An Eternal Haunting

Honest People

We find Halloween frightful (and not in a good way) so we’ve pulled up the drawbridge at Leaky Towers and are now settling down before a log fire to recall our All Hallow’s Eve stories of yore.

We decided we couldn’t outdo our 2015 story below as it is as pertinent then as it is now.  Wirral Leaks is playing the part of Catherine Earnshaw’s ghost  in Emily Bronte’s classic gothic novel  Wuthering Heights – scratching at the window and haunting the guilty in their sleep…………………for eternity!

Although reporting Wirral Council horror stories is our stock in trade our fiendish readers realise we always like to make a special effort on Halloween.

Halloween Special – House of Horrors – keeping it clean

Halloween Special – You Only Moved The Headstones

Tricked or Treat – where the Abnorman is Normal

So reporting (almost) live from the gothic monstrosity that is Leaky Towers we bring you the leading mischief makers in the Wirralgate scandal that haunts Wirral Council. This is the scandal which the local poltergeist politicians want to keep hidden in the basement like the body of Norman Bates’s mother.Frank-N-Field

The Rt.Hon Frankenfield has like Dr. Frankenstein created a monster.That monster has been cobbled together from a small group of obedient halfwits and an amoral wannabe.

This monster has been running amok for years always knowing that Frankenfield will defend his unco-ordinated , incoherent and clumsy creation.

However by setting up the call which ended in a fateful recorded conversation he effectively created the Wirralgate scandal.


Mental-PowerBoyThe eternal wannabe council leader Power Boy Pip Davies – always in denial and forever deluded. In his own words he said The Ghouls ,sorry The Group were using “the content of the phone conversation to pressurise him into settling their claim ” ( page 7 – Report of Investigation Into allegation of Breach Code of Conduct for Councillors – Patricia Thynne June 2014).……and then meekly obeys when Frankenfield steps in and “demands” a compensation for The Group!. Frankenfield then gets close friend “Old Nick” Warren to cobble together some kind of justification for compensation when there is no legal basis for such a claim.     

admin-ajaxIt was the feckless and reckless Foulkesy who instigated the Wirralgate scandal.However there are only so many people’s lives and careers he can destroy before they begin to emerge from his curse. Here he is pictured above with the person who we believe may prove to be his nemesis.

George Comb Forward

If a picture paints a thousand words then no photoshopping is required. Frankenfield’s factotum – the runaround,the go-between,the fixer.Just like Igor obediently acting on his master’s instructions Cllr George Davies had in his own words a “relaxed and unguarded way of talking” to The Group (Page 11 –  Report of Investigation Into allegation of Breach Code of Conduct for Councillors – Patricia Thynne June 2014).This “relaxed and unguarded way of talking” apparently included casual racism , smears and illegal sweetheart deals….all of which was recorded by a member of The Group.

And so like a recurring nightmare Wirral Leaks seeks to be a constant reminder that what is seemingly dead and buried will sometimes come come back and haunt those named and shamed above during their long dark night of the soul*.

*Disclaimer – Wirral Leaks realises the people described above sold their soul a long time ago and any resemblance to a fit and proper person to hold public office is entirely coincidental. 

5 thoughts on “An Eternal Haunting

  1. G’day Leaksly

    I bet its spooky in those towers tonight.

    You say

    Emily Bronte says

    Honest people don’t hide their deeds

    I say

    “Philly “Fucking” Liar” hides their deeds for them


    Just ignores them

    Beverley Edwards Infernal Audit Report into Big and ISUS

    Grant Thornton Report

    LGA Report

    Big Recipient names



    The man is a moron and compulsive liar.

    If he is the best labor has god help them.


  2. G’day Leaks

    I’m fumin’

    Funds like the BIG Fund is just one of the vehicles for supposedly “GOOD” citizens of councillors to give free money to any fucker that it suits them.

    People suck up to them like spoilt brattish children.

    I don’t want to talk about sex scandals around politics “yet” but hey ho.

    If people don’t speak up

    They are yellow feeble weak excuses of human beings.



    If you want to defend these maggots “Squash McCourt” …….. fill ya boots.

    Just ave a look at Clowncillor “Ankles” Foulkes and his racist mate “Squashy”.

    Stay strong Jumbo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    For just being here.

  3. what if these fantastical beasts had real power? NOT JUST A PHANTASM OF IT.

    The unholiness of that idea to be ruled by creatures of the night (what sweet music they make) rather than to be reigned over by creatures of the slight.

  4. G’day Leaks

    You are spot on The Great Man they should feel eternal haunting……………….

    I’ll do my best.


    All slimy barstards that were all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and all turned a blind eye or worse to theft, asset stripping crud and dross.

    They have no respect for the Wirral taxpayer or it seems anyone but themselves and their pathetic careers that are shit ridden.



    Ecca me old china plate fix them.

    Almost time for that welsh fraudster to don the red suit and pretend to be nice.

    PLease say G’day from me when you pass him.


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