Apologies and Apologists

Apologies i have none

There was a very sorry display (or should that be ‘not sorry’ display?) at this week’s Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee where much of the meeting was spent discussing ” How do we solve a problem like Louise Reecejones (LRJ) ?” .

Apparently at the time of Monday’s meeting LRJ has yet to issue an acceptable apology to the whistleblowers who had made valid complaints about her but were then subject to personal attacks on social media and had to counter allegations intended to damage their careers. Furthermore doubts were raised during this week’s  meeting as to whether LRJ will comply with the requirement  to offer a  grovelling apology for her conduct to all Wirral councillors at full council meeting to be held on December 11 and whether she will actually turn up – something we had already raised as a possibility as you can read here : Standards and Measures

Having said all that it was particularly dispiriting to witness Wirral councillors flailing about and not knowing what to do if LRJ’s BSL signer is required to stick two fingers up to the sanctions imposed on her by the council’s Standards Panel . A rather excitable interim Monitoring Officer Philip McCourt seemed to get a vicarious thrill from reciting instances of appalling conduct of councillors from other areas as if to say ” and you thought you were bad!……”  

At which point Cllr Ron Abbey gormlessly  commented :   ” Just goes to show what’s going on out there . We live in a sheltered world . We’re all too good for our own  good 


Meanwhile his comedy sidekick Cllr Paul Stuart seems tickled pink by his hilariously insightful comments . They’re the Chuckle Brothers without the chuckles. All of this can be witnessed at between 18- 22 minutes of the John Brace video posted below.

We’d like to ask McCourt where he thinks councillors using racial slurs to describe his predecessor , attempting smear campaigns and trying to use public money to buy the silence of complainants would rank in the scheme of councillor misconduct?  #Wirralgate ……or whether this just confirms his prissy assertion that councillors can currently be ” naughty to a fairly large degree” without it impacting on them being fine upstanding public representatives and pillars of the community.

As far as we’re concerned it’s BY FAR the very worst behaviour ever committed by Wirral councillors . However sadly the days when  councillors could be surcharged for their  misdeeds (Tesco heiress Dame Shirley Porter’s gerrymandering  in Westminster being the most prominent example ) or even referred to inept independent body Standards for England are long gone . Would you believe that despite ex-councillor Jim Crabtree’s conviction earlier this year for his repulsive behaviour (ironically) towards LRJ  that he would still be eligible to stand again as a councillor as he did not receive a custodial sentence of more than 3 months!

It would appear the bar for decent conduct for public servants has now been set so low that is it any wonder that we have the appalling shower of public representatives that we have at Wirral Council?  What’s more when you consider that councillors have been apologists for the most appalling conduct of both favoured senior officers and fellow councillors over recent  years that they now lack any MORAL AUTHORITY when it comes to trying to censure the conduct of  others.

Not that we’re apologists for LRJ but if she’s struggling to cobble together a convincing and sincere apology here’s our humble suggestion :

As a once proud upstanding member of this council I am today detumescent before you. Before I prostrate myself  in abject shame and beg your forgiveness I offer these wholly inadequate yet heartfelt words. I realise I could never hope to meet the high standards set by former Labour councillors such as Harry Smith , with his tact, diplomacy and his use of the English language ,and especially his command of Anglo-Saxon . Nor could I ever hope to attain the high office of  Jim Crabtree .  I realise that his telephone manner left a lot to be desired but in every other respect his behaviour was exemplary – at least by Bidston & St James ward standards anyway.  

As for current Labour councillors there is our supreme leader Phil aka Power Boy Pip who has been a particular inspiration to me when it comes to delegating his powers as I have long admired how he gets other people to do his dirty work. As for his deputies what can I say ? There’s big hitter Bernie and casual racist George. And as for Foulkesy? What can I say other than I am simply unworthy to keep their company.  All that is left for me to say is that I apologise for all the wrongs that the Labour group have inflicted upon Wirral and I accept my role as a scapegoat on their behalf.  



22 thoughts on “Apologies and Apologists

  1. Course it’s all a waste of time. Until some kindly charismatic powerful orator emerges, namely someone like me, who is prepared to go beyond what’s normally described as acceptable behaviour sanctioning these prevaricating, oily, out for themselves twats, and delivers them something to seek immediate medical attention, buggar all will ever happen.
    It’s not difficult. Not even a knotty conundrum to ponder over. When they err, and God knows we can all err, if that bloody erring is serious enough and warrants some immediate punishment, grab a hold of the bastards, tell them why they’ve being dragged outside into a field full of fully matured stinging nettles, and roll them round amongst the dreadful plants until they scream, ‘Mother! Help me. For the love of God and all that’s holy, I beg forgiveness. Now take me directly to a qualified medical practitioner who’ll tend to my many stings’.
    That’s how you get your sincere and heartfelt apology. Violence and plenty of it!

