Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex – Wirral Mayoress

Now we can all agree that everyone should be allowed to let their hair down on holiday and behave in a way they perhaps wouldn’t do at home. However there comes a point when certain types of behaviour become not only questionable they potentially cross the line into criminality. What’s more when there are people involved who condone such behaviour and they either once held or still do hold prestigious public positions we think it is legitimate to ask questions – yet again -about their fitness to hold public office.
As our previous introductory post suggested we have received some serious allegations about conduct unbecoming a former Wirral Mayoress. In this particular case the allegations are concerned with Elaine Foulkes , who you may remember was  Cllr Steve Foulkes ‘ consort when he held the position of Mayor. As you know the latter is a former leader of the Wirral Council and now acts as a council representative on various lucrative outside bodies.
According to our sources the following events took place on a shuttle bus and the hotel lobby of the Hotel Prestige, Sorrento on Saturday 7th October. The purpose of this post is to present the allegations that we have received and provide the corroboration of two witnesses from Belgium which was written on Hotel Prestige note paper (see below).
We will provide further observation and commentary in a forthcoming post.
The Hotel Prestige provides a shuttle to and from Sorrento. We were booked on the 11pm shuttle back to the hotel along with the Foulkes’. We were on the bus until 11.15, the driver was trying to contact them but no answer.
Just as he gets in to leave they appear. Mr Foulkes climbs in the front with the driver on the right and I am sat behind the driver with my partner next to me then Mrs Foulkes climbs in next to him, next to the door.
In the back directly behind us are the 2 sisters from Belgium.
At this point we were half expecting an apology for the holdup – but nothing!
This was the day we arrived in Italy and had been travelling since 2 am (Sat the 7th Oct)
So as the bus sets off my partner turns to me and quietly says we should have got a taxi earlier as to be honest we  were ready to head back at 9 but held on for the bus we had booked. It was at this point Mrs Foulkes says loudly : “Yes, you should!”
I turned to her and said : ” Sorry but he was talking to me and we are very tired as we have been travelling all day”  to which she replies “Us too!”
She then began her torrent of abuse saying , “Uurgh ,you’re from Yorkshire” while mimicking my partner and then said “you’re black! (my partner is of Pakistani origin).
My partner stayed calm and just said to her : “I think you should leave it there” but she continued with :  ” I can say what I like I was born in this country”  to which he replied ” So was I and pay tax just like you” and then she said “you’re parents weren’t and I wont be a minority in my own country, fuck off” she then proceeded to call him “Isis” at which point the ladies in the back become upset and told her to stop this awful abuse to which she replied : ” I voted Brexit to keep you lot out too!”. She then started to put her hands on my partner prodding him, saying you’re a short man! (he is 6ft 3!) The ladies in the back tried to stop her so she turns round and throws punches at them both! Then she sinks her teeth into my partners right arm!
All the time this is going on my partner is saying to the man in front “Sort out your wife” and he just lets it continue with the odd half hearted “Elaine, Elaine” 
As she continues to attack everybody her husband turns round and tries to restrain her  but she hurls abuse at him telling him ” I’m your wife!” 
It took 20 minutes to get to the hotel. All the time she’s “fucking this, fucking that” hence why the ladies from Belgium named them “this ‘fucking’ couple” in the email (which Wirral Leaks has also seen along  with apologetic emails from Hotel Prestige management).
Back at the hotel it continued. I rang the hotel while on the bus and requested the police be waiting for us but the police never came, maybe they didn’t ring them who knows? but the attack continued in the hotel lobby. She again tried to attack my partner and the ladies and abused her husband, he was asking not to call the police. The lady from Belgium told him she was sorry he was married to such a horrible lady – so she ran at her again!
The Foulkes’ then went upstairs and we could hear her screaming we were told the next day the hotel had lots of complaints and staff told us she continued for 2 hours after threatening to kill her husband! The hotel asked them to leave but they refused
Apparently she never went on the planned trip the next day and he went for breakfast alone we never saw them again until the airport in Naples.
When my partner got stopped at passport control they walked past so smug. I did say to him “Goodbye Mr Councillor Foulkes ! His face was a picture.
The  Hotel Prestige rang the police and they told us best to report to UK police as otherwise we would have to travel to Italy for court . So on returning to the UK to Liverpool airport  I informed the police who took note and I signed a statement but was told basically the Italian police had fobbed us off and that they couldn’t do anything as it happened in Italy . It is logged with the police though . In this country she would be charged with 3 counts of assault and racial abuse without a doubt. She certainly is a nasty lady and we were very surprised to come across her Facebook page and find she had been Mayoress! After Googling his name we were shocked to find he is a Labour councillor when his wife clearly and openly has such racist views.
For us the final line of the above statement  is perhaps is the most pertinent aspect of these allegations.  We have approached Cllr Foulkes for comment. We have thus far not received a response.

