Advent Farewell 12 – LRJ : The Naughtiest Elf On The Shelf?

Elf 2 006

Now we don’t know if it’s the thought of  our imminent demise but we have been flooded with leaks and links to interesting news stories these past few days including news that ‘The Curse of Leaky Towers’ has struck again as we hear that well travelled serial cheque collector Bill Norman has ‘resigned’ from Cheshire East Council. But more on that story later as they say on the TV news……….

Today’s story is concerned with another of our irregular regulars – Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ). As we harked and heralded  LRJ was due to  appear at last night’s full Council meeting. And according to a few of our sources appear she did …… somewhat like a fallen angel.

However despite being shamed into making an apology by  Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin for being a very naughty girl – oh the irony! – no apology was forthcoming. Instead LRJ told the members in the Wirral Council chamber that she was taking legal action against the local authority in general and current and former head of law (Philip Mc Court and Surjit Tour respectively)  in particular . Oh and she was also reporting these two legal bods to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA) . We understand that it’s not the first time that Tour has been reported to the SRA – but LRJ need not hold her breath that the Brotherhood of Law will take any action. They’re like the Local Government Association (LGA) for lawyers.

Exasperated elected members wailed ‘why ,oh why’ couldn’t they take any ‘meaningful sanctions against LRJ , conveniently forgetting that the Standards regime was set up BY THEM to avoid any  councillor ever having to face any meaningful sanctions in the first place!!!

Meanwhile, as apparently McCourt comes and goes as he pleases and is a mere interim he clearly wasn’t prepared to be around when LRJ was having a pop at him. Therefore local Tory leader Cllr Ian Lewis asked the Council legal rep for the night  (Vicki Shaw) was there anything they could do to make LRJ bend to their will ?

‘Fuck all’ was the answer.

Obviously this isn’t a direct quote from Prissy Miss Shaw , who apparently seemed to be enjoying feeling very important sitting on the podium to the left of Mayor Ann ‘Moving Forward’ McLachlan (but then most people in the Council chamber seemed to be left of McLachlan).

Indeed we hear that Shaw is currently making a name for herself among the Council power elite for being ‘a safe pair of hands’ and we don’t mean that as a compliment!

As it would seem that both within the Council and the Labour group LRJ is essentially Ellen MacNomates  (the female version of Billy No Mates , and so named after lone round-the-world yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacNomates ) her days as a councillor must surely be numbered .

However we are led to question as to whether LRJ deserves to be known as Wirral Council’s naughtiest elf . We’d nominate Cllrs Phil Davies, George Davies and Steve Foulkes over LRJ any day of the week. But then in the unlikely event they were ever called out publicly like LRJ has been we suppose the whole shelf would come tumbling down with all of Satan’s little helpers wouldn’t it ?


8 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 12 – LRJ : The Naughtiest Elf On The Shelf?

  1. Cllr LRJ is taking legal action against Sir Git!!!!!! Ah ha ha ha!!!!!

    Much laughter and Joy!

    My Lord, the Aussie is right….please do not leave us!!!

  2. What do council partners the Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo think about LRJ’s behaviour?
    There must be an affronted, outraged, disgusted editorial in the pipeline, surely?
    And what do Granty’s Inferno’s networked celebs have to offer up on the subject?
    What does Roger Phillips think? Or Sonia? Or Pete Price? Or Snelly? Or Doddy?
    On a crucial side issue….did Granty know Keith Chegwin from his Vale Park, Joytime days?
    Do they go way back….?
    Something must be done, cos we’ve all been primed….
    And cos we haven’t seen anything online yet and the story’s fading…………
    We’re all waiting, like we did for the alleged #Racism of a highly-placed councillor and the alleged #Racism of high net worth Wirral travellers overseas.
    Will we again be left high and dry, waiting for ever…?

  3. G’day Leaky

    Talking of naughty little elves.

    How about the big fat, ugly “Humpty Dumpty” Ball that is one of the big players in Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUSUS and Working Neighbourhoods that managed Ecca, “The Blinking CEO”, to escape scot free.

    Haven’t watched John “Tarrantino” Brace’s filum of the Hoylake footgolf meeting yet but apparently he was talking BALLSHIT as per usual borrowing money at low interest and getting high interest or some other such BALLSHIT off developers that have no dosh..



    He shall forever be known as, and don’t forget when you see him to address him properly

    Mr “Humpty Dumpty Ballshit” Ball.

    You must have some dirt on someone bouncy AdderleyDadderleyDooLally didn’t survive, nor did Garry.

    Don’t leave me Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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