Double Dealers

Wirral Council closes in on double deal

Hey Eric, is that Asif Hamid in the background? Might we suggest you don’t introduce him to the Foulkes’s any time soon ? Just sayin’ !

Recent alleged racist events on the continent rather overtook us ( you may have noticed) so this particular post was relegated to the back burner. Nevertheless we think this story is interesting for several reasons. To understand what we mean read the following link:

Wirral Council Closes In On Double Deal

First of all doesn’t Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson look particularly smug? Wouldn’t you be on a near cool £200K of public money we hear you cry ! Well, yes but would you be him? , we shriek back in horror.

Apparently according to Inside Media :

Wirral Council is close to sealing two major land and property deals in Birkenhead totalling 200,000 sq ft.

The local authority has signalled its intention to acquire a number of strategic sites and buildings to support the work of Wirral Growth Company, a new joint venture company that it is creating with the private sector.

As part of this, the council has reported that it is close to concluding two acquisitions in central Birkenhead, while a further four potential deals are currently under negotiation. The objective is to unlock covenants and leases that are holding back redevelopment, and to provide new revenue streams to support local services where buildings are profitably occupied.

The exact details of the sites have not been disclosed.

Whilst it seems the usual Wirral Council story of Stressed Eric doing his dance of the seven veils like a superannuated local government (asset) stripper on their behalf – ‘signalled its intention’ , ‘close to concluding’ , ‘potential deals’, ‘currently under negotiation’ , ‘the exact details of the sites have not been disclosed’  –  we’re particularly intrigued as to why this major exclusive announcing the selling off of what remains of the Borough’s family silver was heralded on this particular (deservedly) obscure website.

We haven’t checked the Wirral View lately ( let’s face it – life’s too short) or other Wirral Council approved outlets to check whether this story was covered elsewhere but we’re astounded that Stressed Eric can , from the comfort of yet another costly and glamorous MIPIM event ,this time in London rather than the rather more louche Cannes, casually announce major plans for the redevelopment of Birkenhead.

Can somebody tell us how, without any local consultation or hysterical local press coverage replete with the requisite ‘artist’s impressions’ of schemes that will never come to fruition unless magic mushrooms are involved, that this ever went to press?

Answers on a postcard please ( or should that be a brown envelope ?)………….



29 thoughts on “Double Dealers

    • They only remembered when it blew up and then only saw it as a begging bowl opportunity.Perhaps if it was in Frank Field’s constituency they might have made more of an effort over the years.

  1. Hate to criticise the Aussie but ‘stressed Eric’ doesn’t look very stressed to me …. he looks more like an ‘unstressed Eric’.

    It’s bit like discovering that the actor who played Walter Gabriel in the Archers didn’t look like a half mad old farmer…

    What the feck am I going on about…?

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but I understand this is all French Elvis work maybe we could all get a job with this new venture will be interesting to see what sites they have purchased maybe it’s the latest titty bar about to be opened “buy one strip get one free” 💃

    • G’day “Int”

      The stressed comment is not down to me.

      Saying he is as useful as Burgess, saying he is mute, scared, waste of space and money maybe but not stressed.

      You aren’t stressed hiding under your desk in case Cardin says G’day.



      Bringing sweat shops and phone a friend call centres to BirkenBloodyHead underpaying people and telling them it is all Thatchers fault will only help the racist bullies at labor.

      Don’t forget Clowncil workers if you see anyone in the dump that is doing the wrong thing greet them with a massive




      Luv ya “Inty” X

  2. G’day Leaky

    Are you sure that’s “Spotty Dog” “Eccles Cake Face” “The Blinking CEO” in front of Mr Call Centre MBE.

    I suppose £200,000.00+ pays for a fair bit of acne cream.

    Tell me L why do they think talking shit impresses people?

    This is about as vague, ridiculous and unbelievable as Uncle Joe’s imaginary new football stadium for Everpeel in the Championship.

    Commonwealth Gold ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    £200,000.00+ for a muppet.

    Where is “Philly “Fucking” Liar” Leaks?

    Over talking to Uncle Jack about footgolf?


    What a croc of shit he speaketh.

  3. Quote,
    5 Sep 2011 · BY 2036, Wirral will be an international waterside destination rivalling cities such as Sydney and New York, according to Peeled Holdings. Yikea its 0736 now that gives Eric ( I have a cunnining plan ) Robinson 13 hrs to complete the shitty of the future, Rome wasn’t built in a day – Birkenvegas will NEVER get built

  4. The £200,000 salary. WHY I thought we already had had the Supreme being, Mr Burgess, bless his name. And for £145,000. He was, I was told by a Cabinet Member, a veritable luminary of local government.