65 thoughts on “Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex – Wirral Mayoress

  1. In understand that Mrs Foulkes works in the field of social care. If she is still in employment, then I think her suitability to provide social care services, either directly or indirectly to vulnerable people should be investigated. Someone with such a violent disposition and who holds extreme right-wing views should not be allowed anywhere near vulnerable people or be allowed to take part in deciding how that care is delivered.

      • Yep, being paid as a Torylite bum on a seat, polishing chairs with his well-upholstered backside, on the board of the council’s arms length housing company, and protecting vulnerable high-rise tower occupants against the threat of being burned in their beds, brought by reckless cladding companies (who are probably in the pockets of the council anyway and vice versa).

  2. Absolutely disgusting. And to think our council tax in the shape of ££hefty councillor allowances could well be funding hooligans on their travels abroad.

    It makes me feel not just ashamed to be British BUT ashamed to be somebody who started voting Labour again last June after a break of 25 years.

    Don’t know if Elaine Foulkes is a party member but her husband’s dishonesty and abusive conduct is well known, wide-ranging and goes back years. And he and his far right colleagues such as Jim Crabtree (Britain First) and my councillor and Momentum pretender Adrian Jones have been busy trashing this party, concealing corruption and destroying it from the inside.

    Come on Corbyn, if the people of Wirral haven’t got it in them to rid us of Torylite / xenophobic / hooligan dirt at the ballot box, then you need to get busy working on a few targeted deselections, starting right HERE….. before failure to take any action removes YOU.

    • Yes, she’s a Labour Member, and at the AGM acted as one of the tellers, alongside Frank Field. And after one member stormed out, they were STILL getting 131 votes in total, despite there only being 130 in the room.

      But you didn’t hear that here

      • We’re just surprised she can add up.
        Having said that we really don’t want to hear ” But you didn’t hear it from me” or you’re part of the problem – just like the person who asked us to remove a comment in case it interfered with their political ambitions.
        We don’t play that game.And we have no intention of removing the comment.

  3. I reckon she should be brought back to Italy and prosecuted for assault. racial abuse and bringing our nation into disrepute, and as for her spineless husband who should have brought his wife under control and the coach driver should have thrown them off and the hotel should have thrown them out on their ear.
    If I hadn’t seen the evidence I would not have believed it or maybe not.
    Why not do the honourable thing councilor Foulkes and resign from public office sooner rather than later.

    • G’day Paul

      Ecca, “Spotty Dog” “The Blinking CEO was in that rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters spouting off about wirral being a great place to live and someone is going to invest billions.

      Must have been when “Ankles” took his Brawl at the Hall in the Name of A Charity Ball on tour

      to Sorrento.



      I have been spouting on now about the gross incompetence, lying and cheating regarding Wirral “Funny” Bizz for nearly seven years and nothing changes,

      If you are crud and dross like

      Jones…The Pretend Friend
      Davies…Philly Fucking Liar
      Jones…Missus bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse Rat
      Davies… Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell
      Adderley…It’s not our money is it darling err err Paula
      Basnett…The Chamber Potty and all of Weinsteiner wirral’s peroxided dogsbody
      Tour…Sir Git, The Shyster
      Armstrong…Mr Never get the job because I’m angry, ugly and stupid.
      Foulkes… Sat in the front of the bus cos he thought he was in Crapapples bus with the lads on the way to Hooligan’s Bar to suck up to Frankenfurter.

      You will only ever get crud and dross.




