A Repulsive Exclusive

Echo exclusive 011

We understand that Wirral Council have just agreed a 3-year £750K contract with Trinity Mirror (publisher of the Liverpool Echo) to print their appalling rag Wirral View. This new arrangement  is due to start on December 1st so we just hope that council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies , seen bopping away in a PRIVATE box in the Liverpool Echo Arena at last night’s Queen & Adam Lambert concert, paid for the dubious privilege or at least made an appropriate conflict of interest declaration. Just sayin’

However the arrangement seems to be bearing strange fruit for the Liverpool Echo as they publish an EXCLUSIVE! , presumably courtesy of Wirral Council ,on the repulsive Rajenthiram brothers Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) case.

As we’ve already reported the Serious Case Review (SCR) report has not , and currently will not, be published . Instead  Liverpool Echo have today published a front page  EXCLUSIVE! under the headline  Grave Errors ‘ paved way for Wirral abuse scandal ‘. Inside on page 16 there are details of the 24 ( count’em) recommendations of the SCR.  Crime Reporter Joe Thomas chips in with the sub-heading ” Too many missed opportunities. The public should be told”  and bigs up the Echo’s role in revealing ‘concerns’. However after the bigging up comes the inevitable copping out as Joe says :

“The safeguarding situation on Wirral is said to be much different now ….”

And commenting on Wirral Safeguarding Children Board’s chair Dr Maggie Atkinson he adds :

” And she believes that improvements have already been made – and that the same failings seen in the Rajenthiram case would not be repeated today”

Yeah , whatever! Hey! Joe they said that in 2012 after the publication of a damning Independent Review about adult social services. They lie. It’s what these people do. Might we suggest you at  least check out the veracity of their claims before publishing.

Meanwhile we still think that the problem with Wirral Council is its culture and which is revealed in the 24th and last recommendation of the SCR  which reads :

To ensure the promotion of “professional curiosity” when vulnerable children seek advice 

Or in layperson’s terms – try and employ people who actually give a shit about their job and more importantly vulnerable people. Simple as that.

However isn’t it reassuring to know that the day before Wirral Council was humiliatingly yet again being called out for being crap all over the local TV and press that its ‘leader’ saw fit to play air guitar and headbang along to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ ?

9 thoughts on “A Repulsive Exclusive

  1. The fact that #TrinityMirror – owners of the Liverpool Echo and printers of Wirral View –
    have gifted football tickets, meals, and drinky poos to Powerboy Pip in the past is not of importance and is neither here or there.

    If there were any kickbacks, we can’t see them.

    But I also spot an Echo story today, lambasting Wirral Council’s Tories’ ‘multiplesignatures’ on a ‘dubious’, anti-fire station petition ….and I do begin to wonder….

  2. You’d think that someone in a position of authority and been able to have changed the terrible outcome of this sad chapter in public service would be held to account for their failures. You’d think so wouldn’t you?
    No such bloody luck! Not nowadays. Not with all these bloody unholy pointless Partnerships. Nowadays, what with Common Purpose and their Multi Agency Partnership approach to addressing all their problems that see the Police, Council, Probation, Social Services and a raft of other agencies, everyone of them triumphantly hailed as bloody Partners, where they all gather round a table meeting thrice yearly talking absolute bollocks, the outcome is if anyone is to blame then we’re all to blame, thus making it nigh on impossible to nail some twat to the horizontal bar, hoist them upwards and crucify the incompetent bungling idiot.
    There’s nothing accidental about this. This is the way in which they design the game so that ‘they’ get saved and some lowly paid, stressed out and fucked up front line member of staff who becomes vulnerable to getting a bucket of shit poured over them, getting the sack and the hierarchy all howling, ‘lessons have been learnt’.

    • I wonder Bobby whether you have been a journalist or assisted Terry Pratchett in writing Discworld stories?

      You are such a damned good writer, you and Milord both.Fathers of invention, sweet Fancy ‘s children
      That to the shame of slow endeavouring art
      Your easy numbers flow

      • G’day Bobster

        More importantly I call you a mate of mine.

        If only everyone was as………………………………………………………. us.

        Luv ya son, you and your work.


        All their chickens are now coming home to roost from the past 15 years.

        Have a great Xmas Bobbly, you and yours.


      • Hello Nigel. You are very kind but very wrong. I’m not a gifted writer and I’m certainly not in any league containing JJ, you or any of the other prominent contributor upon the mighty Leaks.
        Mind, that isn’t to say that I’m not unique or special in my own little way. I am without any doubt, The King Of Crap! Three things Nigel set me apart from everyone else. An ability to visit a huge back catalogue of absolute mindless rancid codswallop and shovel it out without so much as a twitch of disappointment that I’m not clever enough to produce something that’s been thoroughly thought out and contains any well researched material. Secondly, rather than upset the rhythm of the ‘rant’ and properly punctuate, I deliberately choose to use only commas so as the whole piece bounces along to wherever my mind takes it hopefully giving the reader the opportunity to think that I actually know what I’m doing and there’s a point to it all. Thirdly and finally, which’ll be comforting to those who see through me and who read me for what I am, a twat, I’m blessed with an imagination that allows me to think very differently to others. Whereas JJ, you and many of our contributors would imagine bursting into the Council chambers offering up well thought out verbal protests about whatever it is they’ve fucked up again, in my world where I can do and imagine whatever I like, I park my handcart outside Wallasey Town Hall, begin a desperate struggle with thirty four wanton bra less strumpets who beg me to let them violate me over and over again because I am the most desirable man on earth and women can’t keep their hands off me, I can burst into the Council Chamber gibbering in ancient Biblical Aramaic tongues that, even though they can’t understand a bloody thing I’ve said, they quickly come to understand that I’m a headbanger and about to dispatch them quickly to meet their God after spending my time and theirs beating the living day lights out of them with a discarded old brick that was once laid to support the lintel above the window of Angela Eagles Office where once 23 whistleblowers witnessed her being subjected to terrible homophobic abuse.
        Other than eleven pints of ale super every day Nigel, little seperates us my friend. My warmest regards to you my friend.

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