Sorry/Not Sorry – The LRJ saga continues

Not Sorry 2

It is perhaps appropriate that Halloween sees the unveiling of the latest instalment of Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ) saga.

The previous two instalments can be found here :

Crabby v LRJ The Feud Continues

An LRJ Reaction

Wirral Leaks readers will remember that The Standards Panel of 15th June 2017 determined that LRJ had breached the Members’ Code of Conduct. The Panel decision required a number of actions to take place, including reporting the outcome to  Wirral Council’s Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee on 31st October to check whether LRJ has complied with the sanctions against her. The decision was subject to LRJ’s appeal which, considering the evidence against her, inevitably fell flat on its face. The report to the Committee sets out the steps that have, or have not, been taken by LRJ and other interested parties in responding to the actions required……..and it makes very interesting reading and might we suggest will lead to some intriguing political questions .

The report of  Philip McCourt (Interim Assistant Director – Law & Governance /Monitoring Officer)  who is currently auditioning to be Surjit Tour’s successor can be found  HERE

As you can see there are a number of recommendations made to the  Committee . The most damning being set out at recommendation (d) that LRJ 

(i) has been, and continues to be, an unreliable witness;
(ii) has attempted to mislead both the investigator conducting the
review and the monitoring officer in attempting to enforce the
sanctions of the Standards Panel; and

(iii) has continued to use her position and influence as a councillor to
victimise the complainants by making false allegations against
them via social media and to others
in breach of her obligations under the Members Code of Conduct

Now for us this is where it gets really interesting  because as a result of  of the Standards Panel held on 15th June the Labour Political Group Leader (presumably  Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies) was asked to consider whether party disciplinary action should be taken against Councillor Reecejones and whether she should be removed (through Council) from all outside bodies to which she has been appointed.

Strangely such recommendations were not made by the Standards Panel at Cllr Steve Foulkes  Code of Conduct hearing held in August 2016 – where it could be argued that Foulkesy’s proven dishonesty was much more serious and much more damaging to Wirral Council.

WIRRALGATE! – Half the Story

However  in the light of LRJ  Standards Panel hearing she was suspended from the Labour Group indefinitely. On appeal to the Labour North West , this action was
commuted to a suspension of four months, to 6th January 2018, on the condition that Cllr Reecejones makes the formal apology required of her.

LRJ’s  belated ‘sorry/not sorry’ response set out below (which is included in McCourts’s report above ) will need to be considered by the Standards Panel and the Labour Group 

Dear Overchurch Residents Association,
I am writing to you as an outcome to the standards panel of 15th June
2017, I apologise for breaching the members code of conduct.
Yours Sincerely,
Cllr Louise Reecejones”
The other letters contained the same or less, but were additionally
accompanied by a final statement that read:
“This letter is solely for the recipient and should not be for publication “

We will have to wait and see whether this will suffice to save LRJ’s political skin. But having ,at least in the eyes of the Labour Group power elite anyway, been seen as being responsible for taking down one of their own ( ex Cllr Jim Crabtree) we don’t fancy her chances of retaining her current status as a Labour councillor.

If this does transpire we’d be interested to know how the Labour Group justify their kid glove approach to the likes of Cllr George Davies and  Cllr Steve Foulkes. Neither have even been suspended let alone face any kind of meaningful sanction for what frankly amounts to criminality – but then when the Labour Political Group Leader Cllr Phil Davies and the Labour Political Group Godfather are implicated in the cover up of their crime what should we expect?


19 thoughts on “Sorry/Not Sorry – The LRJ saga continues

  1. I hear Ecca is soon to announce that Hamilton Square is to be transformed into the cage fighting capital of the uk….0pening bout to be Bernie the Bruiser v Good Old Catholic Racist Elaine Whatshername…

    0oeer (pushing my luck)

  2. I don’t get it. CRABBY threatened recce Jones for a trifling sum of money that went charity’s way. CRABBY WAS INDIFFERENT TO SOME £2m that went to Wirralbiz and others in fraud?

    The charity stole in same way as did some Big claimants and btw the charity bid for some of the £800k community enterprise fund. The charity probably observed the Wirralbiz debacle and thought it normal practice to break the rules. The police answer that no one individual profited is the stock answer given in the two Big fund cases where fraud was clear. In fact the police added to me that they had warned the council again and again and we’re not minded to do jack shit about it.

    Jaded police and cynical grant claimants add up to multiple frauds

    • A quick check of Fraud act 2006 shows that police excuse both with Big and here is invalid.
      False representation with a view to making gains for oneself OR OTHERS.

      A charity is an incorporated body and therefore a person in law and therefore included within OTHERS


      • Well let’s get the Rozzers on here and let’s get an answer…what’s going on? (0ffical and unofficial, if any one one would care to let us know)

      • G’day Mate

        I’m so glad the cops all go to uni these days what would chancer clowncillors like “Philly Liar” and “Ankles” Foulkes get away with if they didn’t?

        ha ha ha ha

        Did you see any of them at Oxford or do they wear your “high viz” jacket under false pretences?



        Is it any wonder BirkenBloodyHead is a shit hole ran by a pompous mamby mamby, pink cheeked, fat arsed twat from west Kirby who is run rings around by “Ankles” “The Blinking CEO”?

