‘It Has To Stop’


‘It has to stop’ …..

These were the poignant words used by one of the whistleblowers at last night’s special meeting of the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee. These whistleblowers had been found to have been victimised by Labour councillor Louise Reecejones (LRJ) at a Standards Panel hearing held in June.

As we flagged up last week  in our Sorry/Not Sorry – The LRJ saga continues story it seems that LRJ didn’t offer up an adequate apology for her actions and compounded the original breach by continuing to victimise the same people who had been brave enough to act in the public interest and raise their concerns about how LRJ had allegedly handled the financial affairs of a charity.

We recommend you watch both parts of the John Brace videos below to witness the full halloween horrorshow.

Needless to say  it won’t surprise any of you to hear we have a few observations to make on proceedings. It was frankly sickening to witness the weasel words of all the councillors on the committee –  ‘beyond belief’,’disbelief’, ‘astonishing’, ‘disappointing’ were used to describe the actions/inactions of LRJ. However it was particularly galling to hear it from Labour councillors and especially from Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin who in full  Matron mode ( stern looks and crossed arms) uttered the immortal words :

As the Labour  member on the (Standards) Panel it was very difficult for me  to hear that a Labour councillor had used her position as a councillor to damage the reputation and the livelihoods of other people. It goes without saying that people who come into this council were elected to serve the residents of the borough and not to use our position to do damage to them………

This was breathtaking hypocrisy – as she of all people knows only too well that Labour councillors have been destroying the reputation and livelihoods of whistleblowers and those who call them out or won’t go along with their cover ups for years and years and years. It’s like the year 2012 has been erased from history.

We are not giving LRJ an out here – she deserves everything she gets but it is a matter of proven fact that she has been treated markedly differently than her Labour colleague Cllr Steve Foulkes by the Standards Panel. As far as we’re concerned councillors McLaughlin, Gilchrist and Blakeley have some explaining to do. This is something we will be analysing in a later post.

Meanwhile we’ll just wait and see as to whether LRJ finally offers a meaningful apology to her victims, whether the local Labour Group does indeed impose further sanctions and whether LRJ turns up to provide Council with a fulsome and sincere apology at their next meeting in December.

As for the whistleblowers all we can hope for is that, for them , the nightmare does ‘stop’. Although our knowledge of whistleblowers on Wirral is that it never ‘stops’ – the sense of loss, injustice and powerlessness stays with them for a very long time.

We also have to ask ourselves whether the appalling conduct of some councillors will ever ‘stop’ without meaningful , equitable and proportionate sanctions.



24 thoughts on “‘It Has To Stop’

  1. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    Councillor Moira McLaughlin breaks new frontiers on foul hypocrisy. This is the woman who had undeclared links to a certain failed Head of Social Services at a time when learning disabled people spent nine years being financially abused. People died. One man was dressed in rags and walking around Angela Eagle’s constituency begging for food. There were allegations of rape that went unreported by care providers, but councillors and senior officers avoided serious case reviews like the plague and even delayed care packages for four weeks to save money during the infamous “4 week delay” scandal. All with the blessing of Moira McLaughlin and her hard right Labour chums. The total stolen was £736,756.97 but she and her 65 colleagues, some of whom had been accrediting gangster care companies such as Assisted Living Services, were NEVER properly investigated by failed Anna Klonowski Associates.

    Still, here’s Moira, exhumed, vampire-like and dishing out punishment to a very convenient if rather foul bad girl and supposed lefty who upset them.

  2. The reason both Tamsin and I have managed to get the council to take notice and bring LRJ to task is because we refused to give up. Although it seemed apparent at times that it was hoped we would go away, that was never an option for us as we feel strongly that the fact of what LRJ has done that has not only affected Tamsin and I but the wider community of families of children with special needs.
    I do hope this will stop but am not convinced.

    • Thanks for this.
      We know of what you speak – many of our whistleblower friends understand just how much determination you need when speaking truth to power and to this shower in particular.
      Unfortunately we share your pessimism about history continuing to repeat itself.
      If it’s any consolation we salute your resolute bravery. You did what you thought was right. When did that become so wrong?

    • WEll done Cath and Tasmin

      I’ve been at them for six and a half years, they’ve spent probably £250,000.00+ defending their lies and cheating and arsehole behaviours.

      “Philly “Fucking” Liar Davies” is still in denial the deluded idiot.

      His rats Foulkes, Jones, Davies, Armstrong, Jones all stand in line behind their fearful leader.



      Can you imagine them if it was life and death?

