Advent Farewell 11 – Christmas Cheers

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Christmas Cheers to Wirral Council from Wirral Leaks

Tonight is the last full Council meeting of the year and it promises to be a humdinger!
As it’s just before Christmas the Mayor  Cllr Ann ‘Moving Forward’ McLachlan will be inviting everyone back to her parlour for a wee snifter or two.
By this of course we mean that  long suffering  Wirral council tax payers will be picking up the tab and paying the bar bill. Do we begrudge our hardworking councillors a festive livener  ?-  hell, yes we do ! , especially when there are some notoriously thirsty councillors who don’t get out much.
We’ll spare their blushes – oh hang on they say a blush is the colour of virtue , so scrap that. We’ll leave you to guess who are the red-nosed freeloaders from the Wirral councillor profile pics.
We just wonder whether the councillors invitation includes a ‘Plus One’.   If some ex- Mayoresses and  Mayor’s chauffeurs turn up it might be a bit awks!
Chin! Chin!

9 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 11 – Christmas Cheers

  1. I see Lord Claughton has had all the roads that go round his castle in Claughton-le-Village, fitted with new speed bumps, painted and brushed. Are these designed to slow traffic past his house so they are not rudely awakened from their alcohol induced slumber.
    Seriously no other road in the neighbourhood has had this done, just those that approach his castle and the one that goes past it.

  2. Apparently a new control room chick for our ex chauffeur
    All on the QT except for those pesky recorded phones
    I just called to say i love you

  3. Bill Norman has been required to resign. It seems he’s erred, sinned and fucked about for the very last time. My only regret is I never got to fight him.

    • Thanks Bob. Just seen a very short piece in something called “”.

      No pay off we assume, but crucially, no disciplinary measures either. No public accountability, as usual. Maybe this gamer and journeyman has been busy looking for something during the downtime?

      If the bulging pension pot he’s amassed was not quite enough to cover the mortgage and the lifestyle, then maybe we’ll see him being welcomed into his next senior public sector or “charity” role very soon?

      And if setting himself up for the future was not the reason for resigning, presumably somebody in the know on the inside has tipped Norman off as to what was on the cards. Next, it’ll be a managed reputation for the inner ring at Cheshire East as the most damaging aspects of the Bill Norman section of the investigation are dutifully ‘lost’.

      When I was suspended for five months, followed by a welter of gross misconduct charges, I was ordered not to contact anybody at Wirral Council, which is standard procedure. The stark difference was that I was innocent on all charges and had NO NEED OR DESIRE to contact any racist, bully, bigot, throwback, lackey, drone, clone, or otherwise, because I had no use for them and they for me.

      But with Billy boy, he must have been desperate to stay in touch with events as they unfolded simply to remain in pole position to call the shots. And so it’s come to pass. This is what transpires under a system that’s been contrived and honed over time with all roads leading to the protection of the interests of senior officers and senior councillors…. and the dispatch and disgrace of everybody else who doesn’t quite fit the Bill….. pun intended.

      • Paul, If he does manage to get another appointment in some other Council I’m going to scale me a high public building, staple a hand written note to my outer clothing that reads, ‘Bill Norman pushed me off’ and I’m for jumping.
        That’s right! I’m serious. I intend to carry out this threat to my own fragile self and become the Wallasey Jumper.
        That’ll get them talking. That’ll make the Globe offer up a few lines on my dreadful death and with luck and good fortune Bill will be arrested on suspicion of my murder, get convicted and serve a full life sentence for the horrid crime and forever be tainted by my leap into martyrdom.
        That’s right! Let’s see him get a job with a Council or a Charity with an image of my flattened corpse first up in line when you Google ‘Bill Norman pushes Bobby Fortyseven to his death.’ You don’t recover from that sort of publicity Paul.
        What’s more, there’ll be no resuscitation should the jump fail to completely extinguish life because I’ll pop another note stuck to my fat face that’ll read, ‘Let the Bastard die’ Signed Bill and a tiny postscript that reads, ‘I definitely pushed the twat off the Town Hall’.
        Let’s see him recover from that Cardin!

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