty you know a lot more


      • I know as you do he and his cronies lie through their teeth at every turn to save their bacon and mates in senior positions.

      • Had personal face to face dealings with Phil and he proved to be the man i believed him to be, spineless and a modern day aspiring politician with no straight answers just soundbites and lies.

  3. Just a quick one not on this subject but on tomato heads favourite subject ‘GOLF’
    The cash struck council are currently advertising for 5 Golf Advisors to be placed across the Wirral on their web page…meanwhile petitions are handed in about the huge rise in anti social behaviour across the borough coinciding with The Wirral Safer Hub in Leasowe Solar campus or as a close source puts it The Wirral Retirement home for connected coppers.
    Minimum cost for 5 Golf Advisors £80,000 which would be 4 extra Community Patrol Officers on shift across the borough….PRIORITIES..

  4. We are looking for experienced IRO’s who are passionate about good outcomes for children to join a strong team of fourteen Independent Reviewing Officers and Child Protection Conference Chairs.
    £40,000 a year for this position currently advertised along with 14 significant others and you wonder where the money goes certainly no AUSTERITY in certain quarters of WBC.

    • Bravo Patty

      She gets the shit he gets the GOLF.

      “Tomato Head” “Phil the Fucking Liar” couldn’t even be Uncle Joe of Commonwealth Gold (NOT) standard.

      No-League crud and like their football team when they get money to spend they head towards relegation.



      Apologies Patty if you are a blue nose X

      You are definitely not a brown nose like the Jones’

  5. Bernie ‘the brusier’s half truths are a form of domestic abuse on the rate payers of the Wirral. You could say she has form with this sort of stuff….

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