  4. **CHANGED**

    Okay, granted this news is not gonna appear in “Wirral View” – not even hidden in the crossword clues – but what a *tester* for hard-pressed editors and revenue-seeking boards of execs at:

    The Liverpool Echo
    The Wirral Globe
    Trinity Mirror

    …whose allegiance to strong, fair, public-spirited journalism has been rightly placed under the magnifying glass of late.

    I suggest they have a close look at their operating models and do some hasty repair work. They could start by printing this story because it is of MASSIVE public interest, then banning incentives in the form of hospitality, drink poos, meals, football tickets, and most of all, plane tickets for executive members of Wirral Council.

    Unless they want their reputations endlessly dragged through the mud by association

  5. This isn’t the first time she’s been violent and abusive. Elaine was barred from Our Ladies Catholic Social Club in Claughton for punching an old man.
    They both drink heavily and are often drunk which is when they become abusive and she also becomes violent. Her racist views are also well known amongst the circle of people she associates with…..which mostly includes other councillors and council members.

    • G’day Paul

      That bloke with the kid at GooderPeel last night despite being banned for life will be a hero down the Gladwys just like “Ankles” will be a hero down the next Labor meeting.



      Possibly like it took England supporters thirty years to realise they are not very good, Liverpool supporters are coming up thirty years to win a premiership…….

      Conservative might be the best bet for Merseypeel because it is full of crap under Labor.

      Commonwealth Gold ha ha ha ha ha

    • It would have Paul but heaven forfend that a Councillor even caught in public toilets sucking dick be reported. Heaven forfend any councillors human rights be crossed if caught lying or cheating.

  6. G’day Leaks

    See a couple of west wirral punters are in deep doo doo after knocking off £500,000.00 from a university.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz got away with £2,000,000.00 from the Weinsteiners at wirral BC with “Ankles” in charge, Adderley got a promotion to Super Duper Director, “The Pretend Friend Jones” stabbed “Highbrow” in the back and Raworth and Turnbull lived happily ever after in Portugal. The ill Legal Deoartment joined them in asset stripping, Lockwood Engineering.



    65 muppets will allow any old shit to happen as long as they get their allowances.

    Hang your dim-witted heads in shame parasites.


    I bet “Crapapple” is furious with what this lot get away with.

  7. The electorate of Wirral know if you re-elect Rubbish all you can expect is rubbish in return, ,
    I am in favour of “Pick a New Face” no matter what party you support, “Pick a New Face” is.a Winner every time.

    • We must thank the couple on the bus who pursued Elaine right to Wirral and to Wirralleaks.

      The point is when a Councillor lies at Publics expense you don’t ask him to write an apology you remove him from committees and from all lucrative positions.

      Councillor Foulkes lied regarding the council meeting of July 2013 and he has never been punished rather made Mayor.

      Who are these people?

      • Good points. Well made.
        Firstly – it took someone from Yorkshire to point out the madness and secondly – it wasn’t about smearing the appalling Jeff Green , it was about costing us £17,000 for a second investigation because Foulkes lied and lied and lied.

    • Mary:

      Sadly the great majority of Wirral voters have no idea of the appalling people that they have elected to the Council nor the equally dreadful and incompetent public servants that they then appoint to rule over us.
      Neither the Globe nor the Liverpool Echo are by any means campaigning newspapers and, in many cases, seem deliberately evasive in their reporting of the many shenanigans in Wallasey Town Hall preferring to toe the line in favour of the Merseyside ruling Party.
      I fear that, come May 2018, the electorate will again vote on Tribal lines and the same band of incompetents, of both political parties, will return to power.

  8. And let’s not forget the fact that Foulkes has a record as long as yer arm.

    In 2002/3, while council staff were forced to down tools and go on strike to prise 3% out of their employer, then Council Leader Foulkes called in God-fearing Christian consultant Don Latham, paid him £2,000 per meeting, got exactly what he wanted, got the then Bishop of Birkenhead David Urquhart to douse it all in holy water (he later got Freedom of the Borough) and creamed for himself a 36% hike in his “special responsibility allowance” and fellow councillors of ALL parties a 16% allowance boost, costing us the public thousands !!!

    No wonder they all come together as one – like vampires presented with a crucifix – when positive motions come before council to reduce their numbers or trim their allowances, sickly, bloated, troughing animals that they are.

