Postcard from Sorrento

Postcard from Sorrento

A postcard has arrived at Leaky Towers from the lovely Italian resort of Sorrento.

We’ve been sat here agog as we have been told of the adventures of a tired and emotional high profile couple who recently holidayed on the beautiful Amalfi coast in Italy and who will be familiar to readers of Wirral Leaks.

Unfortunately for them it would appear that the  ‘what happens in Sorrento, stays in Sorrento…..’ rule doesn’t apply due to the wonders of the world wide web.

Wish you were here?

By the sounds of things that’ll be a ‘no thanks’ from his His Lord and Ladyship , we’ll stick with the South of France if you don’t mind!

We’re hoping to publish a full ” What I Did On My Holidays” story after putting the information we’ve received to our prestigious pair.







5 thoughts on “Postcard from Sorrento

  1. Granny, Granty lad, just read yer Wirral Globe ‘Inferno’. (0r should I say your cinders column?) Is this what you went to Oxford for? Did you not meet the Mighty Highbrow there (in the days before high vis jackets)?

    Get some fecking scandal in yer fecking erection…

  2. G’day The Great Man and Chasser

    My guess lads it is the eternal triangle

    an emotional relationship involving a couple and a third person with whom one of them is also involved.

    “Philly Fucking Liar”
    The Chamber Potty…everybody at Weinsteiner wirral’s dogsbody Basnett




  3. Nice to see the ex MARE and Lady ? 😲 Mareess promoting the Wirral in such a diplomatic way !
    No wonder Brexit is getting tougher

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