Advent Farewell 18 – Satan’s Little Helper

Satan's Little Helper

Birkenhead MP Frank Field is frequently presented in the media as some kind of modern day saint. We have frequently begged to differ on his venerable status . Believe us –  he ain’t no saint . He may not be Satan either but referring to him thus allows us to redress the balance somewhat .

More specifically for the purposes of this post it helps us refer to Frankenfield’s electoral agent and folliclely challenged factotum Cllr George Davies as Satan’s Little Helper. Frankenfield’s very own Igor – ever willing to attend to his master’s bidding , no matter how unlawful , unethical or immoral . Give us the dirt we’ll give you the money , you can write it yourself . Make it up – we don’t mind .Just make sure you sign it . 

Marty F IgorGeorge as Igor


Life can be cruel,especially for some people who live in Birkenhead. As Frankenfield wants the world and her husband to know. Here he is in today’s Guardian (which has been sent to us by several readers) wallowing in other people’s poverty and wringing every last crocodile tear from his tawdry handkerchief . Once again doing our  Advent Farewell 7 – Frank Field’s Permanent Bank Holiday   story to death and proving once again to be a supreme sentimentalist who wants to have the luxury of an emotion without paying for it. If you have the (empty) stomach for it here is the latest instalment Hunger in Wirral: the truth behind the tale that made a Tory MP cry

Read Frankenfield described thus : immaculate in a checked shirt and tank top as he surveyed a scene of organised chaos in a sports hall at the Hive youth centre. Around him, volunteers scurried hither and thither to fill Christmas hampers for Wirral’s most needy.

In parliament, Field, who speaks in the perfect grammar of a patrician, had told the Commons it was the first time he had been able to tell the funeral story without crying himself.

A deity in a tank top? It might be a Guardianista hipster thing but we would have thought that a tank top would have been anathema – even in Birkenhead.

And there’s more :

Had anyone told him in 1979, when he became an MP, that he would be spending the run-up to Christmas packing hampers for constituents who couldn’t even afford toilet paper, he would have disregarded them as mad. “I would have gently had them put in a strait-jacket. I would have taken them to lie down in a dark-filled room.”

Can we have less of Frankenfield’s dark fantasies?  And anyway we’ve heard it all before, everyone gets disregarded as ‘mad’ if they don’t comply with his warped world view. Perhaps next time he’s telling Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies what to do he can ask him if his constituents can’t even afford toilet paper how can they can fucking afford to pay for the Hoylake Golf Resort?


20 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 18 – Satan’s Little Helper

  1. You know, while you want to use your sad little site to pick holes and tarnish hard working MPs and labour party members, possibly be good to also remember how many local people, local companies and thousands and thousands of hours these projects take to do and how many people these projects support,

    over 3500 individuals have been supported through the 2017 appeal with food, toiletries, cleanning products and toys

    2870 hours have been given through volunteering

    91.52 tonnes of food, cleanning and toiletries.

    So while you sit invisible in your ivory tour, have a think of the impact you words can have on people and not just the people you are wanting to make fun of!

    • Hi Emma
      Did we mention your project? did we denigrate volunteers? did we criticise kindness? No we didn’t!
      What we did do was question local politicians – and to be frank (no pun intended) The Guardian article was not the main focus of the post.It was sent to us by various people concerned with the tone and content . It is significant that the figures you cite in your response to us are not included in the Guardian article. Instead the focus was on the undoubtedly sad personal stories.
      However we and other people are allowed to question who’s needs (personal and political) are being met here and we won’t be guilt-tripped.

      Best wishes for Christmas from everyone at Leaky Towers

    • G’day Emmsy

      If these people are so good and saintly why do they punish whistle blowers.

      Would you grass anyone up for knocking off £2,000,000.00 and expect to be lied to and senior officers living in denial and elected members supoorting and joining in with the lies and criminality?



      Wilksey they gang up together and I am very visible, open, honest and transparent.

      They are scum, dross and shite.

      It is the good clowncil workers that do the mundane and decent stuff.

      Not that is evil like Davies, Davies, Armstrong, Basnett, Adderley, Ball, Bradbury, Jones, Jones and Foulkes to name some of the barstards that have survived and shouldn’t.

      The Good Lord has been far too polite to you Emmy Willy. X

    • Not that Lord Leaky needs a defender but here goes.

      Emma this is certainly not a sad little site but rather a witty antidote to the pains of self praise that council officials and councillors can begarland themselves with.

      Lord Leaky for 7 years has written very well and amusingly bringing the counterpoint to the barrage of self praise Wbc indulges itself with. To my knowledge never has he written other than the truth for no-one has charged him with libel despite the incredible descriptions of dishonesty and transgression he has alerted to us.

      I know of one article, mine actually ,that he has pulled in July 2014 after pressure from the leader of the Council. But then with what we now know of the events and sayings at this and it’s October 2014 successor, Audit and Risk Committee, methinks Wbc would have been standing on a very weak footing.

      Not a sad little site at all and Leaky does nothing in Superman pyjamas

      • I regularly call Phil Davies a liar now because it is a factual statement.

        The careful juxtaposition of that ARMC meeting in October 2014 chaired by ‘excommunicated’ criminal Crabtree (containing the lies of Adderley and Burgess) with subsequent events, i.e. the final revelation (thanks to you Wirralbizz) that a dozen or more companies went bust after being lavished with hundreds of thousands in public money despite their precarious status, along with the media statement of Phil Davies containing the BIG lie, it can be clearly seen that the council leader does NOT have a reputation to defend, his trusted guard dog Surjit Tour has now moved to a new kennel in the Midlands, and he’s out on a limb.