    And despite his lies and greed and all round offensiveness, Councillor Foulkes didn’t leave it there. He stuck this knife into the Wirral public’s back once again only a few days ago……………

  9. Elaine Foulkes threatening to kill Steve (apparently)… Jim Crabtree threatening to kill Louise ReeceJones… I see a pattern emerging. There’s some very angry people out there. Must be something in the water…

    Interesting to read that the Foulkes’ marriage is nowhere near the impression they like to post on the social networks. We’re laying bets it doesn’t last until the next election…

  10. Sweet loving Jesus! What a spirited filly. Good grief! I’m saying nothing that’s going to position me or my kith and kin in harms way. And, what’s more, I’d respectfully suggest to others here to carefully consider their critical comments, particularly those aimed at this woman who’s clearly mentally unstable and only a short hop away from bashing someone’s skull in with a four pound lump hammer, and say nothing further that might provoke further feelings of rage, angst and the sound of tiny voices in her head that whisper demonic things like, ‘I want to kill everyone’.
    Don’t come moaning to me if you get home tomorrow to find Elaine has traced you, shes crept into your dwelling via an insecure window, she’s then been hiding up in your attic and when you drift off to sleep she emerges at your bedside swinging her four pound lump hammer screaming, ‘die you bastard’. It’ll be your own faults!

    • Well the police can’t then discard the assault. Under their new guidelines you need to know the identity of the attacker and there surely is the equivalent of indelible ink over Elaine.

      And with such a record as hers what Judge could let her off on the basis of previous good conduct? has she been in the Air Cadets??

      • It is not just the £17.000 cost of the second investigation of Cllr Foulkes and the envelope that must be considered. What of my time spent conversing with the lady investigator. WHAT OF MY SMALL EXPENSE HAVING TO PUT IN POST A WRITTEN STATEMENT? multiply that several times for all those witnesses in the PUBLIC gallery who saw him converse with the journalist.
        Having done this multiplication of time and mine expenses then ADD the time spent by Councillors reading the report.

        Finally examine the disappointment of witnesses to find themselves and the investigator stiffed.

        The effect? Few will intervene whenever wrongdoing is done. The Council both Members and officers are held incontempt by many.

        a race to the bottom.

    • And here on Wirral she’d get away with it Bob. Because hubby knows the right people… and probably knows their secret little pecadilloes, the ones that would send them tumbling from their ornate podiums if broadcast.

      I’m only half a mile away from the Town Hall and to be honest I lock my windows anyway just to keep out the stench.

  11. Ooh Ecca

    I keep asking you to remove the crud and dross.

    It is going to end up in tears.

    I suppose you will just move on to a higher paying clowncil.



    A clue


    The dross of wirral

  12. It’s a pity this wasn’t 50 years ago when my Grandfather was Govenor of Amalfi jail! There were segregated cells for men & women and a I’m sure a space could have been found for such offensive behaviour! The problem then would be what to do with the other ‘alf….maybe there was scope for Italian law to make it an offence to be ‘in charge of an offensive spouse’?

  13. ‘Barred from Our Ladies Catholic Social Club in Claughton.’

    Ha ha ha… you couldn’t make it up…

    …even the Aussie couldn’t come up with that one… and he’s good…. !

    • G’day “Int”

      Just back from Catholic Mass so just you be careful my friend. ha ha

      I never do mass on a Sunday because you meet to many hypocrites like these two fine upstanding left footer Micks.



      Luv you my boy X

  14. On the same day that Robert Mugabe is appointed Goodwill Ambassador to the World Health Organisation, Wirral View just landed on my doormat with a warning for people like alleged offender and alleged bystander Elaine and Councillor Steve.

    “Daily briefings take place involving staff from all agencies, and joint responses are planned, targeting offenders who are exploiting vulnerable members of the community. Teams will also be working across police stations in Wirral.”

  15. Message to “Ecca” “Spotty Dog” “The Blinking CEO”

    Have your billion pound investors been introduced to the clowncillors yet?

    Are any of them Italian?

    Are they racist.

    Are they bullies?



    Do they want to build a dads and lads end down the Gladwys?

    Ecca move on while you can.

  16. Message to “Philly FUCKING Liar”

    Here’s your chance big boy to finally rid wirral of the bane of your life and your enigmatic and delightful boss “Ankles” Foulkes.

