Advent Farewell 2 – Twin Towns in Hell

Tour - Nuremburg

Be it Wirral and Sandwell , how did we get to the point where Tour adjudicated on other people’s lives/careers or indeed anything of any importance. Frightening. Pic courtesy @CrowMultimedia 

Ghost of Christmas Past and Christmas Present 

It was three years ago we commented on the Wirral Council delegation that was whoring itself out in Reno desperate to hook up with somewhere that had even less attractive features than itself.

Consequently recent events tell us that our Big Guns in Tiny Town post needs re-posting in full here :

Following our earlier story about the beano in Reno Verity has been doing some further research into other towns who have had the dubious honour of being twinned with Wirral.  Apparently Wirral has been rather wanton with it’s unique charms and has previously wooed (in no particular order) Gennevilliers (France) ,Lorient (France) ,Latina (Italy) and Midland (Texas ,USA not the Black Country).
Then of course there was the Eurowirral office in Brussels which achieved er, well nothing much at all really.

As we’ve said before it seems to us at Leaky Towers that never has so much public money been spent on air miles by so many globetrotting councillors and officers to achieve so very little………

Of course the Twin Town debate is something that has concerned the great and the ghoul of Wirral for sometime.
Leaky Towers have always maintained we should be twinned with Jericho in recognition of our local whistleblowing community whilst Frankenfield seems to think that Birkenhead should be twinned with Beirut!.

However it seems to us that Wirral is behaving like a desperate divorcee on a dating website – posting flattering pictures to prospective partners in the hope of finding true love and salvation. The Reno hook-up seems particularly dodgy – apparently the fact that “The Chamber of Commerce had a contact over in Reno with a guy who used to work in Liverpool in the video gaming industry….” was enough for the Wirral posse to metaphorically put on the lippy ,reach for the Wonderbra and fly down to Reno on a wing and a prayer.

Finally we’d particularly love to know what clean living local Councillor Paul “Danceaway” Doughty thinks about twinning with Reno – famous for gambling and quickie divorces.

Let’s just hope if we get a delegation from Reno visiting that Wirral tops up the Botox to prevent “The Biggest Little City in The World” seeking a quickie divorce…….

It would appear that the Reno beano has finally come up trumps (no pun intended) with the announcement, in the form of a leaflet distributed with the Wirral Globe ,that a ‘gentleman’s club’ is opening up in Birkenhead.  On hearing this news Her Ladyship commented : ” But there’s always been a gentleman’s club in Birkenhead. It’s called the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party (CLP)”

I had to rudely interject and inform Her Ladyship that ‘Peachez’ was certainly not the kind of gentleman’s club that fine upstanding, God-fearing Birkenhead MP Frank Field would frequent – although we had to admit we’re not so sure about his less enlightened acolytes. For any avoidance of doubt we’re talking about Foulkesy. Just sayin’.

Peachez 016.JPG

We also queried as to where this fitted with the Wirral Chamber of Commerce and their Birkenhead Improvement District (BID). Although we’re sure that that one of their prominent ‘ members’ ( pun intended) would approve. For any avoidance of doubt we’re talking about Kevin ‘Addled’ Adderley.  Just sayin’.

So can we just say in our public service role that Wirral Council should instead lower their sights and twin with the Black Country paradise that is Sandwell (aka Sadwell).

As we commented previously when Surjit Tour escaped there in his personalised number plated car to Sandwell Council that it was very much a case of  To Sandwell in a Handcart . And as Her Ladyship declared on his locally celebrated departure :

” There’s goes a man with low self -esteem issues. And never have they been more justified.” 

So let’s justify for you why we think Sandwell is a better fit for twinship with Wirral than previous speculative suggestions by referencing the superb local blog The Sandwell Skidder which makes Wirral Leaks seem like Wirral View. And that is very much a compliment.

Read for yourself here :

Meanwhile consider this Sandwell Skidder comment as an example :

The bent Labour Council in Sandwell (aka Sadwell) have, as we have seen many times, appointed weak and feeble characters to the top echelons of the paid service in the benighted Borough. Head honcho, the pathetic Jan Britton, had a very thin CV but was appointed as Chief Executive. A selection of weirdos formed the second tier – like now-disgraced “Head of Legal” Neeraj Sharma who already had a record of  dismal failure at Walsall Council.

Sound familiar? – simply insert the name Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson in place of Jan Britton and Neeraj Sharma with Surjit Tour and you have Wirral Council.

Wirral and Sandwell – twin towns in hell who both have had Surjit Tour as the head of their legal departments. Just sayin’.


6 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 2 – Twin Towns in Hell

  1. Just like to say Peachez is a Gentlemans club so no Kabal will be attending unless there is a Charity Night to benefit local construction companies looking to build on closed special childrens schools, respite centres or greenbelt sites.
    Any thriving economy is built around gentlemans clubs such as Rino,Vegas and the brickies fav Liverpool so as any forward thinking council Wirral have jumped on the bandwagon but against all principles of the 20/20 pledge to provide employment for locals the ladies who provide gentleman services are from over the water and Manchester so not even a slice of the pie to our local lovelies.
    Wirral Chamber of horrors and BBid have not advertised this newly established central Birkenhead business on their websites or duplications and do not expect a free token lap dance in the next Wirral view so who agreed the licence for naked scouse and manc lap dances?

  2. The SRJ 1T motor will be settling in and enjoying its own parking space right now outside Sandwell Town Hall.

    I wonder if Birmingham’s circuit judges are as accommodating and as ‘freemasonically flexible’ when the funny handshakes are done. After which a certain senior council officer stands up in court, molests a chosen bible and quickly and selectively fails to recall vast tracts of inconvenient evidence before lying copiously via a poker face that would chill to the bone.

    Talking about twinning of towns, I had a good read of the Sandwell Skidder today, and apparently the death of a council leader called Darren Cooper was not enough to drag this hell-hole out of the gutter, so low had its reputation plummetted. Precisely the same has happened here on Wirral with the sad loss of a few desperate wasters over the last few years.

    In fact, the similarities are remarkable; crooked hard right Labour, routinely blaming the Tories, farming out services, bullied to within an inch of their lives, and all as crooked / cowed as the day is long.

    No doubt SRJ 1T will rev up, hit the ground running, get settled and prosper quickly amid the foul behaviour. And it looks like he’s starting to feel very much “at home” already. He’s been rolling up his sleeves and squandering mountains of good Brummie public money already with those hideously misconceived legal strategies of his.

    Good luck to the people of Sandwell ! My God, we did soooooooo well to get rid…….

  3. I still have very fond memories (not) of Sir Git at that court case last year… was all that semi polite slight cough before the phrase
    ‘I can’t recall’ was uttered…. it was all very cringeworthy…..and what with his big fat shiny wrist job clock…..

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