Sorrento Shame 2 : No Laughing Matter

No laughing matter

Ordinarily our lead picture would be the Foulkes’ Sorrento holiday snap which features on social media and has been forwarded to us. However after further consideration of the ‘Sorrento Shame’ story we feel the need to take a more sober approach (no pun intended) . Now is not the time for satire, sarcasm or caption competitions.

As you can see from the picture above hotel management  tried to pacify a distraught couple who allege they were subject to racial abuse on holiday and hope that one day they will find it ‘something to laugh about’. On seeing this letter it suddenly struck us that it took people from outside Wirral to point out how unacceptable some behaviours are. They’ve held a mirror up to us all and it doesn’t reflect well on any of us.

We say this , as to us and to many people, none of the allegations that have surfaced will come as a surprise. We’ve been forwarded many stories over the years which people have asked us not to publish. Frankly we’d rather not know. It’s just such a shame that people locally haven’t been prepared to speak up before now. We’re calling it the ‘Weinstein Syndrome’ – where ‘everybody knew’ about certain attitudes and behaviours but chose to succumb to pay-offs , legal threats or went along with a different kind of abuse of power because it was advantageous to their career. Additionally we understand that some people are frightened to speak up against powerful and influential people especially when they are protected by other powerful and influential people. And look what happens to those who do speak up!

Doesn’t it make you proud to live on Wirral?   But then we’ve long held that there is a dark heart at the centre of the local Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party (CLP) where racism , harassment and bullying and lying by a tiny minority of local councillors is apparently tolerated and/or condoned because they’re part of  Frank Field’s ‘Inner Ring’ .

But it’s not just the Birkenhead CLP who go along with it – it’s Wirral councillors of all political parties (with a couple of honourable exceptions) who thought it was OK for ‘Foulkesy’ to become Mayor of Wirral in 2014, two years after it was exposed he was the leader of a basket case council that was rife with bullying , nepotism , incompetence and dishonesty (but then everyone knew that as well!) Of course there was the opportunity to prevent this appointment in 2013 but an unholy alliance of middle class charlatans and working class chancers went along with it – all in the hope of career advancement, financial gain or a front page exclusive. We can’t think of anywhere else in the country where the Wirralgate cover up would have lasted this long.

Wirral councillors then went on to  (deliberately?) miss the point of the Patricia Thynne Wirralgate investigations by a country mile. Who gives a damn whether Foulkesy was part of a plot to ‘smear’  Tory collaborator Jeff Green? It was the fact that he’d lied through an investigation which necessitated a further investigation costing us £17K and throughout which he again continued to lie. Perhaps instead of an apology to the collusive Cllr Green ,  Foulkesy was instead denied the opportunity to be a Wirral Council representative on outside bodies this might have represented a meaningful sanction.

However as John Brace’s excellent blog points out ‘Foulkesy’ has this past week been allowed to vote himself an annual £10,108  pay rise  (this is not including his remuneration for sitting on the Magenta Living board alongside ………yes you guessed it, Cllr Jeff Green !)

Holiday money

But then the likes of the Local Government Association (LGA) and consultants like Anna Klonowski and Anna Hutchinson at Labour North West and Merseyside Police are no better – pussyfooting around power abusers is so much easier than confronting sordid and difficult realities.

And then there’s what we’re calling ‘Shite Privilege’  where  certain people are allowed to hold the most reprehensible views and behave in the most appalling manner because of their local connections . Of course the precedent here is the Jack Nolan case (Jack being Elaine Foulkes’ -nee Nolan’s- son ).  A classic case of the the apple not falling far from the tree. Suddenly doesn’t his assault and affray conviction at Birkenhead Magistrate’s Court in 2015 seem tragically inevitable? We could almost, but not quite, forgive him. However what we can’t forgive is the high profile protectors who turned up to provide character references at the trial. This inevitably included council leader Cllr  Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies, who’s moral compass appears to be permanently pointed to hell.

What A Load Of Testimonials!

