Advent Farewell 4 – Parasite Paradise


We’d like to thank our readers for the supportive comments that came in following the news of His Lord and Ladyship’s departure far from the madding crowd.

One of our long standing contributors and commentators, Dr Robert Smith, penned a reply that we felt was too good to languish in our replies section. It’s not so much a tribute as an insightful analysis of why we did what we did. As far as we’re concerned Dr Smith has it taped (or should that be tapewormed?). And for that we will be eternally grateful. Remember folks, surround yourself with people who get it….. 

I see the function of Wirral Leaks over the last 7 years in this way.

You saw Wirral Council as a Council in trouble ie a very ‘sick organisation’ on the verge of Government intervention. This sick organisation was making many very questionable decisions which fly in the face of its own publicly stated claims and its raison d’être.

Wirral Leaks addressed an ‘information deficit’ on behalf of the unsuspecting people of Wirral, bringing to public attention the fact that Wirral Council was rapidly becoming a parasitic organisation which did not have a symbiotic relationship with its host, ie the resident and tax paying public it is there to serve, but had by then, grown into a type of parasite or cancer that eats away at the host for survival.

Behind the smoke and mirrors charade of an ‘Improvement Board’, the parasite grows stronger by the day, and as any public challenges are ignored, and any ‘audits’ and potentially incriminating evidence from ‘investigations’ is shielded from the public, it grows its protective shield of interdependent compromised councillors, compromised senior officers, and compromised external ‘partners’.

The parasite or cancer then enters an all-consuming survival phase and, when threatened, produces a façade of concern and respectability, a contrived myth of competence, all the time growing and absorbing the resources intended for the people of the borough.

For the self-serving and compromised there is much at stake should any scrutiny genuinely be allowed, or genuinely impartial reviews undertaken. This serves to compromise internal and external scrutiny, being held accountable and negates the concept of responsibility. The ‘bar’ has not been lowered, it has been completely removed. The proclaimed ‘independence’ of many third parties and partners is compromised by conflicting relationships, and these are then sucked into the parasitic organisation’s sel-serving network, and so it grows stronger as there is no meaningful independent scrutiny.

Wirral Leaks however, over 7 years, has continually revealed and endeavoured to ‘excise’ the parasitic or cancerous elements by public exposure of these insidious events, needing the democratic equivalent of surgical removal, or ‘containment’, by public action at the ballot box.

What if there is no public action at the ballot box? Has the parasite grown stronger than those which it supposedly serves? Does it feast on public resources to grow even stronger, more impenetrable and self-serving, as a self-sustaining corporate body bereft of any genuine concern, obligation or conscience associated with its public service duties?

Yes, it does, and as this imbalance grows and Wirral Council and its senior managers become the parts of an organisation which must be protected at any and all costs, with all public resources, be it money, employee skills and expertise, buildings, service delivery, etc., being sacrificed to feed the beast.

Wirral Leaks has recognised in this case, as medical practitioners do, that a point is reached where no further intervention will make any difference to a situation where a parasitoid-type organisation reflects the life-cycle of a parasitic or cancerous organism that spends a significant portion of its life history attached to or within a single host organism (Wirral electorate and residents) in a relationship where the host is ultimately killed.

Wirral Council will suck the life out of Wirral and its people to ensure its organisational survival. The inevitability of the outcome is certain, and as we know, Wirral Council is the greatest threat to Wirral’s future.

It is therefore now the time to walk away, as the all-consuming rot continues unabated.

Dr Robert B Smith FCMI


Graham Burgess  (aka Burgesski) – once “the fourth most influential person in local government” periodically enriched by public bodies and a parasite in excelsis.

11 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 4 – Parasite Paradise

  1. I’d like to hear more about Bob’s PhD. qualification from that well-known centre of academic excellence… Pacific Cambria University.

    Previously known as:

    Paramount California University
    Pass Christian University

    • yo rj ! Have you spent any time or effort and written, on more than one occasion, to one of the parasites asking pertinent questions as to why transparency accountability and god forbid consistent regulation is non existent in wmbc ? If not I have no idea what your point is ?

    • I’ll be damned if I have this! I know what I’ll have, what I wont have and what I’ll have to have if I’m attacked, restrained and forcibly held down by thirty seven spite fuelled Wirral Officers screaming, ‘have this’, im saying, here and now, I ain’t ever having this. Never! No one, not even the Wirral Mayor, gets to post anything on these here pages that’s even slightly critical of the Leaks medical practitioner Doctor Smith, who’s honest and ethical slavish devotion to keeping the contributors safe from harms way and our loathsome predisposition toward betting upon uncertain outcomes, supping ale and logging in to ‘I Love Wirral Housewives’, gets to have a pop at our Doctor without us responding to R.Jason stating very clearly, we ain’t having it, we’ll be damned if we have it and the only way we’ll be made to have it is if someone forces us to have it.

  2. G’day Leaky

    I am still in shock at your announcement.

    You must promise to write at least once a week.

    Your comments away from the shit house that this clowncill are making wirral will be invaluable.

    I find when I am away you see how revolting the crud and dross of senior officers and elected members at the wirral den of iniquity are.



    God damn them.

    Promise you will write Lordy xxxxx

    • Yes the Aussie is correct, I have recently been to ….and been reading the Hampstead and Highgate local newspaper. Let’s put it this way… the newspaper seems engaged, the readers seem egaged, former council officers are praised and themselves continue to be engaged….in debates etc

      What the fuck is going on here? I fear the Doc is correct.

      And as for R. Jas on the Docs comments… well fuck you Jas….

  3. I met Seacombe’s “Father Christmas” this morning.

    I said two special words (a failed whistleblower’s name) to him and his face turned whiter than the bushy beard attached. We then discussed the subjects of:

    o sordid transactions
    o reasons for a junior person’s promotion
    o are they always valid?”

    In parting, I left him with some words to ponder on long and hard…

    “You are a broken man”.

    I’m not a religious person, but as I returned home, I found myself wondering… as these people grow older, does hell get proportionately hotter?

    • G’day Mate

      I am so angry now six and a half years on that not one has the decency to apologise I hope they all rot in fucking hell.

      They are the scum and dross of the earth.




    • Ou er, sounds like you have been getting a lot of bullshit from the seacombe santa…..I wonder who that could be?

      Oh I know, maybe the Aussie wil know?


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