        I bet “Sir Git” is so glad he got away with that fucking big clock they paid for.

        A small price to pay, all that labor racism, see wirralgate.


      • Wirralbizz.

        I agree absolutely with your comment.
        Here in Merseyside and, as with the Halliday dodgy contracts in York, the respective police forces have made it obvious that they do not wish to become involved in criminal enquiries where local politicians are involved.

        One can only speculate how much local political pressure is applied now that Chief Constables can be dismissed by their Police and Crime Commissioners who, throughout the country, come from a political background.

        Considerable police resources are devoted to enquiring into the alleged sexual misdemeanours of people long dead. The Edward Heath enquiry it is claimed, cost Wiltshire Police £1.5 million and was based on the claims of a totally unreliable fanticist.
        But delve into the dirty waters of local politics is an obvious no no.

  3. Problem is Charles, they are not all fantasists are they? It infects all of society, top to bottom. Much anguish was brought. It’s worrying if anybody is contemplating defending the corner of alleged Establishment VIP paedos with power to abuse. Whitewashes cost money, and must be (not) seen to be done.

    • W.I.I.T.

      No. You are right.
      They are not all fantasists by any means and the way in which the police and local authority in Rotherham, for example, turned a blind eye to many years of the sexual abuse of vulnerable girls was disgraceful.

      Similarly here on the Wirral with the long term abuse of young girls which caused a senior social worker to resign ( interesting to know how much she walked away with and where was her next lucrative post) and the Councillor who headed the Cabinet responsible to be dismissed.

      You will be aware of the long running and very costly enquiry into allegations against politicians and a very senior retired Army officer which again proved to be originated by a fantasist who should perhaps have been recognised as such from an early stage.
      This resulted in abject apologies from the Met. Commissioner to those under investigation who were still alive, and to a widow
      Difficult for the police to pick the wheat from the chaff.
      In my days in the Job- 1955 to 1985- life seemed much simpler.

      • “Seemed” being the operative word. No pesky social media then. Maybe just letters dumped in the nearest bin and unseen suffering wrought on a widespread basis with no fear of any come back.

  4. James

    If they did go to university is it not like the Pharisees. Supposedly learned, but silly, perverting natural law by playing with human law.

    Pharisees were out reasoned by a young Christmas who I imagine spoke of natural law.

    A fraud is patently a fraud and can be seen by all. To deny it speaks of self interest as indeed in our shebang we know operated, denying what was self evident

    The rest is bullwhip.

    • Apologies to Councillor @J___Williamson if she chanced to gaze upon the above phizzog. It’s very in yer face isn’t it, and yes, he’s still sharing your oxygen.

      But chin up and carry on schmoozing with the non-regal, hard right Exec to which you’d earlier feigned hatred. That way, career advancement lies. One day at a time, sweet Janette… one careful foot in front of the other and who knows? You may trace criminal Crabtree’s footsteps to a splendid summer garden in southern England, and there could be a UK Honour in it for you, all achieved on the backs of the oppressed Wirral masses !

  5. Personally, I think the police need to be involved again. The guy running the show was next to useless. Maybe LRJ would like me to post the evidence that she was claiming expenses for child care that was never taking place? That was being deducted from money intended for disabled children. And if LRJ wants to refute it, then I can post the spreadsheets proving that she claimed it.

    Oh.. and tip of the iceberg springs to mind.. keep pushing LRJ, keep pushing…

    LRJ claims she can’t make the panel on 31st Oct due to a hospital appointment – but I suspect once she was told that it was going ahead without her, that she will soon change her plans and be there.

    Since LRJ cannot post on social media without throwing herself under a bus, she has Sue Mahoney posting on her behalf on social media. Just check out the Liverpool Echo Facebook page.

    Why oh why, do we have such self centred, narcissistic people in positions of influence?

    It’s about time that those that choose to whistle blow are protected, and the powers that be encourage the same.

    • G’day Mr/Mrs Banana

      You need to talk to “The Pretend Friend” Clowncillor Santa Claus Jones.

      He will openly and honestly tell you

      You don’t understand how it works boyo.

      Meaning in lyrical welsh that you don’t have a chance so fuck off






      So when you see Santa Jones outside Morrisons please say in your best Australian

      G’day Mate

      He will then know that you believe ME that he is lying, cheating, orrible, welsh scum bag arse hole


      • In fact Mr/Mrs Banana


        I would like each and everyone of you to do me a favour.

        When you see the following in the passageways of the clowncil

        Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell
        Philly Fucking Liar
        The Pretend Friend
        Crispy Cream Doughnut
        The Abbey
        Williamsons fart Gallery
        Missus Bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse Rat
        Blott on the Landscape
        The Chamber Potty

        Et al

        Anyone else you think stinks and does the wrong thing by the wirral taxpayer

        Just say and greet them in your best Aussie accent

        “G’DAY MATE”



        Every time you say G’day Mate it will remind them of Wirral “Funny” Bizz and that they only bullied LouiseBJ because she acted just like one of them.

        And she’s a woman.

        It’s not our money anyway is it KEVIN pride of ST KEVINS

        Go Banana Go Banana XXXXXX

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