    Did they pay so much cos otherwise No-one would take the job? A sort of compensation for the death of a career like a footballer approaching his thirties?

    Why ever not offer it to a group who never charge for their public services? A rotation of contributors to this blog and Wirral in it together. Charles NUNN sitting in the Chair at meetings, boy there would be a Rank Organisation gong struck every lie that was told, or the Aussie

    “sit down you lying Pommie barstool”

    Or John Brace

    “I direct the Councillor to subsection c para 10 of the Act forbidding such policy”

    It would be like the Coliseum with Wirral residents clamouring to get in


    BOBBY 47!

    By God standing room only.

    • Wirral Council could charge entrance fees.
      That’s a money -making scheme we could actually buy into.
      Participants could be sponsored to wear branding ( Wirral Chamber of Commerce, The Contact Company, Peel Holdings,Jack Nicklaus Golf Venture etc;).
      Instead of time consuming and costly Code of Conduct hearings we could just drag errant councillors into the council chamber and His Lord and Ladyship could do the thumbs up or down.Any councillor getting the thumbs down is sent to a Corruption Hub where they are forced to listen to a recording of The Nolan Principles being played for eternity. Those who have committed particularly heinous breaches of the Code of Conduct are forced to listen to a recording of The Nolan Sisters being played for eternity.

      • Spot on Leaks

        G’day Sir

        You must have a word with the mums of “Little Matty Patty” and “Clowncillor Emergency WARD 10 year old”.

        Them working with the likes of “Philly “FUCKING” Liar, “Ankles” Foulkes, Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother wit the Comb Over from Hell”, “Legweak” is bordering on child cruelty.

        No Lordy it is actually criminal.



        Luv ya to the moon and back XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

        Good to see they have started sorting them out at Westminster it is guaranteed to come down the line to the sewer in Wallasey Clown Hall.

      • Thing is JJ you are a great writer. Supremely talented. No one on these pages, including Hobro, Doc Smith or even Cardin can touch you.
        But…you’ve no imagination. You’re lacking in the imagination department. Particularly when it comes to dishing out sanctions or punishments to some of these oily bastards who feed at the trough of public service. Your horizons for the grotesque, the absurd and the truly manic and horrific are limited to playing them a few Nolan Sister records, whereas me, someone who, though not great or particularly gifted, but with a wonderful imagination am able to come up with much better punishments than you.
        You’ve chosen to ignore other possibilities. Electrocution. It’s a terrible thing to be electrocuted. Not once whilst trawling the Internet have I found someone who said, ‘they electrocuted me and quite frankly it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me’.
        Being savaged by a wild dog, getting shot in the leg or even being thrashed with stinging nettles harvested in late August are much more appealing to a baying crowd of Wirral headbangers thirsting for political vengeance than your offering ‘I’m in the mood for Dancing’, albeit, it’s over and over and over again until you might yearn to die.
        No! All things considered your Lordship, despite your mastery of your craft, you’ve no imagination, which is why I should be appointed to do the punishing in Nigel’s imaginary coliseum rather than you.

    • No more imaginary than that Wirral Waters Bobby! Look how far that got Adderley and crew.

      You gotta dream to realise the Dream.

      To infinity and beyond and jj gets to dish the punishment when you are in the Chair..separation of powers Nolan principles or is it American constitution.

      You get to recuse (love that word) yourself, Bobby

  5. SCOOP!…. As part of Eric’s superplan for Wirral residents, Birkenhead Park is to be developed into a Jurassic Theme Park with 80 foot fences! The Council are asking Princess Paula (aka The Chamber) and colleagues to search the world for suitable dinosaurs (at taxpayers expense of course) to live in the Park…..OOPS!….Sorry, just woken up….think I might have had one of those Robinson dreams!!

  6. By the way “Int” and Lordy

    I think the blinking CEO “Eccles Cake Face” is a vile revolting man for letting those racist bullies in labor anywhere near his building.

    I would get those lovely lovely underpaid men on the door to stop them entering.

    Under paid because they have to be polite to the scum and dross of wirral.



    They know who they are fella’s and the clowncil officer.

    I bet “Sir Git” misses them……NOT.

    Even though I detested the man for his actions he should not have been victimised by these low lives.


    • Just to let everyone know, I do think the Aussie is the most marvellous, his comments most astute, his dignity most perfect…. do you get the picture?and here is big fecking fat x for him….