    • I hope to be there flogging the dead horse by asking two questions, but not of the Leader, that would be pointless, as I would just get some twisting of the meaning of vocabulary, and a meaningless letter four months later with more content of legal threats than answers.
      No another Councillor instead who might know the meaning of Refute.

      • Nigel, my dear dear friend, if you and your considerable abilities can’t crack it and you can’t, John and Lennora Brace can’t buggar it up, The mighty Leaks can’t shift it, the menace Cardin of the Wirral can’t change it and our James can’t dent it, then the only option to topple this Council culture of ‘we’ll do as we please’, is mine. Straightforward, down into the gutter, mindless anarchy and some unpleasant public demonstrations of how to show a public body, in this case the bloody Council, that when the polite objections are done and dusted, the people have the inalienable right to get fuckng nasty and start kicking off by rolling them in nettles.
        Being originally from the Pool and an exile in Hereford, I once thought our best hope to bring down these Empires Of Dirt, namely bloody self serving Councils, was the great peninsular of the Wirral. That’s what I thought. I was wrong. If an elected Wirral Councillor can do all of these bad things and get away with it and nobody in a position of real authority can be bothered to act upon what they’ve seen, what they’ve heard or even what they’ve read, you can be sure that all of us are wasting our time shoving this round rotten rock up the bloody hill.
        When you can’t get the Wirral Globe to comment upon events of a racist nature that took place weeks ago in a foreign land allegedly involving two prominent members of the Wirral establishment then you’ve gotta start concluding that there’s no hope and all is lost.
        Why should this particular Councillor bother to apologise for any wrongdoing? Nobody else bothers so why should she. As wrong and as bad as it sounds, I can’t say I blame her.
        In the meantime, they’ll continue to hoover up the meek, the mild and the downright silly, throw them to the Wirral Globe for a quick kicking for littering woodland with cherry stones and everyone can sleep well cognisant that the money and the power is being wisely and well spent.

  2. G’day Leaky

    Before “Highbrow” shows exactly why the wirral clowncils Infernal Audit is completely useless (which obviously suits the evil amongst them) I would just like to say

    It’s not politics, it is not fair, it is not right and it is vile.

    The way they operate is just criminal.

    No wonder the vile, crude, dishonest welsh egit “The Pretend Friend” says “you just don’t understand how it works boyo”.

    If it was a private business and someone (me and/or “Highbrow”) came and told you that someone was knocking off £2,000,000.00 of the shareholders (taxpayers) hard earned you would be welcomed with open arms and courted and feted.

    This shower of shite, dross and crud at wirral have so much to hide no senior officer or elected member will speak up.

    They are the scum of the earth Lordy.

    Save “Little Matty Patty” and “Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10” L they are only children who will end up being a “Crapapple” or worse a “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”, or an “Ankles” Foulkes.

    Their grandkids should disown them they are all despicable and they just don’t have an answer.

    They stink just like a football tragedy and a television station of bygone times they are orrible.




    • Yes Bobby rolling the boulder up the hill is as the ancient Greek legend goes, pointless and punishing.

      Might as well be fastened to a rock with eagles ripping ones eyes out.

      But but due process does exist whether it is interminable committee meetings, inquiries, fashioning meaningless responses to FOI’s or indeed to questions in the Chamber. Due process followed while looking for a form of words or paltry sanction to edit the process.

      This is a guerilla ‘s response to an army with all the firepower, and, ultimately guerrillas can win

  3. Guess where I was last night?

    Answer: I was in the Flinders Mountains with Ray Mears. (Yes it was on itv at 8 o’clock)

    Guess what Ray Mears found there?

    Answer: A BOOMERANG.

    Guess what was written on the BOOMERANG?

    Answer…. ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal.

    • Aussie boomerang winging its way back to you……your boring now 6 yrs on and no progress with your statement…. we are strong and stand proud of what we do for Wirral. Not brainwashed nor have any guilt of Wirral Council nobody is listening to you anymore we just humour you.

      Love The Wirral Worker

      • G’day Sloany

        Don’t have any problem if you are actually an honest worker.

        Its your fearful leader “Philly “Fucking” Liar” “Ankles Foulkes” “Philly’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb over from Hell” Burgess, Adderley, Basnet, Ball, Bradbury, “The Shyster” “Armstrong and particularly “The Pretend Friend and Missus bilong him Nurse Rat

        That are the shite, crud and dross of wirral.

