Advent Farewell 22 : WUTH – less this Christmas

There’s been a strangely muted response in the local press to the ‘stepping down’  of Wirral University Teaching Hospital Foundation (WUTH) Foundation Trust CEO David Allison . Allison doesn’t even get a namecheck in the Wirral Globe headline about his sudden departure. The story is somehow spun that it’s ‘All About Frank’ and the Birkenhead MP’s support for the Globe’s petition to get the current car parking charges for nurses changed – which is much like his ‘starving mites’ schtick. No right thinking person thinks nurses should be paying such high car parking charges just as they wouldn’t want children to go hungry. Here’s the Globe’s take : Tank Top Frank

We were given the heads up that Allison was heading for the exit with indecent haste by the following message :

David Allison – taken the money now running

Along with his useless Director of Workforce (replaced the useless Sue Green – yes – married to the useless David Green) James Mawrey – same job just a different title so her role could be made redundant and she could a massive pay-off…..

I dread to think what incompetent fiickwitts will follow in their steads

BTW – don’t give up – please!

However for us to get a fuller picture of what’s been going on we had to go to campaigning journalist Shaun Lintern who writes in the Health Service Journal :


The concerns recorded in the document include:

  • NHSI was told the board “was not functioning as a unitary board . Pre-meets are carefully managed and concerns suppressed . It is felt that the CEO has a lack of grip on the issues facing the organisation and was not paying attention to quality indicators . The CEO responds to quality concerns with dismay and aggression. There is a concern that some key data and supportive narrative may be being carefully managed
  • NHSI was told executives have been instructed not to involve non-executive directors in any initiatives or issues in their portfolios without going through the chair
  • The executives ” felt the organisation had a culture that prohibits raising concerns as there was a lack of transparency and honesty when difficult issues were raised. this translated into a lack of visibility of quality and safety and reluctance to escalate concerns”
  • NHSI was told ” senior colleagues were moved out of the organisation very quickly with no obvious explanation .. They felt that this was related to a reluctance to escalate concerns and inability to accept appropriate challenge”
  • Consultants at the trust were said to be ” reluctant to take on senior leadership roles as history showed that they may (be) subject to investigations (and/or) intimidation if things did not work out”

Well fancy that! Were WUTH and Wirral Council separated at birth?

None of these allegations come as a surprise to us as we’ve long received similar allegations (see below), often sadly from whistleblowers who were subject to a culture of fear even more virulent than Wirral Council and therefore less willing to go public. We think it is significant that it was senior managers who blew the whistle because we’d like to suggest that there are WUTH staff further down the pecking order (and with considerably less influence and power) who have tales to tell about the trust’s toxic culture.

Indeed here we have some scary stats courtesy of NHS whistleblower and campaigner Minh Alexander which details whistleblowing contacts 2015-17 with useless health and social care regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC) 

MINH whistleblowing


Talking of useless regulators who are seemingly unwilling to accept that there was an increasingly worrying governance and culture problem brewing at WUTH we are also aware that Monitor were involved in a complaint about the highly questionable removal of a WUTH Governor in 2014 which had the hallmarks of a ‘kangaroo court’. They lamely concluded “…….we expect the Trust to explain departure from the Code of Governance in its annual report. However in the absence of further or new information , we will not be taking any further action over the above matters”  

The history of this case is worthy of a post of its own but might we suggest it would be more instructive for this particular former Governor to contact NHS Improvement to tell them of their experience.

We’ve trawled our other leaks to discover similar allegations to those mentioned above about WUTH . The first of which we publish in the interest of balance to the comment made above :

For the record, Sue Green, HR Director, left the Trust a few months after my removal. Wirralleaks reported on the circumstances of her leaving at the time. She had been suspended for disciplinary reasons but later cleared. During her suspension, the post of HR Director was dispensed with and she was made redundant. My experience of her was that she was an honest, conscientious and efficient professional who got on well with those she had contact with and was a loss to the Trust. Apparently, she did not fit in with the new culture of the Trust since the recent appointment of the new CEO, David Allison. 

And here’s another:

Michael Carr is the CEO’s puppet and has been given two extensions to his contract by governors for exceptional reasons (don’t know what reasons are but they will have been invented by Allison) after he had completed two periods of three years, which is the norm for an NHS FT Chairman. Allison wants him in post because he does not cause any problems for him. He is very compliant!

Suddenly doesn’t the chaos , disarray, low morale and lack of beds that we frequently hear about Arrowe Park Hospital make tragic sense when we get a peak at what goes on behind the scenes and how the place is seemingly (mis)managed?

However just to finish on a lighter , reassuring note like they do on News at Ten isn’t Orlando Agrippa simply the best name ever ?!


