Advent Farewell 24 – Feeling the Pinch at Christmas

Pip Grinch

As we await Santa’s arrival at Leaky Towers we have been reflecting on money matters – as most of us do at this time of  the year. But in this instance we’re talking about Wirral Council (just for a change) .

Does anyone think it was a bit Grinch-like of  Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies to announce plans at this week’s Labour Cabinet meeting for Wirral’s promenades and coastal walks to be subject to the same parking charges as our parks . This latest plan is projected to raise £245K per annum . Pip seems to be forever deriving pleasure from spoiling other people’s enjoyment of Wirral’s natural assets doesn’t he? Pip + The Grinch = The Pinch.

But does anyone think it is particularly obscene that at the same meeting (and behind closed doors obviously) the Cabinet made the recommendation to bung failed Super Duper Director Joe Blott £390K to get rid once and for all.  Is it just us who’s making the connection that rewards for failure are increasingly paid by us on a daily basis?

Isn’t it sickening to think that the likes of Blott and consultants like incompetent?/negligent?/corrupt? Stewart Halliday never have to feel the real pinch courtesy of  ‘The Pinch’. For when it comes to Wirral Council there’s always money for pay-offs , for consultants, for Frank Field’s pet projects and somehow income generation is not a concern when it comes to Wirral Chamber of Commerce and their peppercorn rents and gifts of public assets.

Meanwhile these are locations where you are going to have to scramble for change :

  • North Parade, Hoylake / Meols
  • South Parade, West Kirby
  • Derby Pool, Wallasey
  • Kings Parade, Wallasey
  • Gunsite, Wallasey
  • Leasowe Lighthouse

Might we suggest the change that really needs to come is at the local elections in May 2018.

19 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 24 – Feeling the Pinch at Christmas

  1. But does parking for self-declared “VIPs” around the perimeter and footings of that splendid building, Wallasey Town Hall, remain free at Christmas time and all year round for the owners with deep pockets of those superior marques of motor car? What a happy coincidence. Do they remain unaffected?

    Please tell me it ain’t so.

  2. Old Tomato head was boasting he had given 300k to the New Ferry revival which turns out to be less than 3% of the pot of money held for exact circumstances like the New Ferry explosion and has spent over x3 this amount on his vanity golf gamble and then behind closed doors proposes to hand over 90k more than he has handed to New Ferry to one failure of a super director who has more skeletons than an Indiana Jones film.
    I think an investigation needs to be held into the chamber of horrors and the Wirral public need to know exactly what is gained from all these peppercorn rents and million pound bungs to call centre millionaire apart from an annual payment to Basnetts dress maker and constant pat on the back award galas.
    The Labour propaganda Wirral view i believe is a pile of shite wouldnt know as with alot of Wirral residents i have never received one which to be honest is a relief.
    Next May Wirral public in Tranmere need to vote the lying tomato head out but i fear he will remain to eventually oversee the collapse of council services and the handover to private services under the Wirral Chamber umbrella.
    All the best leaks

  3. Wirral Chamber of horrors Labour council backed racket….Honoury President Conservative weather girl pin up Esther Mcvey…

      • He probably was more productive than some of these comments weed smoker or not…. ya never know Blotty might join him once he transfers to the Chamber as the new deputy director 👍

  4. God Bless you and yours today Lord.

    God damn all the crud and dross at wirral that have lied, cheated and obfuscated over

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods for the past six and a half years.



    There will be no redemption until they apologise publicly “Eccles Cake Face” The Blinking CEO.


  5. G’day Leaky

    A Xmas Cracker of a joke for you Lordy.

    The reply to the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters from “Squash McCourt’s” Ill Legal Department

    The authority replied: “Wirral Council can advise that The Trump Organization did not participate in the Hoylake golf resort procurement exercise initiated in 2013, therefore no correspondence is held between the Council, a person known as Sutton Wheeler or any other Trump connected business in connection with the Hoylake golf resort project.”



    Headline news about Trump not being interested.

    Up there with wirral’s very own comic.

    Oh “Philly “Fucking” Liar hang your pathetic pink head in shame.

    If you get a better joke today Leaky let us know. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. Jack nicklaus joint venture group….

    Cursory look reveals one director involved in extant five year liquidation for a construction company…report sent to directors disqualification unit for disparities between accounts and directors statements. Huge loss to creditors

    Search for missing assets

    And cabinet voted unanimously to lend jnjvg 26m? Nodding donkeys

  7. Merry Christmas to all at Leaky Towers. Enjoy your sojourn abroad and please return soon!

    We will miss you greatly …..but some people won’t. In fact they’ll be overjoyed. These are the red-faced, jargonising liars and servants of the Hard-Right Honourable man in the tank top.

    Recently I stumbled across *Lipgloss*.

    It’s an illegal, psycho-active drug which warps reality and is taken by the ambitious, yet gullible, stupid and easily-led.

    The primary effects on the user are un-total-recall, streams of lies and talking in “Common Purpose” riddles.

    The side effects are extreme shiftiness and a red complexion. Their hoodwinked sub-servants and non-users do not question this senior idiocy for fear of appearing as fools themselves, so will sit mute, nod approvingly, lie down prostrate and settle for frozen monthly salaries.

    We will be hearing much more about its psycho-active properties, its users’ altered states of consciousness, and its adverse impact on society very soon.

  8. The Cabinet still haven’t quite got the grasp of what RTRA 1984 legislation can/cannot be used for! Oh dear, more ignored emails to Stuart Whittingham and a word with our local auditors…

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