        Ugly as sin and a disgrace.



        Luv yer Ranger Boy/Girl if you are honest.


        I’ll stop when they apologise.


      • G’day Again SloanRanger

        After a vague apology to you I went to have a siesta and just got off and was awoken by a furious “Highbrow”.

        I suggested yesterday that he was doing an exercise on Infernal Audit.

        He is looking at the Big (donations to mates and others) Fund Grants and I don’t know if you are involved as you are too cowardly to use your real name.

        He is saying that those involved, without stealing his thunder, are completely incompetent and absolutely lazy fuckers.

        And he can and will prove it.

        So until you say who you really are I would like to take back my apology.



        Until the senior vermin is removed by Ecca ha ha ha ha ha some of the lower levels will take the piss…..and the money.

        No apology whoever you are.


      • Sloan you do not speak on behalf of a majority so I will take the assumption you are deaf dumb blind and due to your cavalier remark stupid ..off you go and read committee papers coz that’s the only place you’re going to read all is rose tinted , go on off you pop now

      • SloanRanger

        1. You have terrible grammar, spelling and punctuation. I do think that public servants should have a decent education or they have no credibility.

        2. You are too defensive to just be humouring anyone on these pages. Someone truly not bothered would never have posted a comment.

        3. I believe public servants forgo the option to be rude to others as you have been in your comment. You work for the public and thus should show some humility.

      • SIR

        every piece of information that I have compelled Wbc to provide me with has indicated compounds of mendacity, incompetence and arrogance.
        The process had been long as Wbc has spent our cash in delaying responses and providing specious excuses not to provide information.

        The conclusion I have reached is that the local government officers I have encountered ate expert in one thing…in parcelled out responsibility so widely that no one person can be found guilty, all must buttress each other, cover each other, and to he’ll with proper executive decisions.

        All head to the hills for cover

  4. I worked for Wirral Council and was once proud to do so. However, things changed when a certain group of senior officers took control. Unfortunately, standards were never the same again as personal gain came before public duty and working for the Council became a dirty word in Wirral. I made a decision that I didn’t want to be part of it anymore and left. I challenged things but realised you can’t change things on your own when good hardworking people are petrified of losing their income. You had to be with them or you were against them. I didn’t realise how sick the place was until I left. The stress caused a mini breakdown and a stroke. Horrible place.

    • Brilliant Stephen

      But oh so sad.

      Why should good workers pay for corrupt non-entities.

      Read “Highbrow’s” articles when they come up about the BIG Fund and then later ISUS and weep.

      Because senior officers and elected members do the wrong thing and then ignore reports does not vindicate them.

      It will never go away until they admit what they have done.

      Got that Ecca you muppet.



      What do you hope for your next job “Eccles Cake Face” “The Blinking CEO”?

      Liverpool…Manchester never mate until you clean up wirral.

      I feel really sorry for you Stephen I wish you well.


      Luv you to Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Ps Stephen

        Just as I sent you a kiss I should explain it is just to wind up the homophobic amongst the senior people and elected pricks…err I mean members.



        And boy there are some isn’t there “Philly “Fucking” Liar”?


  5. G’day Sloanie

    I have just read an upcoming blog about the BIG Fund.

    I think it might be you that needs to apologise to me.

    That is of course unless you are tarred with the same brush as “Philly “Fucking” Liar and cannot admit when you are wrong.



    Read it carefully Ranger and then go see Ecca and tell him to do the right thing.


  6. Stephen you are the 28th person this year that I have heard “tried to challenge,breakdown and left” and of course there will be more…thank you for burying Sloans idea that everything is just great ..coz it just ain’t and whilst James’ list with a few additions are still being paid by me and other tax payers we will continue to show them for what they are ..corrupt (sd per dictionary)

    • G’day Bandy Legs

      When I first returned to wirral after 34 years in Australia people would say

      “Why are you back here?”

      I would say, joking at first

      “I came back to find out why I am so small minded and bigoted.”

      Then I met wirral bc and I am now skint and stuck in this shit hole.



      Don’t feel sorry for me just don’t let those cheating lying scum bag arseholes get away with it.

      Child protection should rescue “Little Matty Patty” and “Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 year old” before they are ruined.


      To think they paid Adderley off and gave him an equivalent job….for giving away “Not our money anyway” and criminal asset stripping.

      The pride of St Kev’s and The Chamber Pot, what a disgrace.

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