International Relations

Wirral  Council have a couple of mentions in the Rotten Boroughs section of the latest edition of Private Eye .

“Just a couple ?…..” snorts Her Ladyship ” that’s a good ‘Performance Indicator’ of the ‘Direction of Travel’ on their  ‘Improvement Journey’ “

The first mention is in an article about Sheffield City Council and their pursuit of Chinese investment (or “Wang wonga ” as the Eye would have it) . However when it comes to such ventures it would seem that Wirral Council has now become the byword for naivety, lack of due diligence and hyperbole after the Stella Shiu ‘International Trade Centre’ fantasy left them with “egg foo-yung on its face” ! 

Private Eye Nov 2017 010

It really doesn’t augur well for Wirral CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson and Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies repeated declarations following their MIPIM missions that billions and billions and billions of pounds – or euros or dollars or yuan , they’re not fussed where the moolah comes from –  will soon be ‘transforming’ Wirral and it’ll be the land of milk and honey where the streets are paved with gold (see artists’ impression).

The second mention involves the Eye picking up on our  Sorrento Shame story under the title ‘Travel Section’ . You’d think after undertaking an ambassadorial role as Mayor and Mayoress that the Foulkes’ would be well equipped to foster good international relations. Alas – it would seem that whilst you can take the girl and boy out of Birkenhead you can’t take Birkenhead out of the girl and boy.

Private Eye Nov 2017 014

However to end on a happy note here – giving a whole new meaning to ‘holiday snap’- is a touching Sorrento memento which Elaine Foulkes posted on social media for us all to enjoy.

Foulkes in Sorrento

22 thoughts on “International Relations

  1. The company behind Philly boys golf mega retreat have some pretty dubious business records as well and a staggering £1000 in their accounts that wouldnt even get them membership

  2. Do you think sir Philip Green reads private eye …i reckon he would help us get rid of the rotten Field MP and his revolting supply chain

  3. G’day Leaksly

    Is that Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters?

    Oh no its Wirralgate.




    Not a British Asian man/woman to be seen.

    Just a couple of …. ….

  4. G’day Leaks

    Tell me my Good Lord have I started a world wide trend of grassing?

    Is the whole place coming to the conclusion that british poitics stinks.

    People like “Philly “Fucking” Liar” is just that and “The Pretend Friend” when he tells “Highbrow” he doesn’t understand boyo means he gathers as much filth on as many “colleagues” as possible to bully and terrorise them with.

    How he has the audacity to don a santa suit beggars belief the vile little cretinous welsh egit.



    C’mon you poor barstards blow that whistle on this scum now.

    Rotten Borough 2017


  5. G’day Leaks and Everyone

    There is no place in local clowncils for politics.


    I went to report a £2,000,000.00 knock off.

    Adderley and Basnett ignored and lied to me.

    Davies, Jones, Wilkie, Norman, Tour, Garry, Ball, Bradbury joined in.

    What the fuck.

    £2,000,000.00 of innocent taxpayers money was stolen and they didn’t give a shit.

    “Highbrow” went to the police and the clowncil muscled him and them out.

    What the fuck is the law about and who runs it?



    “Highbrow” is right there will be a revolution at some point.

    Has “Interested” told you “Highbrow” has a high viz vest and graduated from OXFORD so he should know.

    His little fetid jealous Pretend Mate possibly graduated in politics and lying from Banger as a scum bag arse hole labor bully.

    SWALK Lordsville XXXXXX

    • By the way Lordy

      Why I pick on labor so much is that they made it personal.

      But saying that

      Green, Gilchrist and who ever the fuck the new tory leader is, what’s is name?

      They are just as useless if not worse.

      I spoke to Gilchrist on the phone about 5 years ago and told him he should be retired.

      I think he is.

      Fancy not being able to beat “Philly “Fucking” Liar”.

      You’d have to give up…if you weren’t demented.



