Standards and Measures

We promised to revisit the Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ)  ‘It Has To Stop’  story with our considered views on the role of Wirral Council’s Standards Panel/ Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee and the measures they have taken to sanction LRJ. As we said :

We are not giving LRJ an out here – she deserves everything she gets but it is a matter of proven fact that she has been treated markedly differently than her Labour colleague Cllr Steve Foulkes by the Standards Panel. As far as we’re concerned councillors McLaughlin, Gilchrist and Blakeley have some explaining to do. This is something we will be analysing in a later post.

So let’s briefly recap what sanctions that LRJ faced for being a bad – but by means the worst – councillor at Wirral Council

  •  suspension from the local Labour Group

The Labour Group ‘leader’ , Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies in a rare show of authority recommended permanent expulsion 

  •  referral to the Labour Party regional body ( Labour Northwest) 

Labour Northwest ,who must be heartily sick to the back teeth of Wirral Labour Party careerists, sorry members, commuted the suspension to 6 months 

  • removal of the Labour Party whip 

Thus isolating LRJ from the ‘support’ of the local Labour Party machine. Although we have to say the Labour Party whip would have to have the skills of an ex-lion tamer with a whip and a chair to keep local Labour members under control

  • removal of LRJ representing Wirral Council on outside bodies

Although we’re not sure whether this involved any loss of remuneration (our money)

  •  asked to make full apology to whistleblowers 

And look how that went! LRJ came across as an obstreberous 6 year old stamping her feet and crossing her arms in protest at being found with her hands in the cookie jar

  • asked to make a full apology to all elected members at next full Wirral Council meeting

We won’t hold our breath waiting for LRJ to humbly apologise for her misdemeanours 

As we all know the last councillor to face the Standards Panel prior to LRJ was ex- Wirral council leader and mayor Cllr Steve ‘ Don’t Mention Sorrento’ Foulkes. And what sanctions were imposed on him for being a serial liar?

  • asked to make an apology  to the then Tory leader Cllr Jeff Green

Even though by his own admission Cllr Green WAS NOT THE COMPLAINANT!

  • Er, that’s it  

Bit of a discrepancy don’t you think?, especially when the reason given by clapped out Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin for the local Labour group going after LRJ was her lack of ‘credibility’ and ‘reliability’ as a witness. We’re left wondering whether Matron should have been on the Standards Panel in the first place . She nearly came a cropper for declaring she put her personal friendship with Kevin Miller ,the former monumental failure of a Director of Adult Social Services, above her civic duties.

But then Matron isn’t the only errant councillor in this farrago. Where were the rest of the councillors of all parties when the first Patricia Thynne report was published and where Foulkesy said he couldn’t possibly have handed over a document attempting  to smear Cllr Jeff Green to duplicitous journalist Liam Murphy because there would have to have been an adjournment of the Council meeting when it was alleged he had done so.

Apparently neither ‘investigator’ Thynne or any Wirral councillor bothered to check the minutes because they would have found out that there had indeed been an adjournment. This was one of the reasons that a second (costly) investigation took place and enabled several witnesses to later testify that they saw Foulkesy hand over the incriminating document to Murphy. Something which he had denied in the first investigation. The only explanation we think of for this particular lack of scrutiny is that councillors must have all just sat there and said  : ”  Well, it’s Foulkesy, innit, what do you expect?”

Clearly our expectations are out of step with our local elected members and until they realise they are accountable to us we’re afraid it will remain forever thus.

So when it comes to ‘credibility’ and ‘reliability’ as a witness we’re left thinking that Foulkesy is even more lacking than LRJ – and that’s really sayin’ somethin’ ! What it doesn’t do is explain the difference in the measures made against each respective councillor.

But then those who regularly read Wirral Leaks will know exactly what the explanation is…..

Meanwhile compare and contrast these respective investigators comments :

LRJ v Foulkesy 017

LRJ v Foulkesy 019




22 thoughts on “Standards and Measures

  1. My Lord,
    Something instantly shot up on the mention of the word Anna.
    No you saucy Peer of the Realm, not that.
    It was my double antennae.

    You cryptically linked this “Anna” to Foulkes. Now, reading between the lines I hope this does not refer to something thoroughly sordid, but I’m sure it cannot be, and it won’t be anything that alleged #racist Elaine needs to be appraised of.

  2. Whilst both are despicable in no uncertain terms, some know when to draw a line and back off. What is not clear is that this isnt the first panel. This is the second brought against LRJ and by the same complainants for what is reported to be a string of ongoing harassment for which the panel has had to apologise on her behalf following her behaviour after the first decision. Seems LRJ has some sort of god complex (or a touch of narcissism?) to think that she and her flying monkeys can continue to attack and harass those who raised concerns and brought matters to light. What was notably missing was once again the question of where did the money go and why was it never returned given that LRJ held it all along and was in her own words “completely exhonerated” because it was supposedly still available for return to the rightful owners at that point in time. I look forward to reading the next exciting installment where the money is returned and all involved can go back to their lives. As someone who has followed this story closely, I would like nothing more than for the final scene to be where LRJ is seen in police custody mumbling “I would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!”

      • Oh I would pay good money to see that episode. Especially the part where Anna rips off her mask to reveal… Jim Crabtree!

      • I don’t believe Foulkes, Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Mooney, the rest of the so-called “executive” and LRJ know when to back off. Neither did criminal Jumbo Crabtree, Foulkes’s mucka.

      • I am Your Lord your humble servitor and, to put some flesh to your story, rather than the concealment of identity, I myself, was one of those that saw Mr foulkes in close and privy conference with Liam Murphy.