12 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 22 : WUTH – less this Christmas

  1. And by amazing coincidence:

    – NHS England publishes tender for technology and support services for ACSs and STPs
    – Framework ranges from cybersecurity to improving financial efficiency
    – NHS England says it will be live from early 2018-19
    A new framework for accountable care systems and sustainability and transformation partnerships will cover a vast array of private suppliers, with the potential to shake up how support and technology are sold to the NHS.

    A tender for the “ACS and STP development partner framework” was published on Wednesday with suppliers given until 23 February to apply for a place on it.
    Tender documents seen by HSJ show the framework, which will be live from early 2018-19, covers everything from IT systems to helping providers find savings. It focuses on the objectives of Five Year Forward View.
    The framework is aimed primarily at consultancy and IT services and products, rather frontline clinical services, but includes many of the services typically supplied by commissioning support units.
    The tender documents said for the NHS to “fully achieve the transformation identified in the FYFV, STPs and ACSs will need to supplement their core capabilities with more advanced innovations and solutions.
    “[The] framework will provide an easy and supported route to access these capabilities and get best value from taxpayers’ money.”
    The documents said potential buyers could include public sector bodies, such as police and education services.
    A background document, also seen by HSJ, said the framework could cover everything from short term support for struggling health economies to “long term strategic partnerships with an experienced third party” of more than 10 years.
    Advantages would include moving away from fee for service contracts to “value based contracts and risk sharing”. An annual national review could see suppliers removed and added to the framework, the document added.
    Areas covered by the frameworkGathering and distributing health and care data (include deidentification and reidentification of patient data).A wide range of support services to make health providers more efficient and financially sustainable including “relationship management and supply chain support” and “waste minimisation”.Supporting the creation of personalised health budget and integrated commissioning.Building and supporting local health and care records.IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and electronic patient records (the framework will also cover suppliers to the global digital exemplar programme).Population health management including business analytics.Command centres to support demand manage and capacity planning across health economies.Support for medicine optimisation.Under the framework most terms and conditions will be set by NHS England, which will collect a 1 per cent management fee from suppliers on the value of anything purchased through the framework.
    Any IT system suppliers on the framework will be expected to meet new NHS interoperability standards and could be removed if their software does not communicate well with others IT systems.
    Suppliers could also be removed if they fail to handle sensitive data correctly, for general “poor performance” or they do not pay NHS England its fee.
    No figure has been given for how much could be spent through the framework, but if even half the money committed to various NHS technology and transformation programmes is spent, it will involve hundreds of millions of pounds.
    HSJ reported on plans for the “one stop shop” framework in November, a proposal met with mixed enthusiasm from NHS IT suppliers.
    One source said the framework would “squander precious resources and drive work in the wrong direction”.



  2. Has The Wirral Globe died?

    Has Craigie assumed control or sumfin?

    People don’t even comment on Mr Field’s ‘articles’ and ‘journalism’ anymore. I can’t because they banned me when I alerted Granty to the crime of ugly alleged #Racism by Lainey Foulkes.

    But have they been disappearing up their own £up-for-rent arses and banning everybody?

    Good God, where will it all end?

    And if the editor is reading this….how are your hit counters since yoyr council partners started linking their documents to Frank’s scribblings?

    “Merry Harnessed and a Captured New Year”

  3. A spontaneous comment inserting headlines about Green quick and others

    “may have” broken law

    Referred to Information Commissioner

    Parliament should if law inadequate, legislate


    can lose pensions, be fined without limit, be jailed

    A LITTLE milord rather like the clucking councillors who found they could do nothing against Cllr Reece j ones But they themselves were the legislators

    If only a fraction of this new found energy could be applied to real problems

    • After all the police themselves encourage persons to come forward when anybody has Benn fingered (sic) for serial abuse or harassment.

      Is not that what Bob Quick and his mate did?

      After all before Damian Green was fingered.. Scuze me… They said nothing

  4. The 100% original BOOMERANG….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/council scandal.)

    • Luv you “Interested”

      All the very best to you and yours.

      I hope Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, Armstrong, Tour, Adderley, Basnett, Ball, Bradbury, Doughty, Williamson et al

      get exactly what the lying scum bag arseholes deserve for Xmas.



      May they rot in hell.


      Ecca time to publicly apologise to Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

  5. Having read the detailed exposure of bullying, nepotism and gross mismanagement at Wirral NHS Trust I make the following comment.
    My family and myself have had superb treatment from the doctors and nurses at Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge Hospitals over the years, in spite of the appalling level of senior management.

    Truly they, the doctors and nurses, are Lions led by Donkeys.

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