      I will never forget that old tory fuckwit that suggested at Burgess’s farce of a public meeting into Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods of 9 October 2014 that “Highbrow” should apologise.

      I didn’t see that old fool jumping up and swearing on “Highbrow’s” bible.

      Useless old clowncil leader……whatever his name is?

      Did I hear he headed up the clowncil as leader ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Must have been the start of the end.

      Thank you so much Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. James,

    I think you’re correct on the uselessness of Gilchrist and Ian Lewis – the new Tory leader.
    I reckon bulldog Blakeley will be itching to get up on his hindlegs in the council chamber and interrogate Foulkes about why he didn’t STOP his wife from allegedly sinking her teeth into a fellow holidaymaker’s skin on that bus in Sorrento after allegedly exploding into an alleged ugly alleged racist alleged rant alleged.

    But what will Ian Lewis do? Probably take him to one side and whisper in his ear, “Chris, please. Calm yourself man. You know the score. We have a cross-party, hidden gentlemen’s agreement. No dirty washing of an extremely serious nature to be hung out in public. It simply won’t do. We need to be full square behind each other AND the Echo and the Globe. Say nuffin. What on earth would the public think? Good God, man. These are our colleagues and we do NOT want to alienate them. What happens next time we get another damn motion attacking the number of councillors? Or the level of our allowances? We don’t want to upset those opposite and risk cutting off our nose to spite our face. We all need to be able to unite together across the house and face down the ignorant, romantic public when their stupidity gets the better of them. I repeat, YOU KNOW THE SCORE Chris. Think about the money……..”

    • Spot on Paul

      They are supposed to keep an eye on hopeless, hapless senior officers like Armstrong, Tour, Adderley, Wilkie, Burgess, Robinson, Ball, Garry, Basnett and what do they do????

      Get in bed with them.

      All rats in a sack.

      I think there should be an election to decide who is the most incompetent, fattest, ugliest most racist, useless, waste of space at wirral.

      Just for fun.



      They should just collect the bins and fix the roads Paul not rebuild BirkenBloodyHead and put more golf courses in.

      Bring in unpolitical administration to rebuild the joint they have let fall into ruin and have kept people down just for their labor vote.


    • G’day “Int”

      Get the impression there is no love lost between you.

      He might be like a lot of try hards around the place I know a couple who think their time might come to get free money off the clowncil.

      Just self interested arse holes and would grab taxpayer money given a smidge of a chance.

      Its in their dna.




  7. ‘Happy Christmas’ card BOOMERANG…

    ‘How he has the audacity to don a Santa suit beggars belief the vile little cretinous welsh egit.’

    The Aussie, on Cllr Adrian Jones.


    “WIRRAL Why Elaine Foulkes, former mayoress, is not the ideal holiday companion when she’s feeling tired and emotional.”

    Foulkes’ headline has made the “top stories in the latest issue” on Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs page sandwiched between the Wang Waving article mentioned above and the suspension of a Hounslow councillor who seems to have sent a porn video from his phone to a local imam.

    Classy Elaine!

    • G’day Tom

      Classy is right.

      Who can afford to go Sorrento from BirkenBloodyHead?

      Then they had to share a bus ……with Brits.



      Tommy I can’t find out anywhere where “Philly “Fucking” Liar” went on his junket with the “Peroxided Chamber Potty” “Old Stinking Aashtray AdderleyDadderlyDooLally and Mr Call Centre MBE (Masturbators of the british emporium).

      Any clues TomAce X

      • Oh Lordy

        Never seen it before even in third world Papua New Guinea.

        I was a passenger in a car at a service station in BirkennBloodyHead at 10.30pm Saturday night and two cars in front were told they were banned from the station.



        “Philly “Fucking Liar” you are useless.

        Get rid Ecca, I know it is not up to you but have a word with the nobody.

  9. My Lord,

    I am very concerned with the Aussie report of Squash Mc Caught looking for a bigger and better wrist job (he is obviously aware of Sir Gits whopper)

    I fear this does not bode well for the future…..

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