Advent Farewell 1 – The Beginning of the End

24th November

” Completely poisonous and insulting” – Cllr Steve Foulkes

“Caustic ” , “Mischievous” – Wirral Globe

“Excellent local blog” –  Private Eye

“I’m in favour of Wirral Leaks . If I was the Council I’d pay them money to find out was going on in my Council”  – Frank Field , MP

It was with the above picture and the words ‘watch this space’  that seven years ago Wirral Leaks was launched (originally on tumblr) to a politically apathetic local audience. Our early work 2010-12 can be found here : Wirral Leaks tumblr

Indeed in November 2010 we had two visitors, who we suspect were people who stumbled across us looking for a local plumber. However after a combined near million hits on our tumblr and WordPress sites the seven year snitch finally comes to an end. As we announced earlier this year His Lord and Ladyship will be swapping the clamour of Wirral for the glamour of the South of France.

No doubt this news will be the best Christmas present that some of the Wirral Council reprobates and associates who have featured regularly on our naughty list will have received in many a year . But fear not dear readers , there are still a few surprises sat under the Leaky Towers Christmas tree waiting to be opened.

Accordingly this year’s advent calendar will be like our very own version of A Christmas Carol featuring the ghosts of ‘Christmas Past’, ‘Present’ and ‘Yet to Come’. No need to tell you who represents Scrooge but we remain pessimistic that our advent calendar will ‘transform’ Wirral Council into a kinder, better organisation.

Although we are currently in negotiations to transfer operations to a trusted scion we have agreed that His Lord and Ladyship may make a Barbra Streisand type future comeback if there’s a particularly good tune we can whistle.

Meanwhile in the run up to Christmas we invite our dear readers join us on this advent adventure and send us your stories, memories, pictures and leaks that we have shared together on this sentimental journey . For as we all know – and to paraphrase the final line of the classic Christmas movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’  :

” Every time a whistle blows an angel gets its wings……..”





19 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 1 – The Beginning of the End

  1. Sad news but I wish you and Madam every happiness in your new home.
    You hint that a “trusted scion” may well take up the cudgels on behalf of the downtrodden Wirral residents.
    If he/she has one half of the wit, sarcasm and inside knowledge that you have exhibited, we will still do well.

    I look forward to your local peerages being made permanent in the New Years Honours List.
    “For services to the deflation of the pompous; shining a spotlight on corruption and the highlighting of waste and inefficiency in Wallasey Town Hall.”

    • You have been completely impartial in your reporting on the local cess pool that is collectively called “full council”. For employees you have, more importantly, attempted to show the absolute you really couldn’t write it corrupt zoo keepers aka senior officers for what they aren’t. Validating why its not in our heads ! Despite our cloak and dagger approach to reading your news and commenting are the first question in the mornings …”did you read Wirral leaks last night ? ”

      Your release from our toxic environment is well deserved.

      • The choice seems to be a stark one at Wirral Council.
        Get damaged or become the one doing the damage.
        That or Stockholm syndrome.
        Take care.

  2. Don’t do it my Lord….. don’t do it…

    …they will only slag you off if you agree to go on the cover of the GQ magazine…

  3. I am one of your avid followers and regret the fact you are leaving. Surely with the internet and skype you could still pursue the council from afar . Bon Voyage you will be sadly missed.

    • Thank you Jonathan – we will keep a jaundiced eye on developments and there are a couple of major stories that we would like to see through to the bitter end but it’s time to pass the baton on.

  4. I for one completely understand why you’ve made this decision. I wish you and yours the very, very best of luck in your new future. My warmest and fondest happy regards to you and my genuine and sincere ‘thank you ‘for all you’ve done to ease my eczema.’Rob.

    • Bobby47 got it from the word get go.
      All we ever wanted to do was tell the truth , prick the pomposity of public servants and do it in a vaguely amusing way. And if we’ve helped with your eczema – well that’s a bonus!

  5. So sad if the only spotlight on the venal activities of our beloved Council is to be extinguished. The utter lack of regard for anything other than their personal enrichment and contempt for the local electorate will now not even have this scrutiny. Good luck in your retirement as we sink further into the morass of incompetence and greed.

  6. You have done more than your fair share. I applaud and thank you. By dealing with particular issues on this site you changed my life on a personal level as well as helping the people of Wirral.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas, a wonderful New Year and many more to come.

  7. Well Milord

    The French Love an English Milord.

    And if it’s an uprising needed well

    Les frondes du seizieme siecle

    La Revolution De 1789

    La revolution De 1830

    celle du 1848

    La Commune De 1870

    Les 121 De 1961

    Les evenememts De 1968

    If you had written your blog in France
    Le peuple
    Aurait pille l’Hotel De Ville

    Au revoir Citoyen et Bonne Chance

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