Show ‘Inappropriate Comments’ The Red Card


Red Card 009

Tony tells the truth : ‘The darkness around us is very deep”   Pic : John Brace

Little did we know when we published our Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex – Wirral Mayoress  story ,that with some perverse synchronicity, it coincided with the 3rd annual ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ campaign.

To mark the event at the full meeting of Wirral Council held on 16th October Cllr Tony Norbury recited a poem.  Fortunately John Brace was able to capture the recital for posterity HERE . Now we can’t say it was one of the greatest orations we’ve ever heard but for those of you with strong stomachs and no gag reflexes it’s well worth enduring – if only for the closing line. Which was :

The darkness around us is very deep 

No seriously, Cllr Norbury uttered those immortal words , seemingly without a trace of irony. Under the circumstances the assembled throng of elected members holding up red cards with ‘ Show Racism The Red Card’ emblazoned on them with different translations of the slogan on the reverse has to be a contender for the empty political gesture of the year (and that’s always a particularly strong category).

Needless to say when it comes to certain councillors we know already that the hardfaced don’t get redfaced but as far as we’re concerned nobody’s hands holding those cards were clean .

Of course whilst councillors wouldn’t know about ‘the Sorrento incident’ they can’t say they didn’t know about the ‘Wirralgate incident’ involving Cllr George Davies , which although now 4 years old still reverberates around the corridors of power at Wallasey Town Hall.

Although the racist slur that forms part of the ‘Wirralgate’ recording is by no means the only disturbing aspect of the telephone conversation between Cllr Davies and a disgruntled ex-employee of Wirral Council , we have to say we had our doubts when we heard that Cllr George Davies had been recorded saying that former Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess had thought that his former head of law was a “bloody useless Chink” . Whilst we had no trouble accepting the “bloody useless” bit – the pejorative description of  Surjit Tour as a “Chink” didn’t seem to make any sense in terms of ethnicity, race or heritage. However the slur has subsequently been confirmed by a disparate range of sources – so who are we to dispute it? What’s more, and on reflection, it made perfect sense as a particular kind of old school casual racism which is deeply ingrained and borne out of sheer ignorance and an appreciation of Bernard Manning.

However what we have never been able to reconcile is that after hearing the ‘Wirralgate’ tape recording himself why didn’t namesake and Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies suspend Cllr George Davies and refer the matter to Wirral Council’s Standards Panel ? Instead he facilitated the means by which a racial slur becomes sanitised and minimised as an ‘inappropriate comment’ in a report written by a certain Peter Mackay that never saw the light of day.  Way to go, Pip!

Red Card 013

Under these circumstances  it seems to us that it’s a case of ” Show Racism the Red Card – unless it’s a well connected Bluenose”  ……and no race awareness/race equality course or waving a red card in the air is ever going to remedy that kind of hypocrisy. We just wish councillors would spare us the self righteous, sanctimonious empty political gestures when we know that certain councillors are clearly comfortable in the company of people who make racist comments.

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20 thoughts on “Show ‘Inappropriate Comments’ The Red Card

  1. G’day Leaky

    Is this why they pay their bitch Ecca £200,000.00+ to get away with this kind of indecency?

    £200,000.00+ to a non league team player…ludicrous.

    Maybe they could get him to manage Tranmereidre and Everpeel so he earns his wages, both their teams and both soon to be no league and probably homeless when Badison falls down.



    I only call it Badison cos they all follow their hero Uncle Joe of Commonwealth Gold fame and floating football ground.

    As deluded as “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”.


  2. Mr Foulkes is seen brandishing the red card!

    Truly they exist in an alternate universe. It is beyond comedy.

    Mr Foulkes bravery please. Tackle your own wife before ever indulging in such a comedy

    • Oh yea! Ha ha.

      And there is Santa on the ‘left’ further ha ha…..

      Ooroo (Yes I am trying to send the Aussie off on one….) A red Santa to a bull….

      • G’day “Inty”

        You can’t wind me up that easy.

        That’s not “The Pretend Friend” Jones that is the knob on the stair rail.

        Thick as teak.



        Ner ner ner ner ..ner

        Luv ya anyway XXXXXX

    • Great photo Mate

      Of Burgess’s staircase to Hell with the shitter at the bottom.



      Nearly didn’t recognise “Philly “FUCKING” Liar without his usual blue tie.


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  4. G’day Lordy

    Ecca Ecca Ecca

    Your not fit to wear the shirt.

    Let alone show red cards.

    You have proven liars headed up by your Leader “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and proven racists by the same name ala wirralgate.

    Ban them from the joint gutless.

    I do hope you don’t go home and tell people within your family how to behave because you are no roll model sitting their BLINKING at them and taking home the big bucks otherwise known as scum pay for being their bitch.



    Redeem yourself “Eccles Cake Face” before they involve you deeper in their shite.

    Also “Spotty Dog” do “Squash McCourt” a favour and don’t advise him to take the job as head of the ill-Leagal Department.


  5. The 100% Original BOOMERANG…

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal..

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