        I did attest to that to Patricia Thynne.

        I later discovered that the infamous Press release as to
        Of all big recipients only two had gone bust
        Was of the same time as Mr Foulke’s nefarious doings.
        Which naturally incensed me as I had gone to the Council Meeting to question Mr P Davies on Big. It seemed to me that Wbc was a dark and dangerous place.

        For those that tire of our bewailings remember thee that until injustice and wrong doing be punished ever does it remain a sore to the commonwealth.

        Here I recall the language used by a Conservative in dismissing Foulkes


        not a perfect rendering of Oliver Cromwell speaking in the House of Commons in the 1650’s but mayhap the reader gets the gist

    • This is the whole point. The money was still in the TLC account at the time of the police investigation. That is why the CPS chose not to prosecute. There was no evidence of personal gain. At no stage did the CPS say LRJ was innocent or completely exonerated.

      Since then, however… LRJ has spent the money, knowing full well it does not belong to her or her “charities” and it has not been spent on its intended purpose. The money was not all provided by the council – some was provided by Contact A Family funded by the Department for Education. CAF and the department were keen to cover it all up, due to their severely lacking audit and monitoring procedures allowing this to happen under their noses. LRJ was submitting duplicate invoices to both CAF and WBC, in an attempt to justify the same expense to both but out of different pots of money. I suspect if the council (and CAF/DforE) wanted to they could go after her again

      Anyone else making donations/financial investments into The Welcome Centre or TLC Network needs to be careful going by past shady dealings.

      By the way, even the accounts submitted to the charities commission is false. There’s no mention of the money given by the above in the accounts.

      • How bout frank field he will pay you or rather instruct the council to pay you ..wouldnt matter what your employment situation was or indeed if due to your greed your disclosure was not in the public interest as you withheld the information from the public and only allowed those who could effect your wanted payment …frank will sort it ..but fgs dont call George Davies we dont want to upset the new so called monitoring officer with his ethical/legal/personal gain dilemmas he’s not here for long and really shouldn’t be making decisions about the conduct if councillors and senior officers and their rotten legacy and fingerprints… Be kind to frank coz he acts as if he is so powerful and all knowing but actually everything he touches costs Wirral tax payers more money he retired years ago the stupid voters didn’t notice and kept applying their mark in the box provided ..good luck and i hope you too don’t need to purchase a boomerang

  3. Well according to Cllr Louise Reecejones’ page on Wirral Council’s website she’s:

    a) down as a Labour councillor, which wouldn’t be the case if she was suspended,

    b) listed as the Pledge Champion (People) for People with disabilities live independently and

    c) is appointed by Wirral Council as their representative on the outside body Merseyside Society for the Deaf.

    So from a public facing perspective, that page is stating that she’s neither suspended from the Labour Party nor has been removed from outside bodies.

  4. My Lord, with you being a Lord an’ all that…… what do think of my theory that another Lord (Ashcroft) is somehow involved in all this? … I mean he’s a dodgy character ain’t he?

  5. Oh Leaky….G’day

    What is the point of these 65 career parasites.

    Every time they rip someone off they start to squabble and play politics as though they care and it just costs the innocent taxpayer thousands in investigations that don’t mean jack shit.

    None of them are very clever, or, clever at all.

    They have no skills that they can use because they have to agree with their bully of a leader.

    Ghilcrist, Green, Davies and that no mark tory whatever his name is.

    What a shower of shit.

    Follow the stupid leader.



    I bet they’re still buying “Ankles” free pints in Hooligan’s Bar for his remarkable and typical blue football fans performance in Sorrento.

    Luv you Mondays Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

  6. G’day Leaks

    If there are some rotten clowncillors that control the police and as the stinking ashtray Adderley says they have contacts everywhere and they can ignore reports from people like Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton and the LGA then it is down to decent clowncillors if there are any to stand up.

    Why should it be left to whistleblowers.

    Rats in a sack all of them.

    Stuart Kelly stood up and got shot down and all the “good men” accepted that.

    “Crapapple” got his just desserts so I can assure you people will be punished as he’s a mate of “Ankles”…..stay strong Jumbo XXXXX



    There is no room for this nonsense of thieving, then squabbling and the decent taxpayer to pay for useless expensive reports that are just ignored when it suits.

    Where is “Philly “Fuckin” Liar hiding people?


  7. My Lord, The Aussie, Paul C. , the Mighty high vis Highbrow, Chas.

    I have cracked it!

    The very deluded Phil is……Lord Ashcroft! ( You must now put their images together like a Private Eye wanted poster) (In your minds eye)

    And all things… and all understanding must inevitably flow from this insight….

    ‘Tell me it is so Joe?’

  8. G’day “Inty”

    I don’t know what your beef is with that “alleged” journalist at their ex-local propaganda sheet is but I have followed him for a while and he is no doubt “Wirral View” amateur quality and hence working for this garbage.

    He seems to be a poor journo who will give anyone a mention for a “free drink”.

    I can only think they employ him because of the subliminal message his surname might give the clowncil and they “might” get more free money.



    Any journalist that cannot say a bad word about the crud and dross at wirral bc is either not very good at their job ala Slimy Potato from the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters or is a wannabe mate, or scared of “Ankles”.

    G’day Lordy much love XXXXXXXXXXX

      • Yer right “Interested”

        The place does stink.

        More importantly you are a good judge of character cos yer think I’m ok.

        Luv ya Lad XXXXXXXXXXXXX

        Maybe not as high viz as yer mate “Highbrow”.

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