      And that is not to say I do not have a very high regard for the high vis Highbrow or the wonderful Lord leaks…

      • Thanks “Int”

        Yer not bad yerself.

        Message to the wannabe boss of the Ill-Legal Department.

        Hey “Squash McCourt” I hope you are a fat barstard to squash this dross and crud at wirral.

        I will give you the benefit of the doubt at this point and advise you not to get in bed with this blight on the taxpayer purse.

        Stay professional and don’t let them corrupt you.

        You would regret that for the rest of your career and life.

        Look what they did to “Sir Git” even though he was a shyster.



        They are despicable mate ask “Highbrow” if you need any proof.

        Luv you up there with Lordy, nearly, “Inty” XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. Egerton House..The Lauries..Pacific Road..all council properties generating peppercorn rent off the Wirral Chamber of former council horrors.
    The 1 million pound gifted for a workhouse sorry call centre too Massive Hamid.
    New venture student flats think i would have built the uni first.
    The problem with this council is the total ignorance of the fact that the decline in their centre piece Birkenhead town centre has happened on their watch and they are failing to fix the problem they created.

    • And to compound matters, the Wirral Growth Company has been launched seeking huge investment upon the strengh of a hilarious, idiotic, shambolic, amateur video-nasty, starring the lame duck leader.

      Any competent, worldly-wise, wealthy investor with access to Google will be very quickly in a position to ascertain that they’d be on dodgy footing, dealing with two-bit shysters.

      If any have wandered here on the offchance, then I’ve done the job for you. You’ll simply have to click on these four links to know beyond doubt that your cash needs to remain firmly in your arse pocket.





      And even if you are bent as well, and your bulging sack of lucre is crooked money you wish to launder on one of their schemes, the chances are that their sheer incompetence and links to dodgy audio recordings, alleged racism, proven learning disabled abuse, carefully sabotaged investigations, ongoing refusal to admit that they have allowed £2 million to be spirited away to Portugal….. will undermine it all and your sparkling reputation – if you have one – will be left in tatters.

      In other words, there is no option but to go elsewhere.

      Certainly not the Brexit Birkenhead™ of Frank Field.

      And on a broader basis, certainly not Wirral, or the Brexit Britain™ of Theresa May

      • Thanks Paul

        I feel obliged to give lawyer Squash (Mc) Court another warning about applying for the job.

        Mate, Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Foulkes and Armstrong and others were all over AdderleyDaddderleyDooLally and “The Chamber Peroxided Potty Basnett” lying over Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods at least £2,000,00.00 knock off and continued to pay them for eighteen months after the whistle was blown.

        “The Shyster” “Sir Git” was in on this scandal from the start and stayed schtumm through numerous meetings showing off his fucking big watch as big as his fat arse.

        So Squashy, or would you rather me call you Tennis, I won’t call you Law Court because that is where you could end up if you get in bed with these chancers.



        If they are sorting out Westminster Squashy as sure as PHILLY is a LIAR it will come down the line to local government.

        And, so it should.

        Get a decent honest job mate you don’t need the shite of wirral.

        Thanks again Paul X

      • Good stuff Paul, I would highly recommend those links…….my fav is no 3 Link…. it could become some sort of SUPER BOOMERANG…if you felt so inclined…

  8. James:

    Sadly, when there is oodles of cash floating about in the cesspit excrement, there is always someone prepared to sacrifice any principles they may have and plunge their hand deep into the festering, smelly shite to reach it.
    Wallasey Town Hall is full of such.

    • G’day Chas

      It is shite like them Charlie that give scousers a bad name.

      Go on Ecca tell us about your deluded dream of investment and prove that the investors won’t be the Wirral taxpayers?

      Charlie they have family’s that they disrespect on a daily basis.

      They are vile starting with the leader “Philly FUCKIN Liar”.



      Stay at em mate X

  9. G’day “Inty”

    I had a dream.

    I had a dream.

    That you started up

    The Highbrow Griffo Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 Fan Club.

    You of course were Fan Club Leader and NO 1 Member


    unlike the Clowncil Leader “Philly Fucking Liar” you always talk true talk

    unlike some heavyweight labor clowns you are not racist

    unlike some clowns at Wallasey men/women you are not an egotistical bully.

    Unlike the Kitchen Cabinet at wirral you wouldn’t get the head of the Ill Legal Department to turn a blind eye to asset stripping and ignore report recommendations of police action and stay schtum to senior officers lying.

    Lots more reasons that you should be the BOSS are available on request.



    Then I woke up X

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