Now we don’t know about you lot but we resent someone is allowed the opportunity to finance him and his missus’s holidays in the sun so he can allegedly stand by and watch the abuse of innocent bystanders at our expense.  We should not be funding more opportunities to ruin not just other people’s holidays but other people’ s careers and lives. This is no laughing matter.





22 thoughts on “Sorrento Shame 2 : No Laughing Matter

  1. I’m fearful now that the sharks will once again slip the net, local captured “journalists” will breathe easy and the status quo will settle back into place.

    I’m just hopeful that somebody somewhere thought to take our their iPhone on the bus during that 20 minute window of opportunity and get it all down on digital.

    These deceitful lowlives don’t deserve anymore sympathy and it’s about time their good luck ran out.

  2. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    More evidence emerges to suggest that a Wirral Councillor, former Mayor and Council Leader and his wife may have been involved in exporting a particularly ugly brand of racism to Italy.

    It’s not a good feeling for anyone living on Wirral to think that your own council tax probably funded this, and that the local papers, TV and Radio are bringing their own professions into disrepute by failing to report it.

  3. Dear lord Julian, this article prove that Elaine Foulkes is guilty as charged and why haven’t the local press brought it to the publics attention. The Foulkes are despicable pair and he is not fit for purpose and should be ousted And the CLP should name and shame these uncouth pair.
    Come on Councillor Phil Davies name and shame the Foulkes and kick their despicable arses into touch always assuming you have the balls to do so. Get it on Facebook and I will share it with as many people as I can & ask all my friends to share it as well.
    The public needs to know what racist foul mouthed bullies we have in the local Labour party.

  4. G’day Leaks

    I think they should have to go through a lie detector every clowncil meeting.

    No no we all know they are liars following the example set by their leader “Philly FUCKING Liar”………..forget that.

    If they’re not lying they are being Weinsteiner wirral.

    The solution is a drug and alcohol test before every meeting.




  5. No it is not.
    Where are the local printed press who should name and shame. In the public interest.


  6. Just in. The hauling over the coals of Councillor Louise Reecejones, and rightly so…. in a lengthy report with all the hideous details. e.g. Wirral Council “protecting the interests of whistleblowers”… that’s a first in our book.

    Click to access LR%20report%20to%20Cttee%20171031%203.pdf

    But when will a similar, overdue reckoning arrive for the senior elected member who:

    o wangled for himself a 36% pay rise and 16% for 65 x fellow troughers in 2002/3
    (hate to say it James, but Stuart Kelly was deeply involved in this horribly fraudulent sham…proof now available upon request)
    o oversaw the covering up of foul learning disabled abuse
    o indulged in a decade of power abuse
    o forced out brave social services whistleblowers
    o deliberately concealed dubious connections to thugs
    o dished out accreditations to gangster “care” companies
    o lied through his teeth to an investigator, costing us £17k
    o lied again
    o and again
    o returned to lording it over us…
    o involved himself earlier this month in ugly, alleged racism
    (as usual, not exhaustive. I haven’t got all FKN night)

    Time’s up Foulkesy if you’re reading this, which you almost certainly are.

  7. G’day Lads

    I am surprised you are all surprised at this behaviour.

    It is just business as usual for this type scum of Merseyside.

    Haven’t you been down the Gladwys amongst the dads and lads all coked up?



    Its not all cucumber sandwiches with the Davies’ down at tory west Kirby entertaining Fartin Lobsterpot his neighbour and laughing at his constituents in Tranmeidre.

    Keep at em boys luv you all XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Come on Granty, get a bit of lead in yer column…. you can do it…we are all waiting…..