        No sheaf of libel papers as thick as a telephone directory will thud onto my doormat because I am telling the truth.

        So are you Wirralbizz.
        So is James Griffiths.
        So is the good Lord Leaky.

        Emma Wilkes, if you’re still here and you’ve made it this far, don’t write us lot off as cranks. That would be very foolish. There is a whole LOT more to this site than ‘making fun of people’.

        If you’ve been reading these posts, go and take a raincheck, do some research using any search engine and a few carefully chosen keywords. You will, depending on your own intuition, be guided to all the facts you need to realise that you are in the service of crooked masters.

        Then look in the mirror. Such an awakening, if you managed it, could either destroy you, turn you into a person worth respecting or have no impact whatsoever . I won’t suggest the latter as that would be presumptious of me. You may be seriously misguided.

        But DO IT NOW before you risk continuing to make an idiot of yourself in public. Thanks.

      • And don’t forget he claimed that the Wirralgate tape didn’t exist and then it was inaudible and then he only heard part of it.
        Lying is like breathing to these people.

  2. G’day Leaky

    Please don’t go.

    I would just like to wish Satan and all his little (of intellect and moral fibre) helpers at wirral BC

    That old tory fuckwit that suggested “Highbrow” should apologise
    and the rest of the scum and dross
    et al

    For Xmas

    Exactly what they deserve.



    Luv and best wishes to all at The Towers Lordy and all the supporters of us Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. I saw a screaming headline today… “…Council Found To Be Institutionally Racist”

    Imagine my shock and amazement to discover it wasn’t WIRRAL.

    Because it really should have been.

    Maybe next time ?

  4. Feigned indignation! It’s a very common and dreadful trait that’s flourished within the public and charitable sectors from those who’ve forcibly attached themselves to good causes promoting themselves as being worthy of great praise for their own self esteem for good deeds done. Like Emma they read what they can or want, imagine it to be extremely hurtful to the poor when it’s not and then, with some encouragement or tacit approval from their masters they write their bit telling everyone just how harsh we all are.
    No matter that nobody here, there or anywhere else has been critical of our voluntary services that make those lives less fortunate than ours a little better, they’re hurt and offended and to them that’s all that matters. Precious bastards I say!
    My experience of voluntary work, and I’ve plenty of it, is that it’s run and ruled by those who live in the big house on the hill. They attach themselves to it. It’s something to talk about whilst playing Bridge and sipping Pims. Once a week they dress up in their understated unwashed gardening clothes just to make the poor they intend to help feel a little bit better that they’ve got fuck all, drive down the hill in their top of the range vehicle, flash their lanyard at some ever so grateful twat who’s ever so appreciative they even bothered to leave the big house on the hill and then tell those like me who don’t live on the hill how wonderful it is that I have given up my time to help them in their personal crusade to eradicate world fuckng poverty, hunger and homelessness.
    I might be the only man in Britain that’s ever been sacked from The Samaritans. The reason for my dismissal? I phoned the Old Bill directly to stop a poor fella killing himself. What I should have done, according to one of those who lived in the big house on the hill was phone her and get permission to phone the Police. Arrogant old bag!
    I’ve no idea what my point once was. Having supped fourteen pints, staggered back home from the Battle Cruiser, it crossed my ale fuelled added mind that Emma was another who lived in the big house on the hill, drove a nice car, dressed down to ease the pain and burden of fucking poverty, wore a lanyard, allocated their own parking space supervising twats like me who know that I was just lucky and fortunate not to be hungry and homeless.

    • The indignation may have stemmed from the fact that Emma knew she was due to be on the telly today. The self promotion is absolutely relentless.
      Special Report : Birkenhead – Foodbank Capital of The North West.

      • Well she has trouble with the word “cleanning” (twice so it wasn’t a typo) and ‘ivory tours’ so who knows?
        But she’s just been on the telly so it doesn’t matter how she spells her name. She’s been on the bloody telly.
        Wonder who made that phone call to North West Tonight?

    • Im actually just someone who wanted to make a difference and make something happen and hv worked really hard with alot of people to make that happen. not once a week from my big house as something to do but day in day out all of us have!

      And going on tv because your asked to, to raise awerness and call out the problem is to try to find a solution and support not for praise!

      We hv recieved massive hands on voluntary support from locsl people and our local labour party, we would and will never turn any support away but we have never had an offer from any other party! Tells alot!

      • Hi Ema/Emma/Whatever

        As it’s our blog – we have to have the final word on this one.
        Sorry to have to tell you the blog post was not about you or Neo cafe.
        Whilst we don’t doubt you have the best intentions and have worked hard we have every right to question the political motives of corrupt local politicians.

        Happy New Year from everyone at Leaky Towers

  5. G’day Leaks

    Don’t leave me.

    You say Eeemmma has been on the telly, on the bloody telly.

    “The Chamber Potty” the peroxided blonde with the black roots and Adderley’s partner in crime….Lockwood Engineering etc has had more bloody photo shoots than “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy Elusive and Lying Dill” and his “Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” has hair follicles between them.

    In fact I have papered my dunny wall with them and I never never have trouble having a shit.

    Just sayin.




  6. My Lord,

    I read.

    In the Wirral Globe.

    I ask.



    The ACTUAL moron?

    That has suggested that they introduce parking charges at the Derby Pool car park?

    Could someone leak to you My Lord, the name of the person? (Someone actually wrote the suggestion down) What alternative Wirral World do they live in?

    They obviously don’t get it.

    Love to the Aussie. x

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