    Or, are you going to do that Weinsteiner wirral thing and keep yours and everyone’s gobs shut on this scum and dross that is a labor icon?



    Nobody will tell me “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING, Dill” where your junket is this year… so Philly??????

    Not Italy I presume or were the Fuckus’s leading the way and laying the groundwork for you?

    • James, the story broke too late for Liptrot’s baby Wirral View (the guy who worked for Philip Morris tobacco, convincing third world countries that cancer sticks were good for them, whilst creating thousands of orphans and who since has had a change of heart and advises us to give up the killer weed – see Page 7)

      But there’s still nothing in our 24/7 rolling content Wirral Globe. And even the Liverpool Echo, which is accustomed to stuffing its pages with what are termed “lowlives” and grimacing gangsta head and shoulder shots !

      I’ve done my civic duty in the public interest, tweeted these two – with no response – and also The Chester Chronicle and North West Tonight, who are not so likely to have been “captured” lock, stock and two smoking barrels by manipulative council crooks.

      These hopefully should run with it when they’ve done their background checks on who’s above the law and not reportable or not broadcastable.

      Hopefully the wife of the former Mayor who covered up abuse and theft over 9 years of £736,756.97 from learning disabled people’s bank accounts will not feature on there.

      • Well Paul if North West Tonight run with this… maybe there is is hope they will run/look into the Wirral Biz/Council Scandal…

        Now where did I put that BOOMERANG…..

  17. “Knockout” quote from the ex Mare-ess facebook page;

    You couldn’t write it 😂 or perhaps after the Sorrento soiree, you SHOULDN’T write it !😂

    • …oh here it is…..

      ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

      The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal.

    • Apparently the Feudin Foulkes have just been seen shopping and Eelaine was overheard saying to St Steve, “would you like a Christmas box?” To which he replied ” F off I’m still recovering from me last beating! ” 😂😂😂

    • She and he need some serious professional help and soon ! A man this wet, inside and out ,and who clearly cannot make coherent decisions on behalf of his family by default of excess drinking, absolutely should not be making decisions on behalf of the public. Seek help or one if his fellow councillors do it for him but someone take this sick pair off the stage

  18. G’day Leaky

    I think you should warn Clowncillor Little Matty Patty and Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 Year Old what shite they are teaming up with.

    I bet their mums don’t know who they are mixing with and don’t act like the Lady Seweress Foulkes or the piss head “Ankles”.



    Ecca investment with this clowncil your avin a laugh.


    Can you imagine them in Amsterdam My Good Lord?

  19. Ciao Bella

    Surely like his football team “Ankles” must have out stayed his welcome in the wirral premier league and used up his 29 lives.

    Clowncillor “Little Matty Patty” and Clowncillor “Emergency Ward 10 year old” must think they have just left high school and gone back to primary.

    They must be thinking that they should get some more kids in from school because these 65 Weinsteiner wirral dumb dunderheads are sad old men/women with tiny penii and over inflated ego’s.

    You just keep it shut and your turn might cum.




  20. In a case like this it is always better to way up the situation if it was just an ordinary manual council worker who had racially abused other members of the public on their holibobs.
    Worker suspended pending investigation of complaint which under council policies would probably be bringing the council into disrepute resulting in gross misconduct charge.
    What will happen in this case absolutely nothing because they do not follow the rules they instigate.

  21. Levers has a corporate reputation to maintain. Even junior employees like “Research Associate” Foulkes need to be aware of this. His alleged failure to control or prevent his wife’s alleged racism will be key to this, but especially if he publicly stands by her and makes a defence of both of them. He’ll just want it all to go away, as will Frank Field, Phil Davies, Tory Ian Lewis, Levers board of execs, the captured media and every fucked up body that nurtures a perverted interest in maintaining the crooked status quo.

  22. It appears from the document shown that Elaine and Steve stayed in room 101, a location whose name is inspired by the torture room in the novel Nineteen Eighty Four, which reputedly contained “the worst thing in the world”.
    For us mere mortals its a TV show where you dump your pet hate.
    Works both ways.

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  33. Councillor Foulkes is one shady guy.You would expect this behaviour from them.
    What is more shocking,how was Foulkes allowed to become a councillor and what sort of person votes for him..

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