      ( I am sure the Aussie will send you big x)

      • Exclusive just in from Granty:
        Isn’t wonderful Wirral just wonderful ? I was saying this to my old friend comic genius and tax evader Sir Doddy of Knotty Ash who replied ” how tickled I am to be in Wonderlicious Wirral…….psst can you stuff these used fivers down the back of your settee for a few weeks?”
        Funnily enough I then bumped into minor local celebrity Mike Mc Cartney at the opening of the local autumn fete and told him this story and he replied ” Our kid wrote a song inspired by Doddy. It was called ‘Taxman’. Did I tell you our kid was in a band ? – though can’t remember the name of them like!” My how we laughed ! It reminded me of the lovely natters I used to have with close friend and scouse superstar Cilla where we’d crease ourselves laughing at the antics of Birkenhead bombsite Lily Savage.
        It was of course me who exclusively revealed that our Lily was in fact part time pet rescuer and wonderful Wirralian Paul O’Grady.
        I was pondering on all of this on the way to the ‘offy’ as we wacky Wirralians call licensed premises when I came across a ‘civilian’ which is what us showbiz types call ordinary people .Normally I end up bumping into Paul Hollywood and we have some food and drink based banter or sometimes John Barnes and we talk about footy fun but it’s good sometimes to experience reality rather than reality tv! So I asked this civilian what he thought of wonderful Wirral and he said : ” Wirral has many natural assets but in my experience a good quality of life is dependent on whether you’re well paid and well connected. If you’re not -it’s a corrupt shithole”
        I told him in my inimitable cheery, Granty way : ” Oh cheer up ! – ” I’m A Celebrity Get me Out of Here’ is back on the telly soon. My favourite contestant was glamorous Olympian Sam Quek. Did you know she’s from wonderful Wirral ? I met her once at an awards ceremony and she said to me ‘Do I know you? who are you again?’ – sultry Sam has such a wonderful sense of humour.Anyway I entertained her for the next 3 hours by telling her about the time I had afternoon tea with Cynthia Lennon in Fortnum & Mason’s.Cynthia was such fun …..” (continued ad nauseam)

      • G’day Leaky and “Inty”

        Talking of all these wirral elite.

        Yep don’t worry lads it was a typo wirral shite.

        Did the lady boxing champion of wirral, well Hooligan’s Bar anyway, accompany “Ankles” “The ex Dunny Chain Wearer” to the queen’s garden party?



        God save the queen cos nothing will save “Ankles”.

  8. C’mon Ecca

    Tell us again what a wonderful place wirral is to live.

    The place where labor are happy to keep people unemployed and off their faces and help blame “Philly Liar’s” Thatcher for everything.

    The place where senior clowncillors keep showing they are piss pot racists, ask “Sir Git”, and think, know, they are above the law.

    What massive investment have you got Blinking CEO to rebuild BirkenBloodyHead?

    Don’t tell me you have taken to lying as well?



    Vote labor and stay in the 60’s.


  9. To return to a familiar theme of mine.

    I very much doubt that either the Wirral Globe or the Liverpool Echo will publish the Foulkes` scandal or the Reece-Jones report which castigates her in great detail.
    It is also unlikely to hit the screens of either of the N.West television channels.

    I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

    The ruling Merseyside Labour Party seem to have all these media outlets firmly in their pocket and there is rarely any adverse comment about corruption, bullying , lying or other double dealings on both sides of the River Mersey.

    It is also regrettable that, here on the Wirral, the supine Conservative opposition seem unwilling, or unable, to bring these many scandals out into the open,
    Thus, the great majority of Wirral voters are oblivious to the appalling behaviour of those who infest the top corridors of power in Wallasey Town Hall and will probably return the same unwholesome bunch to power next May.

    • Good to see you clobbering them all Charles. Every man has his price (well almost), and for me, these two locals are the most dangerous when abusing their power. Because despite phone hacking, despicable conduct and the pretty much hopeless Leveson One, their foul industry is still not regulated, and all notions of accountability to their readers are self-professed and therefore bogus:

    • G’day Chas

      It really is frustrating isn’t it that they are all rats in a sack.

      Well actually a boys club. (Spot the girl)

      It probably all revolves around them all protecting the incompetents at the clowncil.

      They won’t shit on the hands that feed them and keep them in position because no one person can speak up.

      Look what happened to that scruffy little labor bloke from Eastham or wherever.

      They have this massive, massive pool of money that they all hanker over.

      When I worked at the audit commission in Liverpeel I couldn’t believe they way they threw all the money into a great big mixer.

      A bit like a humungous laundering machine.



      Then Chasser its all about spending it to suit ones self and (friendly) others.

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