      Well done girls X

    • I and James have been in the places you are visiting.
      We persisted
      We were armed with insider knowledge of such breadth and depth that in itself should have been enough for a smooth passage to justice. BUT no, it required our persistence and suffering to bring matters to a Special audit and Risk Committee, first almost railroaded by special interests and then reconvened where we met with BLATANT LIES by Ceo and super director

      Fortunately and from persistence the information commissioner forced documents out of Wbc that showed the bare faced lies for what they were

    • What a load of tosh!!
      A none story about two online trolls trying to get the only decent Councillor expelled. Ironic it’s about complaints yet these two are still complaining!!
      This is a complete none story and a waste of public money, the investigation to prove nothing has prob cost more.


  3. I have had a good read of all the documents in this case, I find an astounding inconsistency.

    1st April 2015 suspended for fraudulent documents from Labour
    End of April police discover documents had been created
    May 2015 Coates and Griffiths raise their concerns about invoices (as stated in their witness statements) then work with the council to blame said councillor.

    How was she suspended before documents were created and anyone had even blown the whistle???

    I also searched for all these nasty things Councillor LR had said on Facebook, Twitter and other means.
    I find NONE!!

    I do however find a catalogue of posts from Tamsin and Catherine!!
    I see her being accused of theft and being a liar.

    I would not want to draw conclusions on this as I don’t have all the evidence, neither did the panel or the committee for that matter. I notice a distinct lack of any submissions for councillor LR. The investigators have both said they looked through all the evidence but did not enclose it.

    So Councillor LR, what are they not allowing the public to see??

    I would suspect region got to see more than we did!!

    • Police were not involved in April, so quit with your lies.

      Looks like you’ve learned nothing from yesterday. Hopefully they will make a further complaint, as you just persist and persist.

      • G’day Mr Banana

        Lying is just par for “Philly Fucking Liar Davis’s” ridiculous golf course.

        Mate they are all crud and dross and couldn’t lie straight in bed.



    • The digital footprint of the invoices were end of April, it says it in the witness statements.

      How was she suspended in April if the whistleblowers only found out about all this in May???
      I think that’s what is being said.

      I find it curious, how anyone putting forward something against these people are accused of being LR. I am not LR I just read and have a brain.

      You only get an opinion if you agree with them.
      Narcissistic behaviour, looks to me like this bunch are part of the matron crew.
      LR gets punished for making a genuine complaint about two nasty people, you see this from their comments all over social media. They want it all to 🛑 however, they have LR’s picture all over their facebooks. They have also called her all kinds names.

      This stinks of a set up!!!

      Steve Foulkes got nothing from standards, Mcloughlin has never been punished.
      Pick on the disabled Councillor, the one who is clearly followed the letter literally to make an apology.

      Apologise to people who are literally making her life a misery to cover their own tracks!!!

      • Your timeline can be very easily refuted. As can pretty much everything you say.

        As a starter for ten.. you were suspended beginning of April because unbeknown to the current whistleblowers, multiple other people had already made complaints about financial impropriety directly attributed to LRJ. The council suspended you and began an audit. YOU told everyone a cock and bull story about the suspension and said it was a council witch hunt completely unrelated to anything financial. The current whistleblowers, along with others rallied around to support you believing your LIES. And what did you do to repay that (gullible) loyalty? Tried to stitch them up when they found out what you were REALLY up to.

        Shall I go on? Shall I do a complete timeline from start to finish?

        You’re obviously LRJ, since you divulge information not part of the public documents.

        If you are holier than thou, then I presume you have paid back the £19000 that your scam, sorry “charity” TLC Network kept hold of DESPITE knowing it does not belong to you.

        Let’s face it, if the invoices were fraudulent, but not manufactured by yourself, then the very first thing YOU would do is inform the police and return the money.

        But no, you signed the invoices off as legit and then to this very day have kept your sullied hands on the dosh.

        Pay it back and get some redemption.

  4. G’day Leaks

    John “Tarrantino” Brace’s pictures from his filum of “Squash McCourt” are very worrying.

    What are his hands doing under the table?

    Is his watch bigger than “Sir Git’s”.

    Is he a bigger shyster already?




  5. Oh my God Lordy

    “Squashy McCourt” is sending subliminal messages in the first John “Tarrantino” Brace’s first filum of him that I have seen of him.

    Have a blimp Leaksy.

    At the very start under the table he plays with his…………… wrist and then blatantly and obviously with great pomp makes his wrist naked of his tiny…………… Timex.

    He is asking, no Lordy begging, for the big fucking watch that goes with the roll of Head of the ill-Legal Department………publicly and shamelessly.



    Looks like the man has no shame with this public display of removing what looks like a kids watch and making room for a big hand jobby.

    Don’t do it “Squashy” it will all end in tears, don’t sell your soul.

    Look what they did to “Sir Git”.


  6. The 100% Original BOOMERANG….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    The Aussie on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal..

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