Advent Farewell 13 – Kill Bill


Has Bill made another killing ? 

As we promised we thought we’d comment on the latest instalment involving the travels and travails of infamous former Wirral Council head of law Bill Norman.

Yesterday we were flooded with gleeful emails telling us that Norman  had ‘resigned’ from Cheshire East Council (CEC) . Among many of the the emails was the following attachment telling us the story :  Norman Resigns

Of course this is nowhere near the full story but sounds strangely familiar to the circumstances surrounding Norman’s departure from Wirral Council . The only difference being that the usual Wirral Council cock-up gifted him a cool £146K  golden handshake. You can read the full horror story here : Trick or Treat

However just to recap on the CEC situation there were reports in April of this year that Norman had asked a colleague to ‘dig the dirt’ on a CEC auditor who had previously raised legitimate concerns about CEC  leader Cllr Mike Jones dodgy contract with his personal physio. Jones eventually resigned over the scandal. In July Norman was suspended pending an investigation. Full story here. The announcement of his resignation ” with immediate effect” in December leaves us , as usual, with more questions than answers.  For starters we don’t know whether Norman pocketed more public money for being not so much an abject failure for his latest gig or for allegedly being a nasty piece of work. As we’ve commented before in our  Comings and Goings story the ‘dig the dirt’ strategy was allegedly deployed by Norman’s successor at Wirral Council , Surjit Tour, as part of the infamous ‘ The Sex List’ probe (no pun intended)

The dirt concerned allegations of sexual impropriety involving a now departed senior council officer . So far, so sordid. However, for us , what is even more sleazy is that the approach came with the  inducement that it would be beneficial to staff member’s careers if they dished the dirt. Nice work if you can get it and you can get it if you have absolutely no morals,ethics or integrity. What did we say in yesterday’s post about Wallasey Town Hall being a cesspit? 

Full story here : Dirty Work

Tell us – are these the type of practices they teach in Solicitor School? It’s like the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Conduct doesn’t exist.

Consequently ,as once again, Norman’s departure from a local authority is shrouded in mystery we have to ask ourselves where will he rock up next ?  You’d think after trouble in Torbay, woe in Wirral, havoc in Hereford and sleaze in Cheshire East that future potential employers might want to ask some searing questions about his employment history.  However a chequered past doesn’t  seem to be an impediment to high office and high salary. We often get asked for an explanation for this strange phenomena in local government where there is always,always,always public money to be found to reward failure. Our incredulous readers have often asked us whether we think this phenomena is linked to Common Purpose? , the Freemasons?, Knights of St Columba?

We don’t know the answer to that but we do know that it’s got to stop. And hopefully that explains the title of this post – we’re not suggesting a vigilante group turn up with pitchforks and torches at  Norman’s no doubt beautifully appointed home. We just need to find a way to put an end to the Bills of this world making a killing and sucking the very lifeblood out of local government.

P.S. Contacts in Cheshire East are asking questions about Daniel Dickinson who is supposed to be acting director of legal services, in place of Bill Norman at CEC . Allegedly he hasn’t been seen at the CEC Westfields office in Sandbach for quite some time now and no one ‘on the ground’ seems to know where he is. Someone must know where he is and what he’s doing. Answers on a postcard please.


10 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 13 – Kill Bill

  1. G’day LeakyLoo

    Well well well another person who was all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz, like Tour, Davies, Jones, Jones, Adderley, Ball, Garry, Basnett, Bradbury, Wilkie, Armstrong, Davies. Foulkes.

    Willy Norman.

    The scum and dross of wirral.

    I really do believe in karma Lordy this sack of rats will be haunted till they come to the public for confession.



    Even if they don’t confess they will have to live with their lies and that will destroy them.


    Don’t go Lordsville. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Luv youX

  2. G’day Leaky

    You mention some woman…. surprise….. surprise that was allowed to sit up their in “Sir Git’s” tarnished throne at the full meeting.

    Which makes me ask whether she or “Squash McCourt” will get the job.

    Who will head up the Ill Legal Department?

    Who of them will be the most malleable to their shit and crud and criminality?



    My bet is “Squashy” I don’t believe a woman would do it.


  3. End of Norman as viable human being?

    Cheshire East claiming they didn’t pay him off, but they’re hardly well known for their truthfulness.

  4. G’day Leaky

    Some no name, I can’t remember who, asked why I speak so badly about the shite that is Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Armstrong, Ball, Basnett, Bradbury, and what’s her beaus name, you no Leaky thingymebob…….. oh yes……. yesterdays man with his football shirt with his ridiculous name on the back like an 8 year old and stinks like an ashtray


    Mate, sorry your majesty, these very very low intellect people who are wirral just say nothing and grab everything there is to grab.

    I talk often about the old farts that meet at the gym or pool every morning to discuss the next tranche of cash to be looted with insider information.

    These pricks at wirral are the insiders who feel big when they they have insider information and use it for personal gain.



    They are me me me me not public servants and just shite.

    Don’t go Leaky you can’t there is a public service in wirral to be done and you can do it remotely.

    • G’day “Interested” and the Good Lord

      And Ecca “The Blinking CEO”

      And here’s to you, Mr. Robinson
      Jesus loves you more than you will know
      Wo wo wo
      God bless you, please, Mr. Robinson…

      Ecca do the right thing and get the scum bags to fess up on Wirral “Funny” Bizz.



      You got shot of “Sir Git” “The Shyster” now clean up the rest of the scum and dross.

